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“How to Encourage Employees? – Paul Saunders of the James River Capital “

In times when capital rules the market, it is very important to have access to large capital investments. Many companies tried their luck. But only a small number actually survived on the market. Mostly because of their good strategy and successful running.


One of these companies is James River Capital Corp. with headquarters in Richmond, Virginia.


James River Capital Flowing

Founded in 1986, James River Capital Corp. was originally conceived as the alternative investment sector of Kidder, Peabody & Co., Inc.


Nine years later, it became an independent investment company.


In 1995, two senior department officers, Paul Saunders, and Kevin Brandt – bought the business. This happened parallel with the acquisition of Kidder by Paine Webber.


James River Capital was registered as an investment advisor in the SEC. But also as a commodity adviser and a CFTC commodity funder.


Today, this company is still very successful in the capital investment market.


They manage to survive and have a successful business.


All thanks to the principles they’ve been adhering to for years.


How To Avoid The Burnout?

Paul Saunders considers burnout as a widespread issue. Ensuring help to your employees might be basic advice you can get.


We all know work can be extremely stressful.


Pervasion of business with private life is a very common phenomenon.


And this often leads to burnout. Paul Saunders from James River Capital shared some effective ways of helping employees.


  1. Losing Control


Managing your own time is difficult even in everyday situations. It can especially be dangerous when it happens at work. In such situations, employees often feel they reached the point of despair. They feel the hopelessness, and so they risk to totally burnout. Saunders’s advice is to encourage employees to take a break. He recommends 10-15 minutes break every morning. It’s a good way to outline the goals they want to achieve. Such a break will help to regain a sense of control during a workday.


  1. Lack Of Transparency And Dissatisfaction


When employees think they deserve a promotion they haven’t got or if they think they’re not been properly paid – it may be a major problem. Not only in relationships among employees, but such individuals themselves are at greater risk of combustion.


Employers and superiors are advised to be fully honest with their employees in such cases. Providing an explanation of made decisions, reduces the risk of unpleasant situations and burnout – says Paul Saunders.


  1. Changing Of attitude


When people are stressed, they often make various mistakes. And finally, it starts to get their work. Burnout contributes to moodiness and a lack of motivation. Keep in mind that emotions are not easy to control sometimes. Support for employees can be very encouraging to them.


  1. Do Not Loose Confidence


When it comes to burnout, employees most often begin to question the quality of their own work. Paul Saunders advises employers to be there for the employees and remind them of their importance in the work of the company.


Burnout has become almost an everyday issue in most of the Western societies. Ensuring to do the best you can to help employees, and you can achieve long-term success. Learn more:


“Paul Saunders, James River Capital Principal, Advice Concerning Burnouts “

Paul Saunders serves at James River Capital Corp. as the organization’s Principal. Recently, he published an informative article focusing his concerns on the issue of burnout. He dedicated himself to giving advice essential for helping employees manage their routine career operations. Mr. Saunders stated that paying attention to the different warning signs help minimize burnout risks. He postulated that keenness is essential in aiding the employees sustain their motivation and make necessary alterations to remain on track. He gave a detailed list of ways that you can assist employees who indicate burnout signs.

Losing of control is a primary sign of a possible burnout. According to him, people who lose control over specific components like time management start to suffer helplessness that results in major burnouts. Managing this symptom is possible through the creation of flexible policies and structures. As the employer and adviser, you can encourage the workers to set aside time to outline their goals and what they desire to accomplish every morning. This strategy will help them regain their sense of control thus reducing the risks of suffering severe burnouts.

Experiencing a shift in your entire attitude indicates that burnout is likely to take place. Often, employees who are stressed find it challenging to control their emotions. In this way, their attitudes shift inconsistently. This characteristic leads to burnouts, which in the latter causes moodiness, and the lack of motivation. You can help employees overcome this by talking to them regularly and offering your support. Besides, you can engage in out of the office activities, giving them the comfort to share about their troubles.

In extreme cases, a lack of a clear working condition where workers feel like the management is not informative enough causes employee burnouts. As a manager, Paul Saunders recommends that you should have honest communication with the employees. This involves communicating openly on the aspects affecting them including decisions and other explanations. You can also provide workshops and the relevant resources to help workers cope with their duties.

Paul Saunders attributes his professional wisdom to his working experience at James River. Since its establishment in 1986, the corporation has experienced fast growth. The SEC registered James River Capital Corp. as an Investment Advisor. The CFTC on its part recognizes the company as an Advisor for Commodity Training. The recognition from the legit business managers contributed to the expansion of the organization. Recently, Paul Saunders reported that James River has more than $570 million products.

Besides, James River offers other services including investment management and trading among other related operations. Mr. Saunders works alongside Kevin Brandt, Laura Piper, James Hart and John Heitmuller in propelling the firm to higher heights. James River performs vital tasks including managing the website in pursuit of legit employment candidates. Learn more:


“James River Capital Is Run By The Smart Businessman Paul Saunders “

There are many ways that burnout can affect those who are working in any position of any business, and the founder and principal of James River Capital, Paul Saunders, discusses this. He says that one of the things that happen when burnout is an issue is that there is a loss of control. Scheduling gets messed up and there is disorder overall when burnout happens. And, he says that attitude is greatly affected by burnout. People get angry and feel negative when they feel exhausted. And, there is a loss of confidence that is not good to see in any employee. Paul Saunders says that burnout is much too common in the modern Western world.

People can trust the advice that Paul Saunders gives them on burnout because he has been working in the business world for a long time and knows what it feels like to be burned out. And he knows what it takes for people in a company to be successful. He has been running James River Capital for a while, and he has made it a success because of his expertise and the way that he doesn’t let himself get burned out.

James River Capital was founded in Virginia in 1986 and became an independent investment firm in 1995, when Paul Saunders and another man who was working for the company took over. And, with the new business plan and new people managing the company, it quickly grew. In July of 2018, the company had nearly $600 million. Paul Saunders was able to do well with the company because he had long been working with investments. He worked in investment banking first, and then he moved on to investments and trading, and his years in the field taught him everything he needed to know.

James River Capital is still run out of Virginia, and it offers investment advisory services. It works with investments, trading, and other similar services. And it is all done under the care of Paul Saunders, who is continuing to make the company grow through his experience and the care that he gives to it and the employees who are working for it. Learn more:


James River Capital Lists Some Tips To Help Leaders Improve Their Leadership Style

James River Capital is located in Richmond, Virginia. The corporation initially served as an alternative to Kidder, Peabody & Co Inc. James River was established when Paul Saunders helped acquire the business from Kidder. James River is registered as an investment advisor with The SEC and a commodity trading advisor with The CFTC.


Key Principals


James River helps investors in multiple sectors, including corporate credit, equity strategies, asset backed securities, and managed futures trading. The corporation believes that having multiple types of alternative investments can add flexibility to an investment portfolio. James River seeks to add alternative investments to portfolios to help improve the investor’s overall return.


Paul Saunders


Saunders is the founder of James River Capital, as will as the portfolio manager for James River’s hedge funds. Saunders is also The Chief Executive Officer of The James River Financial Corporation. Saunders received his B.A. from The University of Virginia and his M.B.A. from The University of Chicago. Prior to working at James River, Saunders worked at Warburg Paribas Becker, and A.G. Becker.


Recently, James River Capital gave some advice on how business leaders could improve their leadership style. Being a leader is an art form. It takes skill to be able to effectively lead a team. Many studies have been done to help show some of the common traits that all great leaders possess. Here are some tips to help you evolve your leadership style.


Encourage Dialogue


Research has shown that a lot of employees withhold negative feedback from their bosses. Many employees feel that they will be penalized if they come to their bosses with an issue. Great leaders are open and transparent, so that they can avoid any communication issues. By being a transparent leader, you can ensure that your employees will feel safe coming to you with suggestions and different problems. Try to have a welcoming attitude at all times, while also ensuring that everyone has a chance to voice their opinion during meetings.


Always Be Supportive


Instead of focusing on leading, make sure that you are consistently supportive. Focusing on being supportive can change the perception of what type of leader you are. Learn more:


Respect Everyone’s Opinion


Make sure that the morale of your employees is always high. Find a way to keep everyone engaged and on the same page. Every employee should feel valued and appreciated.

Honoring Her Majesty, US Money Reserve Issues a New Coin

To honor Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 65th coronation, the US Money Reserve became the exclusive distributor of The Perth Mint’s Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 20 2018 Proof Coin Set the new low mintage 2 ounce gold proof coin in the US. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

203 complete three-coin sets out of 250 limited edition sets are available in the US but only through US Money Reserve. The coins are made by The Perth Mint using both gold and silver which are 99.99% pure. Under the Australian Currency Act of 1965, they are accepted as legal tender.

The two have a long-standing partnership relationship, an alliance that sees the US Money Reserve excel in precious metals in America. In 2016, the US Reserve honored the queen with the Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday Proof Coin Set in partnership with The Perth Mint. The following year, 2017 they have another sold-out release of 70th Anniversary of the Royal Wedding 2 ounce Platinum Coin. One noteworthy coin series that the US Money Reserve acts as the sole distributor is the Pearl Harbor coin series.

People were stunned in 1953 when the queen adorned the same crown that was used in 1661 during the coronation of King Charles II.

She also wore an intricately embroidered gown containing the wattle flower. These play a part in the 2018 coronation coin.

The coin on it reverse 65th Anniversary Coronation Coin has St. Edward’s crown, the golden wattle which serves as the floral emblem of Australia, plus the inscription H.M. QUEEN ELIZABETH II CORONATION ANNIVERSARY.

Also, The Perth Mint mintmark ‘P’ is on the coin. The coins come with the Professional Coin Grading Service’s (PCGS) “First Strike” label. Each coin has a near-flawless Proof 69 and museum-quality Proof 70. Moreover, they have an individual numbered authenticity certificate.

The U.S. Reserve was founded in 2001 and is the main and global private distributors of foreign and U.S. government-issued platinum, silver and gold legal tender commodities. American citizens and people from other parts of the world use the U.S. Money Reserve to expand their assets using precious physical metals, mostly U.S. silver and gold coins.

The company has trained its professionals in numismatic and coin research offering its clients the most profitable options in precious metals. It is known for its unique and exceptional customer care services that extend above industry standards to long-term relationships with each customer. It is located in Texas.

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