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The 1975 Change The name Of Their New Album

“The 1975” have been one of the breakout bands of the last few years with many fans fearful of the premature end of the band following the revelation singer Matt Healy envisioned the group life as a trilogy of albums. There had also been a large amount of confusion regarding the name of the new album which has been revealed to be one of two the band hopes to bring to the public in the coming months.


Matt Healy has been actively giving interviews and appearing on social media platforms as “The 1975” prepare for the release of their latest album and spoke with Zane Lowe of the NME about the changes the band has recently been going through. Among the major issues, the band has worked through is the major decision of the title of their latest album which will follow the often criticized second album title, “I Like It When you Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It.”


Rumors had circulated for a number of months that the band were preparing to release new music and would replicate the title of their third EP, “Music For Cars.” However, whilst speaking to Lowe, Healy stated he had settled on a different title, “A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships.” Perhaps the biggest news for fans of the band was the revelation that the band were already underway writing and recording a second album, “Notes On A Conditional Form.”


During the interview, Matt Healy revealed he was not unhappy with the decision to change his mind about the title of the new album as he feels it is merely an umbrella for the music within. On May 31st, the band released the first track from “A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships” in the form of “Give Yourself A Try.”

The Indie Music Scenes Transcends to Streaming Platforms

The Indie music scene is getting a lot of attention because these artists are coming up on apps like Spotify. There was a time in the music business were indie music artists did not get a whole lot of attention. These people would find themselves struggling to get connected to a mainstream audience. Today social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook have given them the luxury of connecting to a world without any mainstream television advertising. There are in the artists like Emily King that have been able to open for major groups like Maroon 5.


This seamless transition of both mainstream and independent artists is no coincidence. Emily King has positioned herself in a place where groups like Maroon 5 would be interested in having Emily King as an opening act. Many indie artists become so popular through their social media accounts that they become mainstream artists. There are others, however, that go from mainstream to Indie music because they are looking to attract a completely different group of music fans.


The Indie music scene is booming because people that are part of this Indie group get a chance to get more of the profits from their own albums. They do not have so many sources collecting funds from the content that they are producing. Spotify is now making it possible for more of these artists to profit from the music. Now that music streaming sites are in place this takes away many of the advertisers that would typically be in the pockets of the music companies that are distributing music. This would also mostly leave less of a portion for the artists that are trying to get their music heard. It takes a big bite out of the money that is made by mainstream artists. It can take even more for an indie artists that have never been discovered. Fortunately, Spotify helps eliminate all of these high cost of advertising that traditional artists encounter.

The Unavoidable Cloud Streaming Platforms for Major and Indie Music

Indie music is all the rave these days. People are finding out that Independent artists have a lot that they can do to promote their own music. No one really has to worry anymore about how they are going to be able to reach potential fans if they’re independent. The reality is that the internet, with all the streaming platforms that are available, are catering to the possibility of streaming in a way that many people may never have realized before.


It has become so much easier for people that are fans of the Indie artist to find these people online. It is one of the best things about having access to a world of cloud entertainment. You get the chance to engage and so many different genres of music that have independent artists that are trying to find their way.


Spotify is one of those apps that allows people to get access to Indie music. In China there are companies that are also getting into the business of starting record labels because there is a desire to get in on the music streaming action.


A record company in the new millennium looks much different from the traditional record company. These companies really have to put heavy emphasis on music streaming because this is where all of these artists will find revenue.


In previous years there have been artists like Taylor Swift and Adele that did not want their music to be streamed through sites like Spotify when the album was initially released. This delayed streaming allowed these artists to have albums that went platinum. The reality, however, is that this is not something that they would be able to pull off very well now. In fact, it would be harder for these artists to make these type of demands.


There are so many people that are trying to get into the music business. The number of new artists has increased because the method for entering the market is different.

The Indie Music Scene in the Cloud

Indie music is something that is now getting a front seat and the entertainment world. For so many years people have overlooked the way that Indie music was bubbling on the internet. It did give more artist a chance to express themselves and get their music out, but mainstream artists were still the most dominant players because they had more marketing. The advertising world of television and print ads gave major label musicians at greater platform to get the word out about new albums.


There has been quite a shift in the music industry now that streaming services play such an intricate part in the way that people hear music today. The reality is that millions of people that wants built music collections with physical music that resided on a disk or an album are turning to the cloud and creating virtual playlists.


For the Indie music artists that would have never had the ability to pay to get records produced and distributed through a chain of music stores the cloud is easily the next best thing. It puts the musician in a place where the music can be distributed without actually being put into a cycle where the artist is losing money.


When an album was produced through a traditional method this would be such an extensive process. The record label would have to fund the production of the album. Once a physical product was made there would have to be a distribution of the album to music stores. Even before the album was put into stores there would be a marketing campaign with posters and print ads. All of this would be just to promote the album. There were times where albums would flop and the artist would be in debt to the record label. With cloud streaming the artist has a chance to get more of the money for themselves and they do not break the bank with advertising for their albums.


The Evolutions of Indie Music Scene

The way the indie culture music was created in the 1980s sustained and transformed very much in the 1990s. Its revival in the past decades is based on the subject of the new memoirs: Girl in Hand of the great Kim Gordon and the “what I saw at Indie rocks failed revolution” by Jon Fines. These are the guitarists who were never threatened by any other competitor. The whole concept of the formation of the Indie Music scene was that any person could organize a band, teach them how to play and record and bring the show to the road.




The recent release of the great Jon Fine was an evocative portrait of any other underground music that any individuals could wish to listen. His little thorny valentine can be compared to the “our band could be your life” by the great Michael Azerrad. Fine is a great writer who can summon every idealism and cluelessness, posturing, and talent that was taken away by the history as he observed.




Indie was as the great Fine describes as the culture that never unorphaned you. It is important to note that the entire idea of the indie music festival was to transform the music culture into pelvic-thrusting encounter from the superman-like performances. The concept brought many performers to an exceptional level where they were performing songs which went beyond the expectations of the audience. The target audience could come to the open yard and with less effort to dance, but with the goal of listening to the lyrics and sounds of the guitars. The music was an attempt not just to dominate but also persuade.




The post-punk also came with its intense culture connoisseurship, on which prestige came to surface featuring the most extensive critics of time signatures, guitar textures, along with all the things outside and inside the scene. The clout shows were for the people with comprehensive record collections and people who had the guts to get more discriminating judgments.



The Rise of Indie Music, Streaming Sites and Better Royalties for Artists

The Indie music scene has a chance to survive, and it is very possible that this scene has improved largely because superstars like Prince. He had a desire to be very adamant about the control of his own music before his passing. Streaming sites have made it possible for the artists to engage in a better relationship with the fans. There are not so many middle men in place to collect funds because streaming is directly between some of the artists and the streaming sites if these artists are independent.

Major labels that have artist are going to reap profits from some of the sales if the label is responsible for getting artists into a recording studio and making an album. The major label still takes up a very big part in the total distribution of the album or the single even if it is connected to a streaming site.

Anyone that is doing music independently, however, will have the advantage of connecting with the streaming site without all of the additional things that major artists have to worry about. Prince is someone that wanted to take full control of his masters when it came to recording. He worked with Warner Brothers in the early years and his best material was made during this time.

What Prince would discover is that Warner Brothers would have a major steak in the royalties that were made. This really put him in a place where he was missing out on a large portion of the money that he should have earned. Once he finally received his master recordings back in his possession he made a contribution to himself by making even more music.

Prince believed that the artist needed to be in control of their own music. During that time where he was in a struggle with Warner Brothers he placed the word “Slave” on his face because he felt like he was a slave to Warner Brothers.

The Growth of Spotify and Independent Music

Spotify is a company that has managed to really turn up the heat when it comes to becoming the top music streaming service. Indie music artists that are spending all of their time and money in a recording studio do not have money to market. They are trying to get word out about their music the best way that they can. This is why Spotify serves as one of the best platforms for these artists.

The economy has completely changed. No one is going to make a ton of money trying to sell physical disc or albums of their work if they are musicians. Streaming is the way of the world now, and people that get a chance to get their music on Spotify have a better chance of making money.

People that have used Spotify are aware that this is a company that is changing the way that platinum singles and albums are being recognized. It is all about the streaming counts when it comes to music videos today. Spotify as the ability to provide users with premium accounts for streaming. This is how artists are able to make money when the premium users pay money into this cloud service.

Indie music artists that are trying to break into the scene or going to have a much better platform for covering the cost of their tour or getting more money to make new music when they have their music on Spotify. Even though Spotify has a percentage of the sales for the streaming the artist is still going to be able to get more than they would ever get from the free radio spins or the piracy downloads that happened whenever music shows up online. It is going to be in their best interest to get with Spotify and actually get a platform in place where they can get paid for the listeners that are streaming their music. This is the best way to market yourself.

Indie Music Comes to Spotify

Spotify is a company that just went public recently. This is a good thing because it introduces more people to this company. People that may have never considered Spotify before may check it out.

Pandora was a good music streaming site, and millions of people still use it, but it has taken a backseat to Spotify. People that are listening to music are praising Spotify for the ease in which they are able to make their playlist for different artists. This is a good thing because Indie music artists like Emily King and the girl trio group called King are going to be able to entice a lot of people that would have otherwise never heard of their music.

The Indie music scene is big because it caters to a group of individuals that may not want to listen to the radio anymore. They is so much music out there that most people that make a playlist do not even after use mainstream songs to do so. This is why so many people like to make their own mixes and upload things to SoundCloud.

What Spotify has managed to do is provide people with a whole new way to look at the wide variety of music choices that are available. Indie music artists are getting the chance to get their music put in a place where mainstream artists also have their music as well. This is definitely a vehicle that can be used to help people find new music that they may never have known existed.

The great thing about Indie music artists that show up on Spotify is that there are recommendations for other artists that may have a style that is similar to their style. This is how people find a lot of the new music that does not hit the radio. This is where the Indie music artist is able to thrive with potential fans that are willing to listen to something new.

Indie Music Artists Get More Exposure Through the Web

The people that sign up for shows like “American Idol” and “The Voice” become contestants that sing. They may have a great voice, but they have not taken time to pay their dues and build themselves up for an audience that may actually buy their music. This is the reason that many of these contestants win the shows and never take off. The success that they have is too instant. It is too premature and there’s no fan base to support what they are doing. This is often the trouble that keeps people that go on shows from evolving. They become labeled as the winner of a show as opposed to serious music artists. This has plagued many winners that have never really amounted to the success that the judges said that they would have in the music business.


The music business is filled with a lot of different people that have many different personalities. It is easy to see how someone that wins a contest like the ones for reality shows can find themselves struggling to make it song. In the world of music it is all about the backstory there person has. Most of these singers that become part of the reality television get success without the struggle, and that makes them less desirable.


There are artists like this that make a quick splash, but they may not last as long as others. There are other artists that may be linked to a mainstream professional, but they may not have a desire to do music that is mainstream. This is definitely the case with Del the Funky Homosapien. He doing what is considered alternative rap on the West Coast with a small group, but he is actually the cousin of movie mogul and hip hop rapper Ice Cube.

The Growth of Indie Music in Social Media Communities

Coaching new talent for music shows has become the save, but it is a rarity for any of these artists that win to actually become mainstream artists. They all tend to fall in the Indie music genre even if they have won the contest. The obvious reason for this is that they do not connect with people as other artists that have come up through a mix tape circuit or an internet sensation type of vibe.


These singers that are on shows like this are often people with great voices that imitate others, but they rarely have their own songs. This makes it hard for them to build a reputation and get taken seriously so quickly. It has become much easier for people to find these Indie music artists because they have a social media presence.



Every now and then someone from the Indie music scene crosses over and becomes a mainstream artist. It is so rare that it almost seems accidental when it happens. People that may have had songs that were only popular on the internet may suddenly find themselves getting radio play. This is the Indie music scene. This is where people are paying their dues and getting a fan base in place.


The odd thing about this is that these are artists that may have pounded the pavement for years with mix tapes and YouTube videos where they utilize their own money. They put their own money and time into getting studio time. They had someone to engineer and master their tracks so they could sound professional. They did a lot of things that that actually made it hard for them to find regular jobs. They put so much time into the music and their art because they wanted to create something that music lovers would enjoy.