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Dr. Saad Saad’s Mission in Treating Patients

Dr. Saad Saad is a doctor who gained international recognition over the course of his career. He is most known for bring a new wave of innovation to the medical community. After growing up in the middle east, he set up a practice in the United States. His unique background was the perfect fit to become the sole doctor to the prince of Saudi Arabia at one point. Dr. Saad Saad is currently retired in the New Jersey area. In a recent article on the website Chronicle of Week, Dr. Saad Saad recounts a few of the highlights of his career.


His legacy includes performing 3 critical surgeries on children. The first was referred to him by the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund in 2002. It was a 15 year old child who was flown to the United States to be treated for a gunshot wound. The next child came in 2010, with an exposed intestines from the middle east. Lastly in 2013, Dr. Saad Saad was sent another child who had his legs paralyzed from a bomb. In all 3 cases, he performed the life saving operations successfully.


Following the initial surgery in 2003, Dr. Saad Saad was invited to go back to Palestine to help children locally. He accepted the offer and cited several personal reasons for doing this. First, provide services to the underprivileged people whom don’t normally receive high level treatment. Second, teach the locals how perform the operations on their own. Lastly, boost the local economy. All 3 of these reasons would help boost the area in the long term, and keep his legacy alive. Dr. Saad Saad went on to earn numerous awards, in addition to revolutionizing medical produces with two new inventions.


It can not be understated just how huge Dr. Saad Saad’s impact was on the international community. He treated those in the United States and in the middle east as if they were equal. He believed medical treatments should be available to everyone. His time under The Saudi Family and helping everyday kids in the region left an impact like that inspire them for decades to come. Dr. Saad Saad’s career is one that will be remembered by many in the future. Learn more :

Dr. Saad Saad Reveals Three Objects Young Children Often Choke On

Jordan Bollinger recently published an article on the Patch, a New Jersey-based news website. The article titled, “When a Child Swallows a Foreign Object—Advice by Dr. Saad Saad” reveals how the experienced pediatric surgeon handles children who have swallowed objects.


Saad reveals that children can become endangered when they put things into their mouths, and they will try to swallow anything. Saad has seen everything from batteries to peanuts to toothbrushes becoming stuck in the throats of children. He has helped more than 1,000 children, many as young as six months and some as old as fourteen. Children may swallow these foreign objects by accident, though some younger children may use their natural curiosity and swallow things. Parents should be aware of the possible symptoms that their child has a foreign object stuck in their trachea or esophagus. One such symptom is difficulty breathing, but parents should also be on the lookout for trouble swallowing and wheezing. Some common things that can lead to choking are hot dogs, peanuts, and coins.


If a child has swallowed an object, parents should hold the child upside down and pat them lightly on the back, using gravity to dislodge the object. Saad reveals parents may also use the Heimlich maneuver to help remove the object. Under no circumstances is the parent supposed to try to dislodge the object by reaching into the mouth with their fingers.


Dr. Saad indicates that if none of the above methods work, parents should take their child to the emergency room. The pediatrician may ask for an X-ray, which will reveal objects like coins. However, X-rays will not reveal all objects. For instance, an X-ray might not pick up a peanut. If the child is still demonstrating symptoms of choking, he or she may need an esophagoscopy or bronchoscopy, where the doctor uses a device to look inside the windpipe or food pipe. This helps the doctor see what is happening inside the body.


Saad reveals there are three rules parents need to follow to prevent choking. He suggests that parents do not allow their children to consume hot dogs before they are at least two years old. Hot dogs need to be properly chewed, otherwise, they can completely block the windpipe. He also suggests that children under seven should not be given peanuts to consume because they can become extremely harmful if they get stuck in the windpipe. The liquids in the throat will disintegrate part of the peanut, causing it to spread throughout the lungs and can cause serious sickness.

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Dr. Saad Saad Impacts the Pediatric Sector through his Inventions.

For over 40 years, Dr Saad Saad has been quite instrumental in his quest to redefine the pediatric medical sector. Having practiced pediatric surgery for all those years, Saad has gained a lot of experience about how things are done in the industry. He has been able to see where the challenges exist and also the possible measure that can be implemented to improve the sector. One of the initiatives that Dr Saad Saad has taken is engaging in research work that has led to some critical inventions that he has made for the industry. Saad has also been involved in the medical charity work where he has been providing pediatric services to children from low-income families without charging a dime. This has gone a long way in improving the state of health for his community and America in general.


One invention that has greatly transformed the pediatric sector is the introduction of an electromagnetic gadget that detects medical catheters in the patients’ bodies. Medical catheters are devices that are inserted into patient’s bodies during operations and can perform various functions that range from treating medical conditions to assistance during the surgical procedures. Any time that surgery is being performed while the catheter is in the patient’s body, its necessary to trace its location for the patient’s safety and health.


Risky traditional methods have been in use whereby x-rays and Magnetic Response Imaging were performed on the patients. This greatly put their health at risk due to consistent exposure to radiation doses. The electromagnetic device that has been invented by Dr Saad Saad has come to alleviate the problem posed to the medical sector. No scanning of the internal organs is required to trace the location of the catheters. All the pediatric surgeon requires is to roam the machine on the surface of the patient’s body and once it reaches the location where the catheter is positioned, it sends some light signals that allows the physician to locate the catheter. This invention has done a great favor to the pediatric medical sector since the patients will no longer be subjected to such associated diseases as cancer and the like. Learn more:


The most amazing invention by Dr Saad Saad was that of the enhanced endoscopes. The endoscopes are used by physicians when they need to examine external objects that may have entered the human bodies through the openings like the oesophagus, trachea and the like; without performing surgeries. The surgeons have been facing some struggles due to the formation of fog on the visual lens of the gargets, as a result of the body fluids. To improve this, Saad introduced a gadget that will be sucking the fluids from the bodies hence preventing the obstructions by fog formation.


Dr. Saad Saad is a retired surgeon who specifically works with children. He has worked for several decades in various places including for the Saudi Arabian Royal Family, a position which he got due to his fluency both in English and Arabic for a person certified by the board in the US, a distinction that made him stand out from all other prospective pediatric surgeons.


He studied in Cairo, after which he went to England for an internship before moving to the United States which is where he became certified by the board which requires a person to have undertaken surgical procedures progressively, specialized training and excellence under challenging tests and exams ten after ten years. He worked at King Specialist Hospital while in Saudi Arabia. He even helped in creating a surgical residency program which allowed students from Saudi Arabia to do their training in the country. He’s served as Director and Surgeon-in-Chief for the K. Hovnanian Children Hospital after leaving Saudi Arabia.


Dr. Saad Saad is a physician who is continuously working to improve procedures that are already in place where he holds patents for making two inventions in the medical industry. He’s invented the Magnetic Medical Catheter, which are tubes inserted into the body of a person to aid in the treatment of medical condition or help in performing surgery on the victim. Traditionally, the tubes are inserted into the body with the help of x-rays or Magnetic Resonance Imaging, but in Saad’s invention’s case, utilizes electromagnetic energy to locate the catheters, thus replacing these traditional methods which are dangerous to a certain extent.


Dr. Saad’s other invention improves the Endoscope, an apparatus used by doctors to get a visual image of a patient’s insides, mostly the throat, colon stomach or bladder, without the need to operate or scanning the body. Traditionally, the examination could pose some difficulty due to issues with vision often because of liquids produced by the body. The doctor has to use suction devices to get rid of this liquids before utilizing the Endoscope.Dr. Saad Saad wanted to get rid of this bump by combining the functionalities of the suction apparatus and the Endoscope. This, however, is limited to lung, esophagus and colon examinations, whereby the device removes the liquids obstructing the doctor’s view without the need to remove the Endoscope and introducing a suction pump. The device also includes an irrigation mechanism that is used to clean the area before suction begins. Learn more:


The latter has been implemented more than the Magnetic Catheter due to its cost-effectiveness and practicality. Making the job more comfortable for the doctor and reducing risks involved with specific procedures is the aim of the always progressing field of medical technology.


Mark Mofid is Making Implants Safer For Everyone

When you’re opting for some plastic surgery the very last thing you want to worry about is whether or not it’s safe. Mark Mofid has a unique understanding of body shape and how to augment areas that could use some improvement. His practice in La Jolla, CA specializes in facial and breast augmentations. He recently started doing buttock augmentations. Mark Mofid takes the time to understand the patient’s needs and makes intelligent suggestions.

Mark Mofid’s focus on safety first has earned him some accolades from patients and fellow physicians. Mark Mofid’s use of the latest technology is an important component to his continued success. Mark Mofid focuses on the details to ensure that the patient doesn’t regret going through with the procedures.

The gluteal augmentation procedure is one of the riskiest procedures that Mofid does. The reason is that most available implants don’t fit right and tend to sag. Mark Mofid worked countless hours to perfect his gluteal implant. He utilized existing technology to increase the muscle flexibility ratio and positioning.

Mofid depends on his staff for many of the innovative techniques he’s been researching. He believes in helping his staff succeed and allowing them to immerse themselves in all aspects of plastic surgery. Mofid is proud to point out that some of his former staff have gone on to other large practices. Mofid stands by his work.

Mofid does offer his patients a wide range of options including non-surgical options. He has seen some patients that actually prefer to explore non-surgical options before contemplating surgical options. Patients that visit Mofid’s La Jolla office are often quite pleasantly surprised by all the options available. These options are designed with the patient’s needs in mind.

Skin treatments are the most popular treatments available at the LaJolla office where there is an full-time dermatologist on staff. Laser hair removals are the most requested procedures. Mofid offers expert body shaping and augmentations to enhance the physical body.

His practice has procedures that correct facial flaws, enhance breasts, tighten and enhance buttocks and many procedures for the body such as correcting excessive underarm sweat glands.

Dr. Saad Saad: Success is What You Work For

Dr. Saad Saad is a retired Pediatric surgeon known for his excellent bedside manner and compassion for his patients. He has over 45 years of experience and is located in Eatontown, New Jersey. Dr. Saad is affiliated with a number of hospitals in the area and has lived most of his career there. He is best known for creating a procedure technique that lowered the number of incisions needed to accomplish the same result. The method is such a success that it has been used in over 2000 surgeries. It lowers the risk of infection, reduces pain, and decreases the amount of time it takes for the patient to recover.

Dr. Saad is a role model example of achieving your goals. Dr. Saad used to be a Jewish Refugee. He and his family were relocated during the time that Israel was being established as a state. His father moved their family to Kuwait as he was able to find work there. Dr. Saad never gave up on his goals. This is lesson number one. Dr. Saad believes that one should never give up on their goals. They should never settle for less than what they want. Of course, that is easier said than done. No one wakes up with the level of success that Dr. Saad has. After high school, he attended medical school. He graduated in the top percentile of his class with honors. He then immigrated to the United States to only accomplish something that was pretty rare for all surgeons. Dr. Saad became the only pediatric surgeon fluent in Arabic and English to achieve board certification by the United States. The designation opened the door to another rare opportunity. Dr. Saad was invited to become the pediatric surgeon for the Royal Saudi Arabia Family. Each accomplishment is gained through hard work which leads us to our next lesson from Dr. Saad. One should never postpone action. Never put off a task for tomorrow that can be done today. Constant effort develops discipline in every area of one’s life. It enhances thinking and self-esteem. These are two unique lessons that will improve the quality of one’s life. Learn more:

Meet Dr. Saad Saad: As a world-renown pediatric surgeon and innovator who has saved the lives of children who have been affected by the wounds of war.

For a world-renown doctor, Dr. Saad Saad, being a patent holder, genius innovator, and pediatric surgeon has propelled him over the years to a most desired medical practitioner in the U.S., and in the Arab world.


Now retired from his practice as a pediatric surgeon and a physician in New Jersey, Dr. Saad Saad was an inventor and a distinguished person who received many accolades from his peers, patients, and also the head of countries. Dr. Saad Saad has had an impressive work resume during his 40 plus years of doing severe surgeries on the youth: His group was from infants to teens. Dr. Saad Saad has been recognized as a board-certified pediatric surgeon by the prestigious American Board of Surgery.


Dr. Saad Saad’s did many years of surgical and physician’s practice in Eatontown, New Jersey. Dr. Saad Saad has done many pro bono surgeries and had also agreed to do eight medical missions to Jerusalem, which he completed. Over the years, Dr. Saad Saad performed many operations (pro bono) in Palestine as well as the U.S. Some of the children that were brought from Palestine to the U.S. had been suffering from significant wounds due to war. Dr. Saad Saad applied many ingenious methods to these children who had rare issues, and other kids who could not be treated with advanced surgical techniques in specific Arab countries.


I addition to doing pro bono work in Palestine, Jerusalem, and the U.S., Dr. Saad Saad, and his family was asked to live in Saudi Arabia. Dr. Saad Saad was the first pediatric surgeon (board-certified) living in America that was bi-lingual — speaking both Arabic and English. Dr. Saad Saad impressed the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia as well. Dr. Saad Saad was permitted to live in the Saudi Kingdom with his family for more than four years. Saad did medical work and taught his techniques beginning in 1985.


Dr. Saad Saad remarked that staying in Saudi Arabia was a positive life experience for Saad his family. Saad gave lectures concerning surgical techniques and medical knowledge to surgical organizations in Saudi Arabia.


Because of his world-renown pediatric surgical skills and pro bono work, Dr. Saad and his family were able to meet many influential people, worldwide. Some of the countries Dr. Saad Saad visited were Sweden, Denmark, Ghana, Canada and the United Kingdom.


Even though Dr. Saad Saad has done a bulk of his surgical work in the U.S., Dr. Saad Saad earned his degree in medicine in 1971 in Egypt from Cairo University’s School of Medicine. Dr. Saad Saad graduated at the top of his class with honors; he also addressed his class by giving the commencement speech at his graduation. Learn more: