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Betsy DeVos: What You Don’t Know About Her

The person who pays attention to cable news or their social media feeds probably remembers hearing a lot about this person named Betsy DeVos early on in the Trump Administration. The name alone is memorable, but the talking heads on television would not stop talking about her regardless. Therefore, the name quickly became engrained in the memories of most anyone who had heard it even a few times.


You might have heard different opinions about this person depending upon where you got your information from in the first place. There are those who adore her and the work that she has done of course, and then there are those who despise everything that she stands for. There is not much room in the middle for those who consider themselves and their opinions to be pretty moderate.


On the one hand, Betsy DeVos has been portrayed as the kind of person who gets things done. It is said that she has a strong care for children and their education. She is passionate about what she believes in, and she gives back plenty to her community. She is a striver and someone that we all ought to aspire to be.


Then, you have the other side that says that she is out of touch with everyday Americans. As a billionaire, they say that she is not someone who can connect with real people. They are particularly concerned that she is in charge of policy when it comes to education to some extent, because she does not have a connection to the public school system. They believe that her desire to work towards a charter school based future is nothing more than a money and power grab.


As you can see, there are numerous ways to view this single individual. That ought to tell you just how dynamic of a person that she is. There is not just one way to take her. Instead, her life and work speak for themselves.


Betsy DeVos now sits as the Secretary of Education for the entire United States of America. She is still a devoted person who always wants to ensure that her voice is heard in the debate. She still believes in a charter school system for all children, but she also understands that convincing others to believe in this as well is sure to be something of a challenge.


She knows how to thread the needle so to speak between keeping her profile high enough to have real influence and at the same time keeping things quiet when that is to her political advantage as well. For someone without as much direct political experience as some out there, she sure does know how the game is played, and she plays it to perfection.


There is a new sheriff in Washington when it comes to education. If you think that things are just going to continue to operate as they always have in the past, you need to think again. There are some big changes coming. Learn more: