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Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers: Breaking New Ground

Dance music is every year becoming more popular of a genre. The aesthetic of the artist of this genre typically include artist that are rarely if ever seen. They much rather let the music be their face and guide the way. One of the groups at the for front of this musical genre are the Chainsmokers and they are coming into a new era of their music. Unlike the aforementioned peers within their genre, they are deciding to do things a little differently.

Before going into a new direction, it is sometimes good to reflect on where we come from. This is what the Chainsmokers touch on as Alex Pall details his roots growing up as a DJ. First starting as a hobby, he realized that he wanted to take the big step and turn it into a career. That is when his manager introduced him to Andrew Taggart and the rest is history. From Andrew’s perspective “It was love at first sight.” He was in the middle of college when they reached out to him and he moved from Maine to New York and they got busy creating their brand and music. Because they shared the same core values, and both understood and had perspective on what they brought to the group as individuals, they were easily able to connect artistically and brand wise. It was more about the work as they toiled from day to day on their music instead of week to week. Four years into hard work here they are now in this plateau of their career.

Furthermore, they are focused on improving themselves as artist and people. For example, on the new record they will be singing on their own records that consist of content about their own lives. This is relatively new ground for acts in their genre of music. Additionally, they are taking part in the song writing portion of the music making process. With the pressure of an album release from the fans and the record label burdening them, they are more considered with creating a cohesive work of art that personifies them as artists. This is what they want rather than a basic singles-based work that most other artist and record labels would be happy with.

Their identity is a big part of what they are focusing on this go around. The recent tracks they released with Halsey coincides with this desire. They consider her number one on their list of collaborative hopes because she is so unique. The Chainsmokers are in touch with who and what their audience are. This fi another contributing factor of them perfecting their identity. The live show they put on is reflective of this as they integrate new components like their #Selfie. They sum up their new mindset as trying to provide new experiences for fans and push new boundaries never before reached