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Dr. David Samadi Is Not A Stranger To Being In The Spotlight

According to the article published in the, given the medical state in the U.S., the need for a programming covering medical news is more important than ever. As the Americans are searching for reliable answers to their questions regarding healthcare industry, a trusted and strong leader must emerge. That’s the role Dr. David Samadi is hoping to fill with his brand-new live show.

Dr. David Samadi is not a stranger to being in the spotlight. He first attained global attention by appearing on TV news programs. The success of Samadi’s in the public eye went on after transferring his voice to radio, and he was hosting a local health show for the listeners of NY. These past successes made the expansion of Samadi a natural choice, and the viewers will be capable of enjoying a live broadcast entitled Sunday Housecall with Dr. Samadi every week from Sep this year.

The broadcast covers various topics that are related to the industry. Specifically, the show centers on the latest news stories concerning the medical field. That way, viewers are capable of learning more regarding these topics and understand better how these issues are impacting their lives. Furthermore, he also tackles important tips to empower people to take control of their health in a better way. Specific topics include exercise, prostate health, food and diet, women’s health, plus other pressing health news.


While Samadi is serving as a host, he features other medical specialists on his program as well. That ensures that different voices are heard, which improves his viewers’ learning experience. The show relies on a format that is discussion-based. That allows him to get the most information out of his guests and produces a natural flow of information. That naturally invites readers to join the conversation, making health topics that are difficult far more approachable.

Better yet, the show is fully interactive. Since it has a live broadcast, the viewers are encouraged to email or call. Questions are answered on live TV, or they can also be answered in the next week’s program. Dr. David Samadi tackles lots of the questions with his extensive expertise and engages his guests on the show to answer some of the questions in more detail.

Dr. Samadi studied at the Stony Brook University and earned a B.S. in biochemistry. He received his M.D in 1994 at the Stony Brook Medical School. He attended Montefiore Medical Center and received his postgraduate training in Urology in the year 1996. He attended the Einstein and received his postgraduate training in proctology.

He attended the Montefiore Medical Center and received an additional postgraduate training in proctology in 2000. He went to MSKCC to complete his oncology fellowship in proctology. In the year 2002, he went to France to attend the Henri Mondor Hospital Creitel mainly for a fellowship for robotic prostatectomy.