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Dr Rod Rohrich Provides Innovation in Plastic Surgery

Dallas area patients are aware of the skill and professionalism of Dr. Rod Rohrich, one of the leading plastic surgeons in the area. His practice offers a full range of cosmetic procedures that can help you look as great as you feel! The practice is kind and welcoming and the entire staff is dedicated to providing compassionate care and making their patients feel comfortable. If you are in the greater Dallas, TX area and are considering a cosmetic procedure, Dr. Rohrich is here to provide the comprehensive care that you need. Below are some of the most popular procedures performed at Dr. Rod Rohrich’s Dallas practice.

Rhinoplasty – our noses are one of the most distinctive features on our faces, and if you are unhappy with yours, it can be difficult to look in the mirror every day without feeling disappointed. Whether your nose is too wide, has a bump, or evidence of a break, or you just don’t like it, Dr. Rohrich can help. Call the office today to schedule a consultation for your rhinoplasty.

Face Lifts – as our nation becomes more engaged in healthy living and fitness we feel young and vibrant well into middle age and beyond. When the face that we see in the mirror does not match the way that we feel inside, a facelift can make a difference. There is no reason to look older than you feel!

Breast Surgery – whether you are looking for a breast augmentation or a reduction, Dr. Rohrich can help. Large breasts can prevent you from fully participating in sports and other athletic activities, and can cause back and posture problems. A reduction can be the answer to these issues. Augmentation can help give you the figure you have always dreamed of! We can also perform a bust lift when necessary.

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Dr. Mark McKenna Practicing Medicine in an ‘Out of this world’ Way

Buckhead residents are happy about the new medical aesthetic practices that they are going to enjoy courtesy of OVME. The aesthetic medical facility is meant to provide professional procedures modeled to enhance the appearance and feelings of residents in Atlanta. The procedures are also meant to boost the self-confidence of the residents and improve their view about life. OVME was developed by Dr. Mark McKenna who recently traded his ShapeMed facility to LifeTime Fitness. The OVME treatment center has four private rooms together with a private consultation room for Dr. McKenna. He developed the OVME idea from his lifetime experience in medical aesthetics with the help of medical technology.

Dr. Mark McKenna is interested in helping the people of Atlanta in realizing themselves by offering medical products and services that yield the best results and applying the right technology to progress elective healthcare services. He has earned a reputation in the community through the invention of minimally invasive medical procedures. Dr. Mark McKenna attended the Tulane School of Medicine where he graduated with a medical degree. He started practicing medicine alongside his father in New Orleans immediately after his graduation. He moved to Atlanta in 2007 and founded ShapeMed, a wellness and aesthetic medical facility. OVME is the product of McKenna’s cumulative innovation of medical procedures of over two decades meant to improve the appearance and feels of clients. The doctor is excited to introduce and progress his ideas at OVME.

Under the leadership of Dr. Mark McKenna, OVME will be busy presenting new procedural technology to clients using the elective aesthetic procedures. The medical facility will be offering various skin and facial services such as injection of neurotoxins, demal fillers and Vivace miconeedling. Neurotoxins make the skin look young while dermal fillers are used in making the lips full. OVME will also be providing various body and health services like testosterone replacement therapy as well as PRP that is focused on decreasing hair loss in men with baldness. OVME will also be introducing a new weight management solution that starts with analyzing the DNA of patients. This new venture is a way of giving back to the community for Dr. McKenna just like he helped the victims of the Hurricane Katrina incident by developing cheaper housing solutions.

Dr. Jennifer Walden: A How to Guide for Medical Aesthetics

Dr. Jennifer Walden has grown into an influential figure in the medical industry. She has blazed her way to the top by using her extensive knowledge in medical aesthetics. This woman has achieved many great things in her lifetime, and she is looking to add more success to her personal resume. Thanks to providing extraordinary work in medical aesthetics, Dr. Walden has been promoted yet again. For 2018, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery has made her the newSecretary of the Executive Committee. This new position displays her dominance very well, but none of her previous success has gone to her head.

Dr. Walden comes from a professional type of family. Her mother was a surgical nurse, and her father was a dentist. As a youth, though she’s still rather young, Walden was an all-state soccer player. Anderson High School was her stomping ground as a teenager and after graduation, she decided to take her talents to the University of Texas. While at this wonderful institute, she would attain a B.A. in Biology. Sports was no longer on her mind, and she wanted to do something that truly benefited mankind. Walden was waitlisted before attending the University of Texas Medical Branch. Once she got in, she was able to attain her medicaldoctorate. By the time she graduated, Walden had participated in an externship in Miami, was elected the president of her school’s medical society and graduated as the salutatorian.

Walden was fellowship-trained at New York’s Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital. She got a chance to shadow world-renowned doctor Sherrell Aston. After working and residing in The Big apple for seven years, she would relocate back to Texas and start her medical-aesthetics practice.


Mark Mofid is Making Implants Safer For Everyone

When you’re opting for some plastic surgery the very last thing you want to worry about is whether or not it’s safe. Mark Mofid has a unique understanding of body shape and how to augment areas that could use some improvement. His practice in La Jolla, CA specializes in facial and breast augmentations. He recently started doing buttock augmentations. Mark Mofid takes the time to understand the patient’s needs and makes intelligent suggestions.

Mark Mofid’s focus on safety first has earned him some accolades from patients and fellow physicians. Mark Mofid’s use of the latest technology is an important component to his continued success. Mark Mofid focuses on the details to ensure that the patient doesn’t regret going through with the procedures.

The gluteal augmentation procedure is one of the riskiest procedures that Mofid does. The reason is that most available implants don’t fit right and tend to sag. Mark Mofid worked countless hours to perfect his gluteal implant. He utilized existing technology to increase the muscle flexibility ratio and positioning.

Mofid depends on his staff for many of the innovative techniques he’s been researching. He believes in helping his staff succeed and allowing them to immerse themselves in all aspects of plastic surgery. Mofid is proud to point out that some of his former staff have gone on to other large practices. Mofid stands by his work.

Mofid does offer his patients a wide range of options including non-surgical options. He has seen some patients that actually prefer to explore non-surgical options before contemplating surgical options. Patients that visit Mofid’s La Jolla office are often quite pleasantly surprised by all the options available. These options are designed with the patient’s needs in mind.

Skin treatments are the most popular treatments available at the LaJolla office where there is an full-time dermatologist on staff. Laser hair removals are the most requested procedures. Mofid offers expert body shaping and augmentations to enhance the physical body.

His practice has procedures that correct facial flaws, enhance breasts, tighten and enhance buttocks and many procedures for the body such as correcting excessive underarm sweat glands.