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Inmates can use Securus Technology to Help their Kids with Homework

I am an educator who is really concerned about the lives of the children I come into contact with. One day I came across a child who had a parent in jail. This child was struggling in school.

When I asked this child to have their parents contact me about improving their grades; he sadly told me that both of his parents were in jail. Now, I understood why the child was failing.

I recently came across a shocking statistic – nearly 3 million kids within the United States has at least 1 parent locked up behind bars. This is a very troubling statistic. Fortunately, I found some good news that counteracted this bad information.

I came across a fairly new technology called video visitation. It has been around for less than 5 years and it is really making a difference for family members with incarcerated loved ones. Securus is the name of communications company that provides specialized technology for inmates and their families.

This technology is called the Video Visitation App and what it does is to allow prisoners to use special video terminals while they talk to their family members through their mobile phone or tablet. Securus had a really good idea with this communication system.

I explored the app some more and quickly discovered a video that showcased an inmate helping his daughter with her homework. They were both engaged trying to solve a subtraction problem. He was encouraging his child to pursue her dreams and was even giving her advice about the type of college she should attend.

This is when I realized that Securus’s technology is really beneficial for family members and inmates. Upon further discovery, Securus had created their Video Visitation App not just to help prisoners to communicate better; but to form bonds with their families that would keep them out of jail.

Read more at Wikipedia about Securus.

The Video Visitation App by Securus does more than just allow an imprisoned mother or father to talk with their child; it allows them to prepare for their loved ones that they should be going back home to at some point in the future. In my opinion, Securus really got this one right. More information about the Video Visitation App is available on

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.