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The 1975 Change The name Of Their New Album

“The 1975” have been one of the breakout bands of the last few years with many fans fearful of the premature end of the band following the revelation singer Matt Healy envisioned the group life as a trilogy of albums. There had also been a large amount of confusion regarding the name of the new album which has been revealed to be one of two the band hopes to bring to the public in the coming months.


Matt Healy has been actively giving interviews and appearing on social media platforms as “The 1975” prepare for the release of their latest album and spoke with Zane Lowe of the NME about the changes the band has recently been going through. Among the major issues, the band has worked through is the major decision of the title of their latest album which will follow the often criticized second album title, “I Like It When you Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It.”


Rumors had circulated for a number of months that the band were preparing to release new music and would replicate the title of their third EP, “Music For Cars.” However, whilst speaking to Lowe, Healy stated he had settled on a different title, “A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships.” Perhaps the biggest news for fans of the band was the revelation that the band were already underway writing and recording a second album, “Notes On A Conditional Form.”


During the interview, Matt Healy revealed he was not unhappy with the decision to change his mind about the title of the new album as he feels it is merely an umbrella for the music within. On May 31st, the band released the first track from “A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships” in the form of “Give Yourself A Try.”

The Tale of Indie Music’s Women Sexism Problems

A BBC documentary tracing the story of indie music called “Music for Misfits) was aired in 2015 in three episodes. The documentary started with Two-Tone label in Coventry, and the Postcard Records in Glasgow as the two labels and cities where indie music began. Indie was not necessary a music style but more like a way of sensing one’s independence against the conventional notion of indie music as white boys with guitars.


The first and the second episodes were alright, but the third was off in some aspects. First, there was an almost total absence of women apart from journalist Sian Pattenden who was the only woman representing women among countless men in delving at more than two decades of indie music. Second, there was a total shutdown of stories that were on screen. For instance, Riot Grrrl was not mentioned anywhere in the episode, which was well covered in a similar program on C86.


Mentioning Riot Grrrl would have been a good way of straightening the misconception that British indie was in a stalemate with United States’ music. In fact, there were travels across the Atlantic between bodies and music which influenced each other. Even if white is the norm in indie music, it is highly notable that Riot Grrrl times in the UK had bands led by people of color such as Cornershop and The VooDoo Queens. It was depressing to see the program overlook major players Elastica, Shampoo, and Echobelly. This in chronicles are also found on


The article writer, a band member of Kenickie, says that they were patronized by men and were kicked by roadies mistaking them for groupies. At one time they were asked by NME for them to be featured on the cover, they should get naked and paint themselves gold and their refusal saw them not featured on the cover. On stage, they would get shouted at being asked to show their tits. She recalls although great things happened to them, sexism was part of everyday life. She notes that she airs these views to reveal how sexism in the daily life of women musician later turns to retrospective sexism by having their stories cut out.

The Rise of Indie Artists Along Side Mainstream Artists

A large number of people are considering the benefits of looking at what Indie music professionals bring to the table. These are really interesting artists that have made it there mission to make music that is different from what the mainstream is doing. The good thing about these artists is that they now have access to a platform that allows them to create content that is easily accessible through the cloud network. It is going to be so much easier for people that want to change things up for their playlist to acquire some abstract artists.


Spotify is one of those streaming sites that plays a major part in the music that you hear from Indie artists. This is something that they had to do because it became such a big part of the industry as a whole. These indie artists are much more professional because they are getting their music out and doing the distribution themselves.


These artists are not waiting on the green light from any record executives anymore. To the contrary, these are artists that know what they want to do, and they know how they want to do it. They have more confidence, and they are able to make bigger profits because they have the opportunity to skip the major labels. This is exactly how Chance the Rapper gave himself a leg up in such a harsh music business.


While many rappers were in search of a contract Chance the Rapper made a decision to do something that most people may not have ever thought of. He made a ton of mix tapes and give his music away.


He would change the way that the world received Indie rap music. He would start a trend and become someone that was able to make himself a millionaire without ever being signed to a contract. This was rare, but now it appears that Indie music also entails things like mix tapes by rappers.

Spotify and Indie Music Make a Good Match

The concept of music streaming has taken a completely different direction in the last several years. At one time people were depending a lot on Soundcloud for underground music. As time progressed people became interested in Pandora. It seems like there was one music streaming site after another. There were so many possibilities that existed out there, but many people were not sure about how they would be able to find Indie music artists. Spotify has become the company that has solved the missing link to the puzzle where a lot of people are looking for someone that is on the Indie music scene.

Spotify is a website that has made it easier for people to find indie music artists. This is why there is so much talk about how these artists are able to utilize this as a vehicle to get exposure with a wide range of fans.

The thing that has always kept the Indie music artists from generating a substantial amount of income is the radio. The radio stations are locked down with a hit song playlist from mainstream artists. These are going to be the songs that are in heavy rotation. An independent artist that is not getting promoted by a record label does not have a chance when it comes to getting recurring radio play.

What Spotify has done is much different because the music is simply set out there. From this point it is up to the Spotify users to make the choice. They are building their own playlist. They are not waiting for a radio station to feed down songs that are popular.

This concept alone is what changes the direction that Indie music artist can go in. They don’t have to rely on a radio station that is only in a place to promote and play songs from those record labels that have the ability to advertise and distribute this music. Spotify gives Indie music a voice.

Mar Howard Is Down With Cancer While Gibson Files For Bankruptcy

This is not a good one; Mark Howard a highly revered sound engineer is down with cancer and it has reached a critical stage. He has worked with the likes of Emmylou Harris, U2, Neil Young, Tom Waits, Lucinda Williams, and Bob Dylan. In fact, he was the sound engineer that handled Bob Dylan’s Time Out of Mind and Oh Mercy (2 of Dylan’s most successful albums).

He was already diagnosed of skin cancer about a year ago and little was heard about it so a lot of people felt the ailment was under control. It was shocking when the announcement was made that the cancer has spread to his lungs and brain and he is now fighting for his life. He is said to be in Toronto currently and he is being treated for stage 4 melanoma.

He was quoted as saying that he is feeling good even though the side effects of the treatment are not so bad. He also confirmed that he has been getting great support from the music community. Thanks to everyone that has supported the great sound engineer so far. They are the reason he is staying strong.

Since it has become necessary to raise funds for him to pay his bills, rent, and living expenses, a GoFundMe page has been set up for him. There is so much hope that he will finish his treatment, beat cancer, and get back to his feet soon.

Another not-so-good news in the music industry is Gibson’s bankruptcy. Gibson is one of the most successful guitar brands in America. The company announced on Tuesday that it is set to file for chapter-11 bankruptcy. It also made it known that it is also working towards re-focusing, restricting, and reorganizing of the company.

As a way out of its debt, the company will drop all its side businesses and focus on producing and selling musical instruments because that is its original mission. All other businesses are diversifications.

The company had been struggling for the past one year and they have cut down operational cost tremendously and even increased earnings. They have also reduced working capital demands but in spite of all their efforts, they have not been able to turn the company’s fate around.

Dr. Dog Releases New Album

Fans of Dr. Dog, an extremely popular indie rock band from Philadelphia, can rejoice — new music has arrived! Their new album, titled Critical Equation, has been winning praise all across the musical spectrum as it hits the notes that only Dr. Dog can hit. It is quirky, a bit odd, and yet the lyrics are nearly psychedelic in their nature. Sticking with their usual trend of shorter albums, Critical Equation weighs in at just 10 tracks and a mere 40 minutes long — of course leaving fans clamoring for more of the music they so love.

The band took a risk and recorded this album in a different studio than they usually have utilized, heading out to Los Angeles and working with up and coming producer Michael Kiwanuka. The result is that perfect blend of music that stays true to the band’s roots while also experimenting a bit with a new sound style. Certainly, it seems they have hit their mark on Critical Equation.

Up next for the band? A wide-ranging tour that kicks off May 4th in Detroit, Michigan and hits all of the major Midwestern cities before spanning down South and eventually all across the Northwest. The tour is massive, and will last all the way until August where they will perform their last gig of the tour at Bellwether Festival in Waynesville, Ohio. Indeed, if you’ve been meaning to see these guys in concert — this tour seems like the perfect opportunity to do so. With new music loaded and ready to be deployed, even fans who have seen Dr. Dog in concert before will surely be treated to a new experience.

While it is impossible to say when the next studio album from the Philly group will come out, Critical Equation should scratch the itch for fans for quite awhile. Of course, it is still early, but the early returns are that this album perfectly encapsulates the style of Dr. Dog that has won them so many fans over the years.

Indie Music Finds Home with Spotify

The Indie music scene is something that more people are celebrating because cloud music streaming is making it possible for these artists to earn a living. If you are a music lover that is supporting the Indie music scene Spotify actually makes it easier for you to do this. You do not have to roam the entire internet and search of the new independent artist. A lot of these Independent artists are showing up on Spotify, and this even gives these artists a chance to earn more money.

There are a lot of people that are on distributing music independently that were once major label artists. Emily King is one such artist that at one time was part of the J Records crew that had a roster that contained Alicia Keys, Usher Raymond and Busta Rhymes. She decided to make her own way and go so low, and this has worked exceptionally well for her.

For the traditional format of radio Emily King is not going to get much air time. As someone that is part of an independent label, however, she still has the ability to get her music on Spotify. This makes a big difference. The same can be said with other artists that were once mainstream like Tamia.

Tamia knows what it is like to be a mainstream artist because her entire career was built on being a mainstream artist for a major label. She has stated, however, that her last album was part of an independent label project. She has scaled-down in order to create music that may allow her to make more money as an independent artist.

The music scene is filled with a lot of artists that want to have more control over their content. This is why the Indie music scene has always been a big thing. Spotify is going to give the independent music artist a level playing field based on what Spotify users are interested in.

Indie Music Icon Releases New Single

Throughout her career, indie musician and performer Janelle Monae has consistently been true to her own artistic vision, and her new single, “I Like That” is a celebration of the individuality that has helped her gain so much positive attention from fans and critics. Rolling Stone Magazine has a preview of the tune, which is from Monae’s soon-to-be-released “Dirty Computer” album, on its website. Monae herself describes the album as an “emotion picture.”

“I Like That” has a slow, yet intricate 4/4 beat. In many respects, it’s like the beats on many current rap records; however, it’s not as fast. Synthesizers are used to create a dramatic sound that’s part cabaret, part 1980’s, and Monae’s powerful voice, of course, makes the track ascendant.

The lyrics express the idea that it’s best to be true to yourself and to do what you want artistically even if you’re the only one who likes a particular style. Monae reflects on being younger and being teased for looking different and knowing that she was cool even as her feelings were hurt. As someone known for having an eclectic and unpredictable sense of style – Monae frequently performs in a tuxedo – it’s clearly a philosophy that she’s practiced as well as preached.

Personally, I think it’s awesome that Monae is putting out new music, and I’m guessing that “I Like That” will help her music, fashion and outlook reach a broader audience. Monae’s last record, the highly acclaimed “Electric Lady” came out in 2013, so it’s been a while since her fans have heard new material, and I’m confident that it will be worth the wait.

Liam Payne and J Blavin’s New Song For The Summer

One of the many definitions for indie music is “a small independent pop group” (although small and “pop”, short for popular, seem counterintuitive in my opinion). It can also be defined as a genre, in which case we could see a large, popular indie rock band. Part of the nature of being an “independent” artist also stems from a resistance to the establishment, in most cases pertaining to major corporations.

Writer Sydney Gore urges us to “get familiar” in the title of an article covering Liam Payne & J Balvin. The title is both a play on the song’s title “Familiar” and an insinuation that these two are somewhat underground. They’re decidedly not independent in the sense that they are signed to the top record labels in the country.

The medium tempo song has a house vibe to it. The Spanish lyrics and guitar are the perfect sounds for summer. Even though the song is certainly not indie rock, and I can’t understand enough of what their saying to speak on the message, I would classify them as “indie” simply for being under my radar. Though Liam came from One Direction, his career has been more low-key than the teeny bop sensation. J Blavin keeps the indie clout strong as reggaeton is still primarily underground in the U.S.

Even though MTV appears to be showcasing more undergound music, this song probably won’t stay that way after breaking on the major network. MTV has also brought back TRL and I give it a matter of time before I see performances from the show popping up on Youtube. Endless options are available to the average media consumer, almost as if everything is underground until we go looking for it. Making music and writing a part of my life again means being interested in seeking out what others are writing about and listening to by simply showing up to their URL.

Lorde Covers “New York”

Twenty-one year old Lorde performed a cover of St. Vincent’s “New York” alongside Jack Antonoff. The powerful ballad proclaims that “New York isn’t New York without you, love,” and Lorde tweeted the lyrics “you’re the only mother fucker in the city who can handle me” last year.


That tweet caused fans to call for a Lorde and St. Vincent collaboration, but these fans are left to settle with a collaboration between Lorde and Jack Antonoff, St. Vincent’s co-writer and Lorde’s close personal friend. The two shared a memorable live performance of “New York” at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.


Antoff took to the New York stage with an acoustic guitar while Lorde sings the angsty ballad before transitioning into Lorde’s “Hard Feelings.” The performance is raw and simple with the two sitting cross-legged on the stage, facing one another. Lorde wears a dress and Antoff wears a hoodie and cap, the epitome of closeness. Their performance exemplifies the beauty of the song’s lyrics, and it gives fans something to cling to.


The New Zealand teen rocketed to relative stardom with the 2013 release of her hit “Royals,” but Lord took a small hiatus after her first album, Pure Heroine, and before her second album, Melodrama. Now, she continues to perform across the nation, impressing her fans and exciting their imaginations.


This cover isn’t the first of Lorde’s – Lorde tends to incorporate covers into her sets, affording her the nickname “Queen of Covers.” In fact, during live performances, Lorde has covered songs by Drake, Kanye West, Frank Ocean, and Paul Simon.


Listen to the performance here.


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