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U.S.A. Swimming Treading Water After Recent Accusations By Athletes Of Ignored Sexual Abuse

The sport of gymnastics is not the only one to be hit with a recent sex abuse scandal. A female and male director from U.S.A. Swimming have now stepped down from their roles following allegations from teen athletes about longtime abuse from their swimming coaches and other officials and the directors who turned a deaf ear.

According to a report by, Susan Woessner, the organization’s Safe Sport senior director, and Pat Hogan, a managing director, resigned last Thursday. A lot of buzz is circulating around the story as people wonder if there is another sexually predatory coaching situation similar to the recent trial that convicted U.S.A. Gymnastics team doctor Lawrence G. Nassar. Last month, Nassar pleaded guilty to sexually abusing young female athletes and was sentenced to serve a minimum of 125 years in prison up to a maximum of 275 years. He was convicted in the state of Michigan.

Olympic swimmer, Ariana Kukors, has now come forward and accused Sean Hutchinson, her former coach, of sexually abusing her while a teen. Hutchinson says that Kukors was of age, and the two had engaged in a “committed relationship.”

Susan Woessner allegedly did little to respond to the athletes’ complaints about the sexual climate at U.S.A. Swimming. She disclosed in her resignation letter that in 2007, she kissed Coach Sean Hutchinson. She left the organization to pursue higher education but then, returned to U.S.A Swimming in her new role.

Pat Hogan resigned but did not clearly indicate why. He revealed that he had become involved with one of his swimming athletes, Julie Ginden. She was a teen at the time. The couple married when she turned 20; they are now divorced.

Hogan claims that he conducted himself with integrity, and Ginden’s parents had given their approval.