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Lorde Covers “New York”

Twenty-one year old Lorde performed a cover of St. Vincent’s “New York” alongside Jack Antonoff. The powerful ballad proclaims that “New York isn’t New York without you, love,” and Lorde tweeted the lyrics “you’re the only mother fucker in the city who can handle me” last year.


That tweet caused fans to call for a Lorde and St. Vincent collaboration, but these fans are left to settle with a collaboration between Lorde and Jack Antonoff, St. Vincent’s co-writer and Lorde’s close personal friend. The two shared a memorable live performance of “New York” at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.


Antoff took to the New York stage with an acoustic guitar while Lorde sings the angsty ballad before transitioning into Lorde’s “Hard Feelings.” The performance is raw and simple with the two sitting cross-legged on the stage, facing one another. Lorde wears a dress and Antoff wears a hoodie and cap, the epitome of closeness. Their performance exemplifies the beauty of the song’s lyrics, and it gives fans something to cling to.


The New Zealand teen rocketed to relative stardom with the 2013 release of her hit “Royals,” but Lord took a small hiatus after her first album, Pure Heroine, and before her second album, Melodrama. Now, she continues to perform across the nation, impressing her fans and exciting their imaginations.


This cover isn’t the first of Lorde’s – Lorde tends to incorporate covers into her sets, affording her the nickname “Queen of Covers.” In fact, during live performances, Lorde has covered songs by Drake, Kanye West, Frank Ocean, and Paul Simon.


Listen to the performance here.


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