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Knock Before Entering: OneLogin Talks Up Online Defenses

Ever since humans could write and started using writing to store information, saving it has been a challenge. This is especially true of private or sensitive information. As the information age kicked off with the arrival of computers and internet, the challenge of keeping things private is still very much there. The only thing that changed was the tools. Suddenly, new words like “password”, “data-breach”, “cybercrimes”, and of course “hackers” became part of our everyday lexicon. The most important of these words is password. It was designed to protect our information by letting only those who knew the “magic word” to have access.

Passwords worked fine for a long time. However, these days with more sophisticated software and smarter hackers, relying only on passwords isn’t enough. It is in this toxic atmosphere, IT technicians started working on other ways to protect information stored on a computer. The one that is showing to be the most promising would be Biometrics. Biometrics, as the name shows, is about using the human body as a “password” to get access. And there are two types of Biometrics, behavioral and physiological.

Behavioural biometrics has to do with, body movements, using left or right hand, and the way the person does keystrokes. It is about capturing the subtle movements and differences that make us unique in the way we carry ourselves. Physiological examples would be the persons voice, fingerprint and iris recognition as well as the heartbeat. The best way to make use of this technology is by using it alongside other tactics such as device or hardware data. However, Biometrics is still in its infancy, both from an ease of use as well as from a security standpoint.

One such company that is at the forefront of access management is Onelogin. They provide multiple products for companies who need safe and reliable data access. Some of the products include Single Sign-On (SSO), Unified Directory, User Provisioning, Adaptive authentication, and Mobile Identity, to name a few. OneLogin has gained a reputation of sorts for providing affordable and reliable data access solutions for customers.