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Drake Samples Indie R&B Artist Snoh Aalegra

Recently, hip-hop artist Drake sampled a track from an indie R&B artist named Snoh Aalegra. An excellent singer, Aalegra was shocked and delighted to learn that Drake had an interest in her music. Drake discovered Aalegra through a mutual acquaintance known professionally as Boi-1da. A highly respected music producer and artist in his own right, Boi-1da was instrumental in Drake’s decision to sample Aalegra in a song called “Do Not Disturb.” In an interview, Aalegra expressed great satisfaction in contributing to Drake’s musical vision. Known as a fairly emotional rapper, Drake’s deeply felt rap verses seem like a good match for Aalegra’s emotional singing style.

I hope that Snoh Aalegra is able to achieve a lot of success in her solo career. Her chances seem fairly strong. When you are credited as a co-writer on a Drake song, this is bound to have a fantastic effect on your career. Although it is impossible to predict the future mood of the public, it seems clear that Aalegra has the potential to become a commercially successful artist. When I listen to this artist’s music, I feel a deep connection with the lyrics. Though Aalegra is similar to many other artists working in pop and R&B music, she has a certain kind of star quality that is simply undeniable.

It would make me very happy if indie R&B artists artists like this had more prospects for commercial success. Although there are some excellent artists currently achieving mainstream popularity, too few indie artists are able to become cultural touchstones. If Drake wants to continue as a critical darling, he may want to continue working with Snoh Aalegra. Unfortunately, Aalegra chose a stage name that is a bit awkward and difficult to spell. Despite this misstep, I have every reason to think that Aalegra will achieve lofty commercial goals.