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Securus Technology to Add Payment Services to its Growing Portfolio

Securus Technologies is a company with a vision and a plan for its future as it continues to add to its growing portfolio of company acquisitions. It has recently made a deal to acquire JPay, a company that makes electronic payments on the web possible for many people. Securus hopes to use this platform as its base to expand its services to the corrections industry.


Imagine inmates communicating on their tablets in real time playing games and also making electronic payments for goods and services. All of this is made possible now with the acquisition of JPay,who has been an innovative and leading force in this market space for quite some time now. Jpay is based in Miramar,FL and at the time was serving 33 state correctional facilities and over 1.6 million inmates.


The CEO of Securus technologies, Rick Smith, thinks that this acquisition will allow them to be more competitive by offering the best products and the best products and services at the most optimum price on the market today. He also feels that the company has now positioned itself to be the best choice in providing superior payment and communications gateways to correctional prisons across the nation. The two companies deal is expected to be approved finally by the second or third quarter of 2015.


Customer’s Review on their Experience Using Securus Technologies to Prevent and Solve Crimes

Securus Technologies has been on the lead for providing innovative and efficient criminal and civil justice technology. This technology has been especially helpful in providing ease for investigations, assurance for public safety, monitoring, and the correction process.


Customer’s Feedback on their Experience with Securus Technology


Securus Technology serves over 1,200,000 inmates and 3450 law enforcement, public safety, and corrections agencies. Following the development of new services and products in 2016, Securus Technologies received thousands of emails and letters from their clients throughout the entire United States regarding their technology.

One of the clients who was impressed with Securus Technologies LBS software said, “I wanted to take a minute to recognize Securus for their LBS software. Utilizing the LBS software in conjunction with other law enforcement resources, the sheriff’s department has recovered well into the millions in illegal assets, drugs and cash money. There is no doubt that without this software, our job in recovering these items would be much more difficult and in some cases, impossible.”

Other feedbacks which were also posted on the PR Newswire site indicated how this technology has helped deter contraband incidences in various facilities. Several reviews clearly indicated that Securus technology has helped them in conducting investigations, solving cases, and improving the incarceration environment and the public safety.


Positive Features and Accreditation


Securus Technologies is recognized for its diligence and transparency in providing criminal and civil justice technologies. Accordingly, it has the highest rating (A+) and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. This accreditation was due to Securus positive features such as being transparent, building trust with customers, advertising honestly, being honest about their services and products, integrity, honoring promises, safeguarding privacy, and being responsive to disputes. Securus also has a 4.3 out of 5 satisfaction score for their call center.

Securus Technologies Has Stamina

The leader in the public safety industry is a company named Securus Technologies. They are able to complete business in both the civil and criminal sectors of the justice system. Since they create technologies for the safety field on a weekly basis, the correctional facilities that they service are able to keep the inmates, workers and visitors much safer.


Their clients are based in the US, but they are also known all over the world for the fantastic work that they do in the public safety field. One of their main clients is the US government, whom contracts with them on a regular basis for help at their correctional facilities that are located all around the nation. The company deals with over 1,100,000 inmates during a year, and they use video, investigations and interviews to create a safer environment for everyone that is involved.


They realize that the public wants to know more about what they do, and they had them come to their plant in TX. The people got to see what technologies they were working on and ask questions. This was a great way to show the people what they can do.


The company is always interested in hearing how their clients, the correctional facilities are doing with their technologies. They published an article that shows the public what their clients are saying about them. In the future, the company plans to do a lot more in the safety field, and they will continue to keep their lead for a long time to come.


The Benefits Provided By Securus Technologies Videoconferencing

Are you aware that there are many opportunities that are currently available for you to communicate with others for the purposes of keeping in touch or passing on certain types of information? If so, then you may be familiar with video conferencing in which two different computers or devices which enables its use allows connectivity between them to set up programs in which they can chat with other individuals via means of chatting in a “face to face” environment, except in this particular case, the chat is not occurring in the physical sense of being “face to face”, but through technological devices.


Securus Technologies has brought an innovative form of videoconferencing to you in which you are capable of chatting with someone who may be in an unfortunate circumstance of incarceration through means of videoconferencing. Why visit them at the jail when you can have the same type of conversation while being able to see their face through the utilization of the program that’s been engineered and designed by Securus Technologies?


Securus Technologies has not only given inmates and their visitors a great opportunity of communicating, but they’ve also provided law enforcement agencies with yet another tool that can assist them in solving certain types of crimes. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are doing what you need to do to keep in touch with an inmate who may be considered your relative, significant other, or friend because being in jail can be quite a lonely time for anybody. Please refer to the website if you would like to know more about what Securus Technologies offers and how you can benefit from it.