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JHSF/José AuriemoNeto: Getting Quality Real Estate Guidance

José AuriemoNeto is CEO of JHSF and he has a great reputation in the Brazilian real estate market. José AuriemoNeto has his vast experience in the real estate industry and has helped many clients start their own business. JHSF is a leading property development firm in Brazil, focusing on big projects like commercial and residential markets acquisitions, shopping centers and development of upscale hotels. This firm has been around for many years and has contributed immensely to the economic development of Brazil. Real estate is a great field to get involved in and countless entrepreneurs have generated massive fortunes in this field. People from all walks of life are interested in learning how fortunes are being made in this fabulous real estate industry.

Real estate or property developers often acquire high performance properties and take steps to renovate them and increase their market value. If you are ambitious and want to enter into the real estate property development arena, it is imperative that you get in touch with a successful professional. There are many professionals in this industry but you need to do your research and choose someone who is well known for leading clients toward the proven path to success. JHSF has a great team that ensures the success of every property development project they oversee.

The task or business process involves activities that range from the acquisition and renovation of existing properties to the sale of developed land or buildings to others. When it comes to choosing a coach or mentor, look no further than José Auriemo Neto. With so many experts in the field of property development and real estate investing, it is extremely important that you go with someone who has a great reputation among clients and peers. That’s where José AuriemoNeto comes in – to guide you and ensure that you reach your goal. As the CEO of JHSF, José AuriemoNeto has handled a wide variety of projects involving commercial buildings and other properties. He is a knowledgeable real estate professional, particularly in the field of property development.


Eric Lefkofsky – Tempus to Revolutionize Cancer Treatment with New Technology

A recent analysis of data from the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Result (SEER) revealed that quite a significant number of cancer survivors are later diagnosed with a higher primary cancer. Out of the more than seven hundred thousand cancer cases detected between 2007 and 2013, 18 percent of them were cases with a history of having prior cancer. For adults aged above 65 years of age, the prior cancer prevalence rate was found to be 25 percent. For adults aged below 65 years of age, the prevalence rate was found to be 11% of the surveyed population.

While cancer screening and early detection methods have all improved, the data collected from cancer patients has not been put into much use in devising patient-centric treatment methods. Prior cancer victims, for example, are most likely to be left off the screening and detection of other early cancer detection exercises. The researchers who conducted the study noted that cancer survivors are significantly underrepresented in both clinical trials and observational research, leading to little knowledge of the needs of cancer survivors and treatments specific for the category.

Incidentally, this is exactly what Eric Lefkofsky, the co-founder of Tempus, has been talking about much of the time; finding a means to connect collected patient data and patient-centric treatment procedures. While both patient’s genomic and therapeutic data exist, the two are not easily connected at the clinician’s disposal. It is for this reason that Eric Lefkofsky, through Tempus, has moved to establish a technological platform that applies advanced analytical techniques to provide actionable information to clinicians.

Eric Lefkofsky has seen his passion come true at Tempus. They are working with a number a cancer research centers in a bid to establish a huge data library. The process involves serializing the genetic code of cancer patients and having it in a database. Once this has been achieved, the next thing is to collect therapeutic information. This involves determining the treatment procedure that works for patients with various cancers and genomic data types. The last step is the application of advanced data science techniques to determine the most suitable treatment for patients newly diagnosed with cancer. The technology puts this information right in front of the clinician.

Omar Boraie Helped Improve His Hometown

Not many people get the chance to make their hometown a better place, but Omar Boraie was able to get that chance. He made sure he took it and he went with it so people would be able to experience everything he loved about New Brunswick. For Omar Boraie to do this, he had to make sure he was offering the best opportunities to the people who were in the city. He also knew things would get better as long as he was taking advantage of all the things the city had to offer.

As a developer, Omar Boraie had the talent and the resources to make New Brunswick better. It was the most important thing to him so he did it in every way possible. When Omar Boraie started the development, he had a vision in mind. He knew just what it was going to look like when it was done and that’s what he was able to get from the building after he had completed it. The building looks just like the vision Omar Boraie had when he first started the business and when he first started to try different things with the business. He knew just what to do to make things better.

Even though there were some difficulties in the city and many people who doubted what he could do, Omar Boraie pushed through. He wanted to show people he was capable of making a difference. As an immigrant, Omar Boraie felt it was part of who he was to make the country a better place. While he knew he couldn’t change the whole country, he knew it was very important to start bringing change to the things that were close to him. These things helped him make the city of New Brunswick better than it had ever been.

When the Central Jersey Working Moms talked about the things Omar Boraie was doing, they knew he would be able to try different things and the city would benefit from it. They also knew he was a professional. The publication talked about how his first development had gotten so much attention that it actually sold out. It was the first time in New Brunswick that something like this had happened to someone like Boraie Development. He made history by making the first apartment that had luxury amenities. He is truly a trend setter in the city of New Brunswick.

Roberto Santiago Achievements in Business

Roberto Santiago is one of the most influential businessmen in Brazil. The businessman has done very well in his career, especially in the mall industry. Santiago owns the biggest shopping mall in the country, known as Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. Roberto was born and raised in Brazil, and most of his businesses are found in this country.

Santiago went for his education at the prestigious Pio X-Marist College. After completing his studies, he decided to go to the University of Canter where he specialized in Business Administration. The skills he acquired at the University enabled him to start a cartonnage company, and this has been the foundation of his career. He, later on, started the Manaira Shopping Mall.

The establishment offers its services to individuals living in Joao Pessoa and its environs. The mall also attracts clients from other parts of the world. Since it was established several years ago, the Manaira Shopping Mall has earned the trusts of international clients because it provides outstanding products and services.

Roberto Santiago started his successful career decades ago by working at a Café that is located in Santa Rosa. Afterward, he decided to establish a company that focused on the manufacture of decorative and utilitarian items. Since then, his business life has been very successful, despite the changes in the economic climate. This success has enabled him to get several awards from different institutions. His love for sports has also earned him several trophies. Read more on Mundo Do Marketing

The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall has several features that attract a large clientele. The institution has a state of the art cinema that uses the latest technology in its operations. The facility has a stadium concept and great 3D rooms, and this gives consumers a thrilling experience. The mall has a gourmet space for individuals who want to enjoy tranquility moments. The mall has a concert capacity of four thousand people who are seated and ten thousand standing clients. The success of the mall has earned the businessman the reputation of one of the wealthiest individuals in Brazil today. The businessman is also a role model to many young people who want to venture and succeed in the competitive business world. His expertise in the field has been instrumental in running the mall. Read more articles on


To believe in your dream is one thing but to make it come to fruition is another. Omar Boraie is one of the people who believed in his dream and made it come true.

Omar Boraie started the Boraie Development LLC to make sure that his dream of turning New Brunswick town into a city comes true. In 1972, when the Chief Executive Officer of the Real Estate Company walked in the town, everything seemed bleak, but he has managed to turn all this around through developing various real estate projects.

According to a feature on NJBiz, everyone thought that the Egyptian Chemistry scholar was mad when he started building luxury residential units in the downtrodden city, but years later these units have given the town a facelift, and they are filled and he’s even building others.

About Boraie development LLC

Boraie Development is a company that deals with property management, real estate development and sales and Marketing. The Company is situated in New Jersey, and it has developed into one of the best in the region. The staff is professional and hands on as they fully commit to their work, to know more about the company visit Bloomberg.

Sam Boraie

Sam Boraie is the son to Omar Boraie and also the Vice President of Boraie Development LLC. Sam is a philanthropist who is involved in various charities. The philanthropist and many other locals are part of the board of trustees for the State Theatre in New Jersey.

His family, Boraie Development, and Sam have heavily contributed to the success of the theater through their contributions. Sam Boraie is the chairman of the board of directors of Elijah’s Promise. This charity organization focuses on fighting poverty in New Jersey.

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