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Dr. Dog Releases New Album

Fans of Dr. Dog, an extremely popular indie rock band from Philadelphia, can rejoice — new music has arrived! Their new album, titled Critical Equation, has been winning praise all across the musical spectrum as it hits the notes that only Dr. Dog can hit. It is quirky, a bit odd, and yet the lyrics are nearly psychedelic in their nature. Sticking with their usual trend of shorter albums, Critical Equation weighs in at just 10 tracks and a mere 40 minutes long — of course leaving fans clamoring for more of the music they so love.

The band took a risk and recorded this album in a different studio than they usually have utilized, heading out to Los Angeles and working with up and coming producer Michael Kiwanuka. The result is that perfect blend of music that stays true to the band’s roots while also experimenting a bit with a new sound style. Certainly, it seems they have hit their mark on Critical Equation.

Up next for the band? A wide-ranging tour that kicks off May 4th in Detroit, Michigan and hits all of the major Midwestern cities before spanning down South and eventually all across the Northwest. The tour is massive, and will last all the way until August where they will perform their last gig of the tour at Bellwether Festival in Waynesville, Ohio. Indeed, if you’ve been meaning to see these guys in concert — this tour seems like the perfect opportunity to do so. With new music loaded and ready to be deployed, even fans who have seen Dr. Dog in concert before will surely be treated to a new experience.

While it is impossible to say when the next studio album from the Philly group will come out, Critical Equation should scratch the itch for fans for quite awhile. Of course, it is still early, but the early returns are that this album perfectly encapsulates the style of Dr. Dog that has won them so many fans over the years.

Indie Music Icon Releases New Single

Throughout her career, indie musician and performer Janelle Monae has consistently been true to her own artistic vision, and her new single, “I Like That” is a celebration of the individuality that has helped her gain so much positive attention from fans and critics. Rolling Stone Magazine has a preview of the tune, which is from Monae’s soon-to-be-released “Dirty Computer” album, on its website. Monae herself describes the album as an “emotion picture.”

“I Like That” has a slow, yet intricate 4/4 beat. In many respects, it’s like the beats on many current rap records; however, it’s not as fast. Synthesizers are used to create a dramatic sound that’s part cabaret, part 1980’s, and Monae’s powerful voice, of course, makes the track ascendant.

The lyrics express the idea that it’s best to be true to yourself and to do what you want artistically even if you’re the only one who likes a particular style. Monae reflects on being younger and being teased for looking different and knowing that she was cool even as her feelings were hurt. As someone known for having an eclectic and unpredictable sense of style – Monae frequently performs in a tuxedo – it’s clearly a philosophy that she’s practiced as well as preached.

Personally, I think it’s awesome that Monae is putting out new music, and I’m guessing that “I Like That” will help her music, fashion and outlook reach a broader audience. Monae’s last record, the highly acclaimed “Electric Lady” came out in 2013, so it’s been a while since her fans have heard new material, and I’m confident that it will be worth the wait.

The Return of The Breeders

For fans of early nineties indie and alternative, there is not a lot of room for building excitement from “New Music from Kim Deal.” However, when you add that said new music is written and recorded with her beloved side-project The Breeders, the bands first release in 10 years, the excitement builds. Then when you add that the release was written and recorded by the bands original lineup, who last appeared on album together 20 years ago and are the group responsible for the legendary album Last Splash including the slide hook driven hit Cannonball, you have finally reached peak indie-freak-out level excitement.
All Nerve, the band’s fifth studio album, was released last month on 4AD. Though the band members are now all in their fifties with nearly three decades of adult life between the band’s formation and present day, the album sounds as energetic and urgent as if it had been released side by side with earlier albums Last Splash and Pod. The album’s first single Wait in the Car has been widely accepted as a return to form for the band since its early release last October.
Though The Breeders have had a reputation for clashing inter-band personalities and members past struggles with substance use, the band put all of these concerns behind them reuniting in 2013 to tour in support of the reissue of Last Splash. It was during this reunion that the band began to get interested in creating new music together. While few could have predicted it, this interest bloomed into a full-length album that sounds undeniably like classic Breeders while avoiding sounding stale, even featuring a collaboration with current indie-rock star Courtney Barnett.
The Breeders are currently touring in support of All Nerve and can be seen playing shows around the globe this spring.

Cassio Audi Knew How to Make Viper Famous

Cassio Audi spent a lot of time working to help make Viper famous. He was one of the key members of the band and he always tried to show people the band could do more than other bands. He spent a lot of time working to help people understand all the options they had when listening to the band or watching them when they were on tour. Cassio Audi knew what it took to give Viper a great name. He prepared to show people things would get better and he knew he wasn’t going to stop until he got to the point where he was successful.Marketing the band was one of the best things Cassio Audi could do for it.

He knew the band needed someone who knew what they were doing and he prepared to show people they could get more from everything he did. He made a point of always giving attention to the issues going on in the band and that allowed him the chance to make more than what others made with different bands.It also showed him how things could change based on all the hard work he put into the band.While there was a lot of growth with the band, Cassio Audi wanted to do everything he could to ensure it was successful. He spent time giving people a chance to see the band for what they were. It was always his goal to give people a chance to try things and give them the motivation they needed to continue succeeding in different instances. No matter how hard Cassio Audi worked, he felt good about the band and about the things he did with the band.

It was his way of providing people a chance to continue operating no matter how hard they worked.Even though Cassio Audi knew what he was doing in Brazil, he wanted to expand to more countries. He felt it was important to expand to new areas he could benefit from. As long as Cassio Audi knew what he was doing, he prepared to give people a chance at a better future. He also showed them how things would change if they needed his help. As long as Cassio Audi did things right, he prepared to give back the community he helped to grow in the band he worked with. It was his way of allowing people the chance to try different things. Learn More.

Liam Gallagher Performs New Single on Fallon

You can’t keep a good voice down.

Tuesday night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, former Oasis lead singer Liam Gallagher sang his new single “Come Back to Me.” This is the fifth single from Gallagher’s debut solo record called As You Were, which Rolling Stone magazine recently ranked as the 37th best album of 2017. It has also been a big seller, especially in Gallagher’s native UK. It not only debuted there at number one, it also outsold all the other albums in the top 10 combined.

With his trademark nasal voice, Gallagher belted out the track accompanied by lots of guitar distortion as well as a piano. He did this while barely moving during the song, with his hands in the pockets of his parka jacket. The one exception was at the climatic end of the song, when he got a little excited. He even applauded himself as he smiled.

Gallagher recently explained to Rolling Stone why he is so inanimate when he performs. He said that he’s thinking ahead to when he gets old, because there is no way at 80 he’s going to be dancing around stage like Mick Jagger. This way all he’ll have to do is stand while he sings.

Jimmy Fallon came to the stage after Gallagher’s performance, to greet the singer and promote both his album and current tour.

Liam Gallagher shot to fame in the 1990s with his brother Noel, in the indie rock band Oasis. The group sold tens of millions of records worldwide, with hits such as Definitely Maybe and (What’s the Story) Morning Glory? Though Liam’s much documented mercurial relationship with his brother eventually led to the band’s demise.

Voices Rising Up From the Relatively Small Jazz Scene

At the moment, jazz isn’t really in the mainstream. It is thought of as something that was more popular in past generations. However, there is still a jazz scene, though it is very small.

New York may be the center of jazz, though there are many other cities with thriving jazz scenes. These cities include Philadelphia, Chicago and Los Angeles.

In Los Angeles, there is a saxophonist by the name of Kamasi Washington. He has made it onto the national scene, working with Snoop Dog and Kendrick Lamar. He has also come out with an album called “The Epic.” In “The Epic,” a bunch of musicians from his hometown are featured. On the album, there is a choir consisting of 20 people, a string section and group called the West Coast Get Down.

Four members of that group came out with their own solo albums. There is much breadth and uniqueness to each of their styles.

The four men who made their own albums are Miles Mosley, Cameron Graves, Ronald Bruner and Stephen Bruner.

Miles Mosley finds inspiration in funk from the 1970s that veers toward being political. On the cover of his solo album, he is wearing a black beret and is staring into the camera. He is the bassist in Kamasi Washington’s album.

Cameron Graves is the pianist in Washington’s album. His own album is another take on the kinds of music that you find in Washington’s album.

Ronald Bruner is the drummer in Washington’s album. In his own album, there is steady intensity, and different songs on the album have different sounds to them. For example, one song has a progressive rock feel while another goes from being funk to trap.

Stephen Bruner is a bassist and vocalist in Washington’s album. In Bruner’s album, there is a hazy sound of electric fusion. His work is comparable to the work of artists from the 1980s, such as George Duke, Patrice Rushen and Stanley Clark.

Advocacy Through Music from a Rappers Life Story

American rapper Benjamin Hammond Haggerty, popularly known by his stage name as Macklemore, has called on artists and fans to use music in resisting what political and social imbalances.



Speaking at the launch party of his new album titled Gemini, the rapper said that “music is resistance,” and called on his fans and listeners to keep themselves abreast with what is happening, rising to call for justice. In this new album, the rapper appeals for inclusion, honesty and positive change, explicitly training his message to the arbitrary visa bans on Muslim –Americans, immigrants, and Dreamers.



The song further advocates for the advancement of equal rights for the LGBTQ community and the rapper saying that “No freedom till we’re equal: damn right, I support it.”



At a time when the country is undergoing an emotional debate over immigration, the rapper’s message is going down very well with his fans. Macklemore is using music to advance political stands and engage in social activism, with a focus on the theme of inclusivity. “Regardless of the God you believe in, or the God you don’t believe in, you are welcome here,” he said.



Macklemore is not new to advocacy through his music. His songs such as Drug Dealer shed light to the regulation of pharmaceutical companies. It is in this song that he mentions celebrities and friends who lost their lives to drugs and his message is directed to the Big Pharma-Congress- and other multi-million drug dealers. This message is particularly close to him as he is on a recovery program.



His advocacy approach is seemingly bearing fruits as his You-Tube fans often post their date of sobriety in the comments section. Sharing his story an journey with addiction with drugs. An anonymous fan posted, “Thank You Macklemore; I needed you in my darkest time. You lifted my spirit to fight and not give up. The message is powerful.”

Weezer and the Pixies Set for 2018 Tour

When you see that Weezer is still making music at a high level, decades after their introduction to the musical world, you can’t help but smile. Weezer, much like the Pixies, have become indie-rock royalty. It only makes sense that these two grunge-oriented, indie rock groups would team up for a big tour that we never realized we needed. It was recently announced that Weezer and the Pixies would be co-headlining a massive tour that would go throughout the Summer of 2018. Tickets will be released for sale on November 10th, 2017 and it is expected that they’ll go quick. The Wombats will also be coming into play support at a few select show dates.


Weezer has been riding high off of the release of their latest record, ‘Pacific Daydream’. ‘Pacific Daydream’ released just a week ago via their label Crush Music/Atlantic. The album has already gotten incredible critical and commercial reviews with the track ‘Happy Hour’ doing most of the heavy lifting. Weezer recently performed on ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ and the group seemed in as fine a form as ever. Butch Walker, a famous writer, producer and musician himself, helped to produce ‘Pacific Daydream’. The work on ‘Pacific Daydream’ was described, through a press release, as ‘reveries from a beach at the end of the world’.


With Weezer embracing their ability to dig deep, the Pixies ended up making a gret complement. The Pixies got back together in 2004 and they most recently released their newest album, ‘Head Carriers’. Since getting back together in 2004, this is only the second album that the Pixies have put out. Black Francis, a member of the Pixies, said of the recently announced tour: “We’re all big Weezer fans, so we’re really looking forward to this summer.” Francis went on to compliment Weezer’s ability to ‘rake risks’ with the way that they approach music. The new look Pixies, featuring Paz Lenchantin of A Perfect Circle, will seek to continue their meteoric comeback.


My Morning Jacket Announce New Music Festival

Indie rock legends My Morning Jacket have recently announced the fourth edition of their One Big Holiday music festival. The festival is designed to celebrate great music while also offering fans a unique destination vacation that they can’t get anywhere else. One Big Holiday 2018 will take place at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. The festival runs for four days starting on March 2.

In addition to three great shows by My Morning Jacket, attendees of the festival can expect to see some of top indie rock bands in the world at One Big Holiday. Spoon, Broken Social Scene, Nathaniel Rateliff & the Night Sweats, Sylvan Esso, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, J. Roddy Walston and the Business, Hurray for the Riff Raff, Portugal the Man and several other great bands are all slated to perform at the festival. There will also be activities to enjoy at the beautiful resort before and after the music each day.

Tickets for One Big Holiday start at $1499. This includes access to all of the concerts and events during the festival and a room at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Resort for four nights. Since it is an all-inclusive resort, food and drinks will be completely free during the entire festival. Tickets go on sale to the general public on July 26.

My Morning Jacket have not released an album since “The Waterfall” in May 2015. The band is always working on new music, so they will likely debut a few new songs at One Big Holiday. Die hard fans will also be anticipating the festival since the band does not have any other concerts lined up after August of this year.

Music Artists Break Flock to Indie Music Scene for More Creative Freedom

It is possible that for the first time in history that music artists may not have a desire to get connected to a major label. This is definitely something that has become evident now that social media is as prevalent as it is. Many independent artists are just not seeking the support of major labels because they know that the business model is changing.

There are artists that are taking to social media and making it possible to promote their own albums without any marketing from the label. Anyone that has a true fan base like this is definitely going to rethink the music business altogether. It is different these days because a major record label, in the past, would have been responsible for a lot of marketing and superstar type publicity. All of the big names that people can think of in the industry like Madonna and Lady Gaga have always been part of a major record deal entity in. There are new upcoming artists that are considering the benefits of having their own created freedom, and this is where the Indie labels have become a major force in the industry.

More artists are leaning towards the independent labels because they have the ability to have all the control over their project. They may not have to compromise with the label and do songs with other label mates because someone inside the label thinks that this is a good idea.

There are some artists that are leaving the independent label and moving to a major label, but many artists are happy with that distribution deals that they have received with their Indie contracts. In most cases this is going to be the easiest way for anyone to create a different vibe without approval from the executives of the label.