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Iconic Punk Rocker Iggy Pop Releases Cover of Nick Cave’s Right Red Hand

Punk rocker Iggy Pop is known for his physique and public persona, just as much as iconic musical style. Sometimes called the sexiest ugly man alive, this grandfather of punk has had his hand in a number of interesting projects lately. His latest project has him collaborating on a cover of a Nick Cave song, Right Red Hand, with Jarvis Cocker as the new theme song for Peaky Blinders, which is now in its fourth season on the BBC. Cocker, who is British, is probably best known for being the lead singer of Pulp.

Notably, Cocker is no stranger to interesting covers as Pulp is a British post-punk band whose biggest hit was “This is Hardcore,” but are best known in the US for “Common People” which gained a lot of attention after Star Trek Captain William Shatner decided to record his own unique cover of it.

While some fans might think that it’s odd that a punk rocker would record a cover for the theme song of a tv show, it’s worth remembering that unlike some iconic punk rockers, this is not his first collaboration into something more commercial. A few years back it was hard to turn on the tv without hearing Iggy Pop’s “Lust for Life” repurposed as a jingle for a cruise liner. Collaborating on the theme song for Peaky Blinders is a little more in step with Iggy Pop’s punk rock image, as the show itself has a gritty, almost punk rock feel.

The song itself, which can be heard on Spotify, definitely has a much more punk rock feel than Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds version of the song. It is noisier, louder and much more chaotic than the low, smooth, soft original. It’s clear that Iggy Pop and Jarvis Cocker make for very natural collaborators and neither of the iconic punk rockers have lost their touch or softened despite the fact they are getting older. The song precedes a full-length collaboration and if this tease is an indication of what is to come, fans will surely be delighted.