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Ria Mia Launches New Song And Video

Ria Mia is a Canadian Indie music artist who is having quite the breakthrough now. Her latest song is called Red Light. The openly lesbian artist says that her newest piece is inspired by an actual real-life event. The singer says that she had a breakup with a girlfriend right at an intersection. This is what inspired her to create a music song based on the theme of breaking up and moving on in life.

The video of Ria Mia’s Redlight song features a real-life lesbian couple and depicts them trying to get through their breakup. It also shows them reminiscing about their past together. It is no doubt a depiction of what she experienced and felt during her own breakup at the intersection.

Artist Ria Mia says that she thinks discussing LGBTQ issues is now easier than ever before in music. One of her others songs called Gold also depicted a lesbian couple trying to work out problems. This is no doubt a novelty, as most videos depict straight couples fighting, breaking up and working things out. Ria Mia’s music speaks directly to the queer community and tells them that it is okay to break up and move on through your relationships just like straight couples do.

Ria Mia also says that she wants to convey a message that its okay to express yourself publicly as a lesbian by holding your girlfriend’s hand. Growing up in Nova Scotia, Canada she was ashamed and embarrassed to do this. She says that if her music can make someone out there more comfortable, then it was well worth the time and effort she put in to create it.

If you want to hear more about Ria Mia and her music you can check out two of her latest albums called MyLove and Ria Mia, that was released in 2017 and 2015 respectively. The queer artist has been touring with fellow Indie and queer musicians Tegan and Sara. They even partnered to make a song together. Fans of Ria Mia should also look forward to new songs and maybe even new videos released this year as well.