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How Organo Gold Recognizes Their Top Independent Distributors

Organo Gold is a privately held company which was established in 2008. They offer teas, coffees, and nutraceuticals in 45 nations. They have an independent distributor network which sells their products to consumers. In the United States and Canada they have a Coffee Connoissuer Club which is another way to buy their products. Read more at about Organo Gold.

In 2013 Organo Gold started the Star Achiever program in order to recognize their top independent distributors. This program was announced during that year’s International Convention by their Chief Visionary Officer Holton Buggs. It was during their next years International Convention that that first group of Star Achiever’s was announced.

There is one requirement to meet in order to be named as one of Organo Gold’s Star Achievers. This is to earn at least 450 PQV each month for the year. These points can be earned both through retail orders plus the independent distributor’s own personal orders. There is also Super Star Achiever Distributors. To earn this designation an independent distributor needs to have four of their own personally sponsored distrubotors earn 450 PQV as well during a month. Follow Organo Gold on

Any independent distributor who is able to earn the 12 Star Achiever designation is gifted a Bulova watch which has been customized just for them. This watch is meant to recognize the effort it took to be able to consistently meet their goals. Organo Gold also has a recognition in place for those who achieve “Perfect Attendance”, which means they never missed an order of 450 PQV for the entire year.

Everyone that achieves Star Achiever status also earns a pin to show others their achievement. When Organo Gold holds a major event they will bring on stage some of the people who won Perfect Attendance as well as those who achieved Super Star Achiever. They get to go on stage in front of their peers and be recognized for their hard work. This inspires everyone in the audience as well and after one of these major conventions there is always a boost to sales of Organo Gold’s products.


Organo Gold Antioxidant Tea and Coffee for Body Balance and Well-Being

If you are one of the people who desire beverage that helps you to flush out toxic substances from the body and lift your spirit too, try the Organo Gold sweet-smelling tea or coffee. A study on the aromatic Organo Gold coffee showed the presence of amino acids, high-quality nutrients, and antioxidants.

An instant brew of the coffee from Organo Gold contains vital antioxidant ingredients and phytochemicals called Chlorogenic acid and Quinic acid. Further, people who take instant coffee benefit from plenty of cafestol, a component that makes the drink acquire an acidic taste and alluring aroma. Follow Organo Gold on Twitter.

Organo Gold Global Marketing Company

Organo Gold is a worldwide marketing company supplying premium tea and coffee. The company’s mission is to transform lives by assisting people from across the continents easy access to first-rate, personal care products, coffee, tea, and nutraceuticals.

Organo coffee and tea are different because they contain Ganoderma. What is Ganoderma? Ganoderma is a medicinal mushroom genus extensively used in traditional Asian treatment methods and provision of “spiritual potency.” Follow Organo Gold on Instagram.

Health Balance, Financial Freedom, and Well-Being

To reach the customers who require the premium products, Organo Gold has a robust global marketing network and independent distributors in more than 50 countries. Distributors of Organo Gold products can attain financial freedom while assisting customers to live healthier lives.

Among the delicious coffee products from Organo Gold is the 100% certified, nutty-flavored, creamy Gourmet Black Coffee, which connoisseurs describe as smooth, robust, and Ganoderma lucidum rich. Gourmet Black Coffee can awaken body senses, invigorate the muscles, and help in weight loss programs.

Organo Gold helping the Youth

Organo also runs a non-profit organization, the OG Cares Foundation. The OG Cares Foundation has supported the youth in productive activities and engaged communities as a way of bringing positive changes for the future generations.

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