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Father John Misty is Back

Since his 2007 release of his album, “Pure Comedy,” Father John Misty has gone relatively quiet. He has scarcely performed shows and has even gone as far as deleting his Twitter account. But this month, he has returned to form with the release of his new song, “Mr. Tillman.”

Referring to his real name, (Joshua Tillman,) Father John Misty takes listeners on a story of his past troubles staying at a hotel. From losing his passport, to leaving his mattress in the rain, to harassing people he believes are filming a movie; Father John Misty helps listeners visualize these scenarios with his detailed and creative lyrics. The chorus follows up with a relaxed and laid back vibe stating, “I’m living on a cloud above an island in my mind / Okay babe, don’t be alarmed this is just my vibe.”

Additionally, Father John Misty has released the video for “Mr. Tillman.” Yet, in a strange twist, there is no music and the video is completely silent. Instead, what viewers see is Father John Misty dancing around silently in front of a green screen for a few minutes. The caption to the video is, “Rip away,” with a link to download the video. Father John Misty has taken his creativity to the next level and expects his listeners to do the same by creating their own custom music video with the green screened resources provided for them.

Overall, Father John Misty continues to push the boundaries and limits of the modern day musician. Whether it is releasing viral videos, creating fake Spotify campaigns, or now releasing a silent green screened video; Father John Misty is always trying something new and, “Mr. Tillman,” is no exception. While there is no announced release date for the follow up album to, “Pure Comedy,” listeners can expect a release date soon. Only time will tell what Father John Misty has next up his creative sleeve.