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Advocacy Through Music from a Rappers Life Story

American rapper Benjamin Hammond Haggerty, popularly known by his stage name as Macklemore, has called on artists and fans to use music in resisting what political and social imbalances.



Speaking at the launch party of his new album titled Gemini, the rapper said that “music is resistance,” and called on his fans and listeners to keep themselves abreast with what is happening, rising to call for justice. In this new album, the rapper appeals for inclusion, honesty and positive change, explicitly training his message to the arbitrary visa bans on Muslim –Americans, immigrants, and Dreamers.



The song further advocates for the advancement of equal rights for the LGBTQ community and the rapper saying that “No freedom till we’re equal: damn right, I support it.”



At a time when the country is undergoing an emotional debate over immigration, the rapper’s message is going down very well with his fans. Macklemore is using music to advance political stands and engage in social activism, with a focus on the theme of inclusivity. “Regardless of the God you believe in, or the God you don’t believe in, you are welcome here,” he said.



Macklemore is not new to advocacy through his music. His songs such as Drug Dealer shed light to the regulation of pharmaceutical companies. It is in this song that he mentions celebrities and friends who lost their lives to drugs and his message is directed to the Big Pharma-Congress- and other multi-million drug dealers. This message is particularly close to him as he is on a recovery program.



His advocacy approach is seemingly bearing fruits as his You-Tube fans often post their date of sobriety in the comments section. Sharing his story an journey with addiction with drugs. An anonymous fan posted, “Thank You Macklemore; I needed you in my darkest time. You lifted my spirit to fight and not give up. The message is powerful.”