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Glen Wakeman Working Abroad

Glen Wakeman founded LaunchPad Holdings with the goal of helping businesses who are at the starting point create a business plan that will lead to success. Wakeman was led to this business idea as he watched business after business fail. He looked for common denominators between a number of failed businesses and discovered that most often it was because there was a lack of structure and planning.


Prior to finding LaunchPad Holdings, Glen Wakeman worked for GE Capital, holding a number of different leadership roles. The roles that Wakeman held often caused him to travel and even live in countries outside of the United States. In fact, he has lived in six countries and has conducted work in twenty-two. There is no doubt that Glen Wakeman knows the how-to when it comes to traveling and creating success while living or traveling abroad.


The first piece of advice Wakeman has it to keep perspective. Throughout his traveling experience he has realized that not every country does things the same. Different countries and cultures find joy, success, problem solve, and place value on things differently. While it was difficult at first, he realized that, ultimately, it leads to a better experience and enhances perspective when it comes to running a business. Stress relief, heightened creativity, enhanced social skills, and increased patience for uncertainty are just a few of the other benefits of traveling or working abroad.


Many people have hopes and dreams of traveling but lack the funds to do so for an extended period of time. However, with the use of Wi-Fi, often times you can bring your work with you, or find a remote position. Some examples of remote positions are to become a virtual assistant, transcriber, language tutor, graphic designer, or a social media manager. It is also an option to find work within the country you are traveling; some of those positions could include becoming an au pair, translator, bartender, or hostel staffer. Bear to keep in mind though that often times if you want to obtain a job in a country, you have to have special permission.


One thing is sure, traveling and/or working abroad can offer experiences and knowledge that can’t be obtained otherwise.