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An Exciting British Band Called Let’s Eat Grandma

A new indie band named Let’s Eat Grandma has inspired a lot of love from the indie music community. The band is a duo comprised of 18-year-old young women, Rosa Walton and Jenny Hollingsworth. This British duo is well on its way to achieving a very prominent public profile. Called “I, Gemini,” this band’s debut album has caused a major stir with critics. People are in love with the creative way that this band combines standard pop hooks with a true sense of experimentalism. In a recent interview, the duo revealed that they have been writing songs together since they were both 10 years old. Earlier in their teenage years, the duo attended the same music college together. Onstage, both full-time members of this band are known to play multiple instruments in a show of musical virtuosity.

As the band prepares to perform at Glastonbury, the legendary British musical festival, they are excited to deflate many of the stereotypes people propagate when it comes to teenage girls. This duo seems ready to put their unique mark on modern indie pop. Although their music features plenty of catchy pop hooks, it also contains its share of grunge-rock guitars. Most of all, this band maintains a punk-rock attitude that is deeply infectious.

I sincerely hope that Let’s Eat Grandma breaks through into the mainstream in a major way. Although the band’s choice of a name seems unfortunate at first blush, it actually fits the bands eccentric style fairly well. If this band becomes a mainstream hit in Britain, there is a fairly strong chance that North American success will follow. Only time will tell if this band will be able to follow its remarkable debut with another slice of avant-pop goodness. This band has earned every bit of hype that has made the band an indie sensation in its home country