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Duda Melzer – Helping Run a Successful Family Business

The actual reason behind the successful year of RBS Group is Edward Melzer or Duda Melzer, as he is lovingly called. Even during the tough times of the Brazilian government, the RBS Group has grown immensely due to its great leaders and its dedicated staff. Any company needs to stay firm on its values and work towards their goal to be successful. It is exactly what the RBS Group has achieved over the years that it has been operating. The company runs most of the entertainment and the news industry in the south part of Brazil. Its viewership has increased immensely because of the hard work and the dedication of their 6000 and growing employees.

Even though RBS Group is a family business, it is still run like any other company in Brazil. Grandfather of Duda, Mauricio Sobrinho founded the company in 1957, and since then it has been run by his future generation. Melzer went to study at Harvard as he knew that one day he would run his grandfather’s company. He has experience working with other companies as well to help him understand how companies need to be run. Duda wants to adopt newer technology into his company but does not want to forget his roots. He aims to run his company with the soul of a small business. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

According to Acaert, RBS Group, however, is not the only interest of Duda Melzer. He has set up his own company as well with the name of e.Bricks Digital. He also has experience working as a financial analyst with Delphi which is known as one of the top firms in America. One person who has been a big influence in life is John Davis. He was the professional of family business course at Harvard. After joining his family business, he hired John Davis to be the consultant for business ethics.

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Who Is Crystal Hunt?

This sexy thirty-something star broke into the world of acting at just 17. She has had many roles that she is well known through since she began her career and she is still going strong with acting in both TV and movies. Her career started with a small uncredited part in the movie “Problem Child” and has rocketed since then.

The big break in Crystal’s career was her role on TV in 2003. Crystal Hunt was discovered in New York, and cast on the daytime soap opera “Guiding Light.” She played the role of Lizzie Spaulding, a troubled teen, which she played for four years. She was also at 32nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards in 2005 as well.

From her role on TV, Crystal moved to a role on the big screen when she played Jill Overton in the equestrian film “The Derby Stallion.” She continued her movie career with a spot playing on a Snow White inspired movie, “Sydney White.” She left the big screen for a short time to return to daytime TV.

In 2009, Crystal was offered a role on the hit daytime series “One Life To Live,” where she played a stripper named Stacy Morasco. She continued this role for three years until 2012. She has returned to TV one more time since this role which was in

Between her bouts on TV she starred in several movies. These included her most notable movie “Magic Mike XXL,” where she played Laura. Crystal also starred in the movies “NYC Underground” and “23 Blast,” and co-produced the horror flick “Talbot County” with her friend Dania Ramirez.  See Crystal’s full list of credentials on IMDb.