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Music to Business: Cassio Audi

As a successful and constantly growing individual, Cassio Audi makes his grand mark on the world from his substantial personal background and rich education, as well as his amazing experiences. From his early musical career that has no doubt started his life in the limelight, to the outstanding business career he currently continues to pursue, Cassio Audi has been a motivation and reliable support to the Brazilian community and others around the world.In his early years, Cassio Audi managed to create a name for himself as the young instrumentalist when he joined rock music band that still thrives to this day known as “Viper”.

Cassio Audi

With the group starting in 1985 He joined the group and took the position as the drummer that same year. He was officially apart of the all-male band consisting of other boys his age of around thirteen to fourteen. The young boy group maintained a great number of supporters as the talented group was filled with various musical talents. They played genres of rock such as alternative rock, thrash metal, heavy metal, and others of the sort. Audi managed to gain a considerable amount of fame even after is withdrawal from the band in 1987. He soon left to pursue what everyone can see as a successful and worthwhile career in business.

After graduating from the “University of Sao Paulo”, Cassio has continued his astonishing career with magnificent accomplishments in the field of business. With involvements in various companies, while also attracting a great amount of income, Cassio has been able to provide quality philanthropy back to the Brazilian communities by funding the nation’s firms and businesses. He has managed to provide a great number of financial features of the business in Brazil that include planning strategies, accounting, financial reporting, internal and external auditing, treasury. This has been in the hope of providing a better living for the people of the communities, and thus, it has given him more recognition.

Clay Hutson’s provides hope for upcoming entrepreneurs.

Turning a hobby, something you love doing into a career is one of the most fulfilling moments in a person’s life. Over the years people have learned to turn their passion to a successful career and one such person is Clay Hutson, since his childhood Clay Hutson has always enjoyed music and after many years of trying to make things work, he was finally able to turn this passion into a career.

Currently, Clay owns a business in the entertainment industry, and he is a sound engineer who has worked his way through the ranks to emerge a success in the flooded entertainment industry. His company provides remedies for live entertainers. Before establishing his businesses, Clay worked in several organizations and was in charge of live performances as well as live tours.

After many years in the industry, Clay Hutson lost his job. He was however confident that he could make it on his own as he had perfected and gained skills over the years. Clay was confident that he could traverse any sector in the entertainment industry and this confidence contributed highly to the formation of his company.

On a normal day, Clay engages in management, supervising the stages and ensuring that the required equipment is set and the event transitions smoothly from the beginning to the end. Clay works closely with his crew to ensure that the plans turn out a success. Before he settles on other duties Clay ensures that his workers are aware of their responsibility for the day and this ensures perfection in their production.

As a businessman Clay Hutson believes that one of the attributes that have made him succeed in his work being, attention to detail. Every morning Hutson plans his tasks, and this helps him become more productive as he always prepared even in overwhelming projects.

To upcoming entrepreneurs one thing that Clay highly recommends is self-correction, ensure you check your work over and over again. This ensures that you provide quality products and services and in turn, clients get value for their money. This habit has also been a helpful marketing strategy, and this is because Clay mostly depends on word of mouth for people to know about his work.

His previous clients pass around the word to other prospect clients, and due to the quality of his work, he is able to attract new customers often.

Clay Hutson’s story is a great inspiration for aspiring business people, rising from losing his job to becoming a boss, proves that with passion and determination anything is possible. Learn more:

Cassio Audi Knew How to Make Viper Famous

Cassio Audi spent a lot of time working to help make Viper famous. He was one of the key members of the band and he always tried to show people the band could do more than other bands. He spent a lot of time working to help people understand all the options they had when listening to the band or watching them when they were on tour. Cassio Audi knew what it took to give Viper a great name. He prepared to show people things would get better and he knew he wasn’t going to stop until he got to the point where he was successful.Marketing the band was one of the best things Cassio Audi could do for it.

He knew the band needed someone who knew what they were doing and he prepared to show people they could get more from everything he did. He made a point of always giving attention to the issues going on in the band and that allowed him the chance to make more than what others made with different bands.It also showed him how things could change based on all the hard work he put into the band.While there was a lot of growth with the band, Cassio Audi wanted to do everything he could to ensure it was successful. He spent time giving people a chance to see the band for what they were. It was always his goal to give people a chance to try things and give them the motivation they needed to continue succeeding in different instances. No matter how hard Cassio Audi worked, he felt good about the band and about the things he did with the band.

It was his way of providing people a chance to continue operating no matter how hard they worked.Even though Cassio Audi knew what he was doing in Brazil, he wanted to expand to more countries. He felt it was important to expand to new areas he could benefit from. As long as Cassio Audi knew what he was doing, he prepared to give people a chance at a better future. He also showed them how things would change if they needed his help. As long as Cassio Audi did things right, he prepared to give back the community he helped to grow in the band he worked with. It was his way of allowing people the chance to try different things. Learn More.

Why Entertainers Look To Clay Hutson to Produce Their Tours

As one might imagine trying to produce a world tour or even a one-off concert is not an easy feat. When an entertainer and their crew are able to pull off a successful concert or tour the audience often walks away satisfied not knowing that what they just witnessed was likely the work of hundreds of people who play a critical role in ensuring that a concert is executed without any hitches. The dreaded delays that can come during a live performance whether it is a show by a stand up comedian, a performance by a group of ballerinas or a highly anticipated show by an A-list performer due to technical difficulties are a testament to the fact that there is much more that goes into a smooth performance than the skill of the person on whom the literal spotlight is trained.


Performers are very much dependent on the stage crew who are responsible for building the sets that they execute their routines on. These crews are responsible for creating the literal landscape of the performer’s tour. For instance the Glow In The Dark tour by Kanye West saw the rapper standing on a moving platform that was covered in mist while images of outer space where projected on the wall behind him. The tour helped to define the rapper as an innovator in his genre and arguably could not have been pulled off without the assistance of a production management team. Production managers like Clayton Hutson are the hidden forces of nature who make legendary performances by the world’s favorite performers come true.


Clayton Hutson has spent years in the entertainment industry working as a production manager and a monitor engineer for various musicians and tours. Clayton Hutson has worked behind the scenes on tours for acts such as Aaron Lewis of the band Staind and R&B singer Maxwell. During his time working on the tour of Staind’s lead singer Aaron Lewis, Clay Hutson was in a role that saw him having various duties. The roles that he was responsible for executing during Aaron Lewis’ tour involved him serving as the monitor engineer and carrying out the quotidian duties that are required of a production manager and a tour manager. In addition to working behind the scenes for Aaron Lewis and Maxwell, Clay Hutson has also worked behind the scenes for other acts that include Marilyn Manson and the band OneRepublic. Learn more:


Clayton Hutson: Successful Tour Manager

Clayton Hutson is a production manager and sound engineer. He and his team provide services that include production management, monitor engineering, show producing, production designing, stage management, rigging, and logistics management. Some of his most recent work includes that of DiGiCo, in which he was day-to-day production tour manager and FOH monitor engineer.


He was highly intrigued with using DiGiCo on tour. He previously had used the SD8, SD7, and D5 console. The D5 was the first of its kind, and handmade for a Marilyn Manson concert. Clayton Hutson had used all of the first consoles, so being in control of Aaron Lewis’s sound had to happen.


For the Aaron Lewis tour, Hutson needed a compressed mixing system that could be stored away easily. The SD11 was only 19 inches and seemed to be the best option. It came with DiGiCo’s best sounds and functionality that Hutson relied on. He had it running perfectly within 15 minutes.


This tour was a smaller production of what Clayton Hutson typically works. He did both monitors and FOH for Ben Kitterman and Lewis’ vocals. But, the gig still had some issues. He tailored the sound to match the house and what was going on the stage. It can be difficult at times being at a casino with a smaller floor. Sometimes that sound doesn’t match what you think it will, and have to work with it.


Once the SD11 was turned on, it did not sound any different than other DiGiCo consoles. Even though it was very compact, the sound was perfect and highly reliable. The EQ reacted the same as the SD7 did. He was very impressed with the SD11.


Clayton Hutson has been working with music since he was young. He labored very hard for many years and was finally able to turn his passion into a profession. Hutson has worked with several celebrities such as Garbage, Kelly Clarkson, Pink, and Guns N’ Roses. He now has a well-known name in the industry of music for engineering, producing, and designing. For his clients, he offers easy, budget friendly, solutions. Hutson and his team give onsite execution and a one stop shop for any event needs.
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