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Jeff Ament Releases New Solo Song

Pearl Jam bassist jeff Ament has released a new single entitled “Safe in the Car,” which will also be included in Ament’s upcoming album that will be called Heaven/Hell.

The song features both guitars and an organ and is about a slew of natural disasters, including fires and floods, Ament must avoid. “I don’t feel safe anymore,” Ament sings during the chorus of the song, which also includes vocals by indie singer Angel Olsen. Two Pearl Jam alumni — Matt Cameron on drums and Mike McCready on guitar — also appear on the track.

Interestingly, the music video for “Safe in the Car” was shot entirely in Ament’s own vehicle. Ament said that he was inspired to write the song after reading Cormac McCarthy’s apocalyptic novel The Road. He said that he wanted to capture the feeling of being in car trying to escape something like a nuclear winter.

Avent went on to say that — when the directors of the video asked him what kind of look he was aiming for — he told them that the first thing he thought of was Grindhouse. He says that he has always liked the look of the movie, especially its extreme high-contrast visuals. He also liked that — even though it was about the world coming to an end — it still had humor.

Heaven/Hell is expected to be released on May 10, and while it will be Ament’s third solo album, it will be his first since 2012, when he released While My Heart Beats. Fans can pre-order Heaven/Hell beginning on Thursday, which is when it will appear on Pearl Jam’s official website.

Ament says that the record came together accidentally. He says that he was writing songs for Pearl Jam, but sometimes the songs he writes either are too personal or they are just not right for the band.