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When it comes to quality content at the Guardian, one name sticks out above the rest and that name is Alex Hern. Alex Hern is a technology editor at the Guardian and he has been putting together quality work for some time now. If you are looking for in-depth information on technology, social media and other subject matter look no further then the Guardian. With so much information constantly being introduced into the media stream it can be hard to find good information. Expert Alex Hern produces great content about relevant subject matters that can benefit everyone’s life.


Facebook has been in headlines lately for the way the company conducts its self behind closed doors. A situation such as data collection has been front page news as of late along with the new kids messaging app. Another piece of news that is going under the radar is the action of children buying in-game prizes using their parent’s credit card. Children have racked up bills of thousands of dollars without the consent of there parents. This subject matter should be covered and this is where Alex Hern steps in. In-depth coverage of this information is why people have come to love people about Alex Hern.

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How Richard Liu Became One of the Better CEOs in China


There are not many CEOs of multi-billion dollar corporations that would use one day to be a delivery person for the company they lead. Richard Liu is the CEO of and he will fill the role of a delivery person. Liu has guided to becoming a very successful company in e-commerce. His leadership has made the country of China take notice and a business magazine such as Fortune provide him recognition. Liu is also the founder of the company, but before an online presence, the company had storefronts in Beijing and Shanghai. has been able to serve millions of customers. Liu will continue to help the company grow because he ensures that products in the company’s inventory are authentic. The authenticity of products offered by helped Liu build trust. Liu is a leader who has been able to help become a Fortune 500 company. He also influenced the success of China’s e-commerce.

Iranian-American Entrepreneur, Shervin Pishevar, Paints a Clear Picture of the US Economy

Shervin Pishevar is known for his straight to the point phrases on Twitter. Following over a month of silence, he took to the platform to share his fears regarding the decline of the US economy. He engages his followers on topics such as technology, globalization, inflation, digital currency, and many others in his 50 tweets storm.

He talks about cryptocurrency as the main factor that promotes global investments by entrepreneurs. However, he says that Bitcoin is going to experience a fall in value for months before settling at $2,000-$5,000. Nonetheless, he predicts that its value is going to rise again.

He talks out about globalization and explains how it has led to issues such as the spread of inflation. Shervin Pishevar faults the US administration arguing that the policymakers invest more on making physical and cultural barriers, which have become a weakness for the statesmen. He takes interest in the tech innovations of countries like China that might surpass America someday. This is where he disputes claims that the Silicon Valley is still a physical place in California. He gives an example of China’s infrastructural prowess and reveals how the nation is leading in technological development. Pishevar maintains that unless the US changes its perception about growth and comes up with strategies that are more effective, it will struggle to remain as the leader of technology.

Shervin predicts that the stock market will decrease with 6,000 point, which is bound to affect the 2017 and 2018 gains significantly. Pishevar observes that investors are soon going to notice that assets are overpriced, which will affect the returns of businesses.

While expensive money has been introduced into the market, inflation keeps on being spread. In turn, Shervin Pishevar predicts that the stock market will keep on crashing while underemployment increases due to the systemic economic factors. His statements are not to be ignored considering the rise in the number of stocks being dumped globally.

While Shervin Pishevar kept his financial predictions rolling in the 50 tweets, he also took a dig at the big five monopolies that include Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft, and Google. He argues that these monopolies will retain control for a while before beginning to fall one by one. They will in turn give way to unique startups that he calls moonshots like SpaceX.

Investment Expert Shervin Pishevar Is Back And He’s Tweeting Like A Pro

Forty-four-year-old Shervin Pishevar is a believer in startups. While he was getting his investment feet planted firmly in the industry at Menlo Ventures, he came across Hyperloop, a startup with a strange name. Hyperloop is the answer for people. The company was just getting started, and he liked the concept. Pishevar decided to take a shot on Hyperloop, and that shot gave him credibility in the investment industry. The $26 million he put into Hyperloop is worth about $5 billion today.

Shervin Pishevar left Menlo Ventures to start Investment company. Pishevar always wanted his own investment firm because the Iranian-American investor knew he was good at spotting new concepts. According to a Forbes article, Shervin Pishevar had more than $650 million in assets under management before he left Sherpa in December 2017. It took Shervin a little time to adjust his investment strategy after leaving the company that helped Dollar Shave Club, Didi, Warby Parker, and Slack get started. But Shervin is back, and he let the world know he’s still on top of the investment game by sending a string of tweets that caught people off guard. His tweets weren’t nasty, and he wasn’t complaining about his current status. Pishevar wanted his followers to know all is not well in the global economy.

Sending more than 50 tweets over a 21-hour period isn’t usually the way Shervin Pishevar likes to roll when he has something on his mind. But after disappearing for five months, tweeting was the only vehicle that could express his thoughts in a short, but clear way. And Shervin wasn’t afraid to tweet information that sent a chill down the spines of some investors. The tweet about the stock market dropping by 6,000 points sometime in 2018 didn’t surprise investors who are already pulling money out of the market. But the green investors who haven’t diversified felt the urge to diversify.

And when his bond market tweet surfaced, those green investors knew they had to find a way to protect their assets, And Pishevar gave them a hint when he sent a tweet about investing in the gold market. The big hedge fund investors have a lot of money in the gold market even though the price of gold will vacillate in 2018, according to Shervin. Shervin Pishevar wasn’t trying to scare investors while he was tweeting. He was warning them to get ready for a rocky ride in 2018 and beyond.

Shervin Pishevar’s Twitter Tempest and the Future of the US Economy

The name of an executive who disappeared from the media back in December has made an explosive comeback on social media, erupting on Twitter with doom-and-gloom logorrhea that lasted 21 hours. Shervin Pishevar, a venture capitalist who formerly created and headed Sherpa Capital, decided for whatever reason that the time was ripe to break the ice and bring his thoughts on the future of the US economy to the table. He made many small points, but the media’s attention is on the five or six larger ones that he addressed — more on that in a moment.

For those who don’t know, Shervin Pishevar took a seat in the limelight back in December when a great deal of controversy was kicked up over accusations that the man had expressed sexual misconduct. Eventually, the drama built to such a volume that it interrupted the functions of Sherpa Capital, and in defense of his company, Shervin Pishevar cut himself free of it in a resignation letter where he stated that he didn’t want to drag his “Sherpa family into the mess. On that note, he vanished for quite some time, but nobody really knows what caused him to come back all of a sudden.

People speculate that his 21-hour tweet tempest had something to do with either bitterness toward the situation that pushed him into resignation, or more likely, the all-too-recent lawsuit that he slapped a company with concerning a smear campaign against him. Whatever the case may be, Shervin Pishevar‘s predictions are more than a little haunting and worth exploring. Here’s the skinny:

  1. Elon Musk’s SpaceX program alongside the Virgin Hyperloop One will be met with crazy amounts of public opposition but will ultimately succeed.
  1. Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft will continue shutting out smaller companies, stifling innovation in the coming years.
  1. The US is going to lose the infrastructure battle against China and many other countries.
  1. The Bitcoin crash isn’t finished yet and will continue until another $2,000-5,000 has dropped before rising once more.
  1. The stock market is about to see a loss of 6,000 points.
  1. The bond market is on the volatile side of the fence and will shake other markets as a result.

Talk Fusion Prepares for 2018 Product Push.

When Bob Reina first hopped into the world of technology the year was 2007 and the world was just waking up to the power of video. Reina read the signs early and realized that video marketing would become THE way that companies in the future chose to reach out to their potential customers. Reina would go on to start Talk Fusion, based out of Florida, as an all-in-one video marketing solution for companies all around the globe. Talk Fusion has risen up the ranks thanks to their extensive video marketing suite and now the company is looking at 2018 as a year to make some great things happen. Let’s take a look at what Talk Fusion has in store for the future. Learn more:


Bob Reina has always been a leader from the front and he made it clear that in 2018 his company was going to continue their forward march toward the future. Reina’s goal with Talk Fusion is to help fundamentally change the way that people communicate with one another. Reina understands that now, more than ever, people are using video to communicate and that has led the company to embrace marketing video solutions to customers rather than just corporations. A few of their more popular new products, geared toward customers, is the Video Chat application and the Video Email application.


Both the Video Chat and Video Email applications are built on WebRTC technology which is a shift that Talk Fusion has been decidedly making over the past two or three years. WebRTC is going to be one of the most important platform shifts that media companies take in the coming years. WebRTC tech allows customers to interact with one another without the need for extensive applications or plugins.


Video Chat specifically allows customers to reach one another regardless of the platform that they are using. Apple phones can reach Android phones and both pieces of technology can interact with laptops or tablets. Video Chat allows for a latency-free communication experience that has been lauded both corporations and private users alike. Video Email is designed in much the same way though instant communication is not the goal. Video Email was one of the first products that Bob Reina designed in order to make Talk Fusion a reality. Video Email allows users to embed videos into the body of their email which gives their recipient the chance to view the email without clicking through to a third party. Recipients can then reply in-browser by recording their own video in reply.


Talk Fusion will continue to innovate within the crowded tech field as long as Bob Reina and CTO Ryan Page continue to pool their ideas together in order to bring about industry-changing solutions.

Bob Reina Introduces New Talk Fusion Software

The Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina last week announced new technology software that will improve Live Streaming services. Speaking through a live broadcast, Reina said that the new software was a sophisticated computer program which will make live meetings seamless. He said that together with his team they had been tirelessly working to come up with something to satisfy their customers’ needs. The new version he said has been installed with updated software and also uses WebRTC technology. Reina has been on the move to ensure that his customers are up to date with the latest technology in the market.


Live Meetings


The technology allows people from different regions to conduct meetings remotely through teleconferencing. According to Bob Reina, the technology gives businessmen and the public, in general, an opportunity to organize meetings and make presentations easily. Unlike in the past where it was impossible to meet virtually, Live Meetings can host over 400 participants at ago. The application also allows over 15 hosts per meeting.


New Improvements in the Software


The good thing about the new software version is that users will no longer have to download or install Adobe Flash Player. They can easily access it through the browser(s) they are using. Talk Fusion has been on a mission to utilize sophisticated technology as a strategy of keeping its competitors at bay. Reina admits that they have been facing some stiff competition from giant companies but promised that they are on the lookout.


Talk Fusion works with commercial users to help them maximize profits. The company’s video suite software gives businesses a chance to incorporate sales videos into their campaign adverts. Besides, the software is available for sale in over 135 countries across the globe. Last but not least, the company also allows users a one month trial period before they fully purchase the software.


Talk Fusion Founder & CEO, Bob Reina


Bob Reina is one of those people who believe that with great success come greater responsibilities. He has steered the company since it was founded and still has great plans for it.


Bob went attended his college in Florida and served as a police officer once in his lifetime. He has been involved in various entrepreneurial activities since he was young. It was as a result of his passion to invent something that would change people’s lives that Talk Fusion was born in 2004.
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New Talk Fusion Product Live Meetings Introduced

The marketing company Talk Fusion has recently introduced a new product that will likely help a number of individuals and businesses communicate. A new product known as Live Meetings will allow people to hold meetings via internet video. As a result, they will be able to interact with each other more frequently and in a more convenient manner. They can talk to one another at any time no mater where they are in the world. This will prove to be ideal for businesses that will prefer to hold meetings online from the privacy of an office or a home. This new product is the latest one that was developed and released by the founder of Talk Fusion Bob Reina. He believes that this new product will help enhance the process of online communication in the near future.


Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion in the mid 2000’s decade in an effort to improve internet communication and marketing. He launched this company after working in the network marketing field for a number of years. At the beginning of his career, Bob worked as a police officer. While he was serving as a police officer, he would sell products to individuals in order to make a supplemental income. Reina was very proficient at selling products and decided to pursue this full time. Therefore, he quit his job a police officer and then focused on network marketing for a few years. He would eventually come up with the idea of offering videos in order to run marketing campaigns. Within a short time period, his company took off and he was able to build Talk Fusion into one of the most successful marketing companies around.


Over the years Bob has developed a number of products that have helped many people communicate and market themselves. His company specializes in selling internet marketing video campaigns that allow individuals to use live video messages to promote things rather than written statements. This has helped create a new innovation in the marketing industry. This new innovation has been yet another thing that can be used to convey messages on the internet. Due to success of his company, Bob has looked to donate to charitable organizations. He has recently donated funds to an orphanage in Indonesia as well as the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Reina urges his distributors to donate to their favorite cause by offering them a free video. Learn  more:

Talk Fusion: There Are No Tricks Here

People can be skeptical from time to time, and I can understand that. Perhaps they were ripped off in the past and because of it, they are a little leery of something. Talk Fusion is the one company that lives up to the hype, delivers the goods, and never lets the customers down. It is because they have something valuable, which is pride. It starts at the top with CEO and founder, Bob Reina. This is a former police officer that is always looking out for the greater good of the people. He has been doing it for a long time and it is part of his mental makeup and his DNA.


It is why he has decided that more people need to get involved as customers with Talk Fusion, which has video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. He knows the power of the product and he has seen it firsthand. Because of this, he wants people to just give it a shot for 30 days ( He is confident that if they do that and really give it their all, they will reap the rewards. They can spend time with their family again, they can enjoy life, and they can feel comfortable in their own skin.


One of the greatest days of their life will be when they can quit their old job and never look back. It will take time, but within those 30 days, they will see quick results and they will see how things can change for them in magical ways. They can start to connect with people that have similar interests and passions. They will feel heard, understood, and respected by others. It also opens up other jobs for fresh employees. They will enjoy working for them because whatever their old boss did, they will do the opposite of it. They have their own style and it is all their own. Learn more:


Again, there is no fine print here and there are no gimmicks. With Talk Fusion, what you see is what you get and that is total honesty and a tremendous product.


Bob Reina, Developer of the first video marketing solution

Bob Reina is the founder and chief executive officer of Talk Fusion. He pinpointed the emerging video trends for 2017 and discussed how the techniques of the 2016 videos affected the marketing techniques used for the 2017 videos. His video discussing these trends was released to Martech advisors who shared it with their global network of viewers that is comprised of over 1.1 million subscribers.


When Bob opened Talk Fusion in 20017 he wanted his company to change lives and communities. Talk Fusion was born from the idea of being able to send video’s in Emails. In 2004 while Bob was touring a house he potentially wanted to buy he took a short ten second video clip. He opened his AOL and tried to send the video and was disappointed to discover it could not be done. He reached out to a lifelong friend of his, Dr. Jonathan Chen, and they developed video email. Later this evolved into what would be known as the world’s first all in one video marketing solution. Prior to his startup of Talk Fusion, Bob graduated first in his class at the police academy at the university of south Florida. With the idea of giving back, helping people and building dreams, Talk Fusion began down a path of positive community involvement. Talk Fusion and independent Associates in over 140 countries help give back to promote great change. Bob donated a million dollars to the Tampa Bay humane society and he offered monetary support to orphanages in Indonesia.


To help keep his employees at Talk Fusion active in giving he has promoted a program where each employee can give one free account to the charity of their choice. These accounts provide free video chat, conference, newsletters, sign up forms and emails. His company has also been actively involved in helping with donations and clean-up efforts from the Nepal earthquake victims, Japanese tsunami victims and lifesaving involvement in the lives of countless animals affected by natural disasters. Learn more: