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Indie Rock Band Polica Partners With Neoclassical Group Stargaze

Throughout the history of music, there have always been artists from different musical genres that partner together in order to create something completely new. For many, singer Channy Leaneagh is synonymous with singing in indie rock band Polica. However, it appears that the current Polica line up has slightly changed. Fans of Polica should know that his band has no plans on splitting up. To the contrary, Polica now has plans to partner with neoclassical group Stargaze for both an upcoming album and tour.

The new collaborative album is called “Music for the Long Emergency.” Many are noting that the blend of both neoclassical and indie rock have made for a worthwhile collaboration. Interestingly, the idea for the collaboration between these two bands came from the suggestion of the founder of St. Paul Chamber Orchestra’s Liquid Music. Considering that, The new album maintains the rhythmic qualities of Polica while the addition of strings and other forms of musical experimentation gives way to an entirely new sound for the band.

The tour starring Polica and Stargaze will be taking place throughout the next few months at locations all throughout the United States. The Star Tribune reported that Channy was quoted to say that it is what happens “when musicians of different backgrounds get together.” Both bands have noted that all band members continue to create music and get along very well with each other.

To summarize, legendary indie rock group Polica recently announced that they will release a new album and go on tour with neoclassical band Stargaze. The new album titled “Music for the Long Emergency” has been gaining positive reviews and many fans and critics alike are excited about the upcoming tour. This tour will take place throughout the United States.