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Oli Companies are not Bad as they Appear

Cotemar is a petroleum company in Mexico that offers the best gas and oil while taking the environment, security and protection into consideration while working to be the best company in the country with the driven leadership within the organization.


The five values that Cotemar emphasizes the most is Integrity, Reliability, Innovation, Collaboration, and Responsibility. With these values Cotemar is a company that takes pride into the work they do for their coustemers.


This organization was founded in 1979 where all they had was vessels for just transportation. thought the next six years they were able to expand with vessels. however in 1985 Cotemar has the first ever Oil Rig. From that time until 2016 Cotemar has just been multiplying with the number and types of both the vessels and with the oil rigs there is.


So what does Cotemar have to offer? Well actually that have quite a handful for being a petroleum company. in a rig they have accommodations for over four thousand people. providing each one of them with food, housing, laundry and many entertaining means. For the maritime support vessels they work as transportations of personnel and lightweight materials to places in Mexico. Lastly is that Cotemar positioning semi-submersible rig, which is characterized by its mobility, allowing it to move from one complex to another.


The way it feels to work for Cotemar is really honoring because you get to work with a company that is environment friendly when they acquire their oil and gas from under the ocean. Also, Cotemar has a lot of job opportunities because there are a lot of services that they offer weather its working under in the hospitality of people in the rigs or whether if it digging for petroleum.


The thing the Cotemar does to fulfill its sustainability obligation is by That´s why we work according to guidelines that guarantee the the sustainability of our environment.