Indie Music Comes to Spotify

Spotify is a company that just went public recently. This is a good thing because it introduces more people to this company. People that may have never considered Spotify before may check it out.

Pandora was a good music streaming site, and millions of people still use it, but it has taken a backseat to Spotify. People that are listening to music are praising Spotify for the ease in which they are able to make their playlist for different artists. This is a good thing because Indie music artists like Emily King and the girl trio group called King are going to be able to entice a lot of people that would have otherwise never heard of their music.

The Indie music scene is big because it caters to a group of individuals that may not want to listen to the radio anymore. They is so much music out there that most people that make a playlist do not even after use mainstream songs to do so. This is why so many people like to make their own mixes and upload things to SoundCloud.

What Spotify has managed to do is provide people with a whole new way to look at the wide variety of music choices that are available. Indie music artists are getting the chance to get their music put in a place where mainstream artists also have their music as well. This is definitely a vehicle that can be used to help people find new music that they may never have known existed.

The great thing about Indie music artists that show up on Spotify is that there are recommendations for other artists that may have a style that is similar to their style. This is how people find a lot of the new music that does not hit the radio. This is where the Indie music artist is able to thrive with potential fans that are willing to listen to something new.

Indie Music Artists Get More Exposure Through the Web

The people that sign up for shows like “American Idol” and “The Voice” become contestants that sing. They may have a great voice, but they have not taken time to pay their dues and build themselves up for an audience that may actually buy their music. This is the reason that many of these contestants win the shows and never take off. The success that they have is too instant. It is too premature and there’s no fan base to support what they are doing. This is often the trouble that keeps people that go on shows from evolving. They become labeled as the winner of a show as opposed to serious music artists. This has plagued many winners that have never really amounted to the success that the judges said that they would have in the music business.


The music business is filled with a lot of different people that have many different personalities. It is easy to see how someone that wins a contest like the ones for reality shows can find themselves struggling to make it song. In the world of music it is all about the backstory there person has. Most of these singers that become part of the reality television get success without the struggle, and that makes them less desirable.


There are artists like this that make a quick splash, but they may not last as long as others. There are other artists that may be linked to a mainstream professional, but they may not have a desire to do music that is mainstream. This is definitely the case with Del the Funky Homosapien. He doing what is considered alternative rap on the West Coast with a small group, but he is actually the cousin of movie mogul and hip hop rapper Ice Cube.

The Growth of Indie Music in Social Media Communities

Coaching new talent for music shows has become the save, but it is a rarity for any of these artists that win to actually become mainstream artists. They all tend to fall in the Indie music genre even if they have won the contest. The obvious reason for this is that they do not connect with people as other artists that have come up through a mix tape circuit or an internet sensation type of vibe.


These singers that are on shows like this are often people with great voices that imitate others, but they rarely have their own songs. This makes it hard for them to build a reputation and get taken seriously so quickly. It has become much easier for people to find these Indie music artists because they have a social media presence.



Every now and then someone from the Indie music scene crosses over and becomes a mainstream artist. It is so rare that it almost seems accidental when it happens. People that may have had songs that were only popular on the internet may suddenly find themselves getting radio play. This is the Indie music scene. This is where people are paying their dues and getting a fan base in place.


The odd thing about this is that these are artists that may have pounded the pavement for years with mix tapes and YouTube videos where they utilize their own money. They put their own money and time into getting studio time. They had someone to engineer and master their tracks so they could sound professional. They did a lot of things that that actually made it hard for them to find regular jobs. They put so much time into the music and their art because they wanted to create something that music lovers would enjoy.

Supporting Indie Music Scene

There are people on the Indie music scene like Emily King that was once on a major label, but now she is an independent artist that is somewhat low-key. These are the type of people that are simply passionate about the music. They do not have a desire to go into a mainstream circuit where their music will be filtered down. This is what many of the artists that may not win on shows like “American Idol” may consider. They do not look for the mainstream appeal if they have the ability to find people that like their music. The thing that they really are interested in more than simply doing quality music that gets to a loyal fan base that supports their musicianship.


It goes without saying that people that are serious about their music are not going to give up. They are willing to make the sacrifice if it allows them to actually build an audience that will support what they’re doing. Groups that have had major success like One Direction have actually failed on reality shows where they were in singing competition. This just goes to show that persistence is something that allows people to get beyond where they are.


It does not matter if they have struggled in the past. If they really want to achieve something they must have the ability to set goals and make an effort to achieve these things.


The Internet has really made it easier for these artists to do this because there are so many social media possibilities that exist. What they ultimately need to do beyond the time that they have gained their 15 minutes of fame on reality TV is continue to work on their craft and look for a smaller audience that can support what they do.

Indie Music Scene on the Rise

There is a whole scene of Indie music that is sweeping the nation as people break away from mainstream music. More people are interested in building a playlist that reflects what they actually want to hear. They do not have to settle for everything that is found on the radio. In fact, Indie music has become something that has evolved as more people look to acquire music from various websites.


It is true that YouTube has singers that do remakes and eventually create their own albums. This, however,is more of a needle in a haystack type of approach to finding people that are in the Indie music scene. A much more organized way to find people what are doing in music is through a website called BandCamp. This is where more people have the ability to find Indie music artists based on a certain genre. This definitely makes it easier to find those artists that may be doing Neo-Soul or jazz music.


The great thing about websites like Bandcamp is that you can listen to certain tracks, and you can purchase directly from this site. This is a great benefit for Indie music artists that may not be on iTunes or Google play when it comes to the music that they have created thus far.


The Indie music scene certainly opens up a wide stream of selections for people to consider. It brings about a whole new change in the way that people look at the development of those artists that are creating their own buzz.


Typically an artist that is trying to create their own buzz will do so with social media. Twitter and Instagram are great platforms for these Indie music artists that are not relying on record labels to promote their songs to the mainstream consumer base.

How Arcade Fire Maintains Indie Culture in the Midst of Fame

A recent story about indie band Arcade Fire highlights some important points. Fame can be a rather odd thing for indie musicians. On one hand, the ultimate goal of any artist is to find an audience. But at the same time fame has a way of pushing people to a more consumer friendly style. For some musicians this isn’t really anything to worry about. The art and the profit are tied with each other in importance. But this is very different for indie musicians.


The term itself really showcases the reasons. Indie musicians are just that, independent. They chose their path so that they’d be able to hold tight to true artistic freedom. But this can make for a difficult balancing act when wider popularity enters into the picture. The desires of fans and the desire for freedom can be difficult to hold on to.


But there’s a strong lesson to be learned from Arcade Fire’s example. They’ve long been able to stay in touch with their reason for being by paying attention to their roots. Even if members change, the underlying history and purpose maintain. And as the article points out, this is exemplified by their recent trip to Dublin. Of course it’s not so much the trip as the reason for it. They came to pay their respects to the late Dolores O’Riordan. As part of the Cranberries, she was in many ways part of Arcade Fire’s foundation.


Arcade Fire’s style of music showcases a level of experimentation with music that did for the naughts what the Cranberries did for the 90s. And it’s little wonder that they did an amazing job covering one of the bands most beloved songs. The fact that they traveled such a long distance to pay their respects in such a big way says a lot about the band. And it showcases how indie musicians stay true to the craft.

The Indie Music Scene Expands with Crowds from Music Contest Shows

The Indie music scene is taking off in a huge way, and more people may have guessed some of the artists that would take to this type of music scene.


What music lovers will often find is that the contestants that have been on music shows like “The Voice” and “American Idol” will typically fall back and slide into the Indie music scene. This is where some of the people that lose on this show will go to get a crowd that is looking for their music.


There are a lot of artists down through the years that have lost on the shows and they have still become successful. The Indie music scene definitely provides a platform for people that are doing something that is a break from the mainstream. For shows like “The Voice” and “American Idol” it is obvious that the people that they are looking for or more pop oriented artists that have the ability to cross over.


The great thing about going on a show like The Voice and losing is that you still get recognized by people that love music. This allows you to at least get your name out there. From this point you have the ability to upload things to the Internet or provide people with access to shows that you are doing through social media. All of this plays a big part in connecting with people that you may not have had access to without the show.


The internet is definitely making it easier for more people to continue with their music careers even if they have lost on these bigger shows. “The Voice” is one show that tends to be more about the celebrities than the contestants. That is why they have a harder time when it comes to mainstream entertainment.

Arcade Fire’s Rendition of ‘Linger’ Pays Tribute to the Cranberries’ Singer

On Friday, April 6, 2018, Canadian indie rock band Arcade Fire took to the stage and performed a cover of Linger by the Cranberries as a special tribute during their concert in Dublin, Ireland. The Cranberries’ late singer Dolores O’Riordan, who recently passed away this year in January, would’ve been proud of the Arcade Fire’s rendition of one of her greatest hits. The crowd of hundreds proudly sang along as the band played and the performance ended with a loud applause. The Cranberries’ late singer was 46 years old when she suddenly passed away on January 15, 2018. Dolores O’Riordan and the band were in London, U.K., to work on a few recording sessions before her untimely death. The cause of her death will not be released by the coroner until later this year.

Arcade Fire continued their act with a grand performance of their song Wake Up, which was released on their debut album “Funeral” back in 2004. The indie band’s latest album entitled “Everything Now” was released last summer and its track sharing the same title, became the band’s first ever single to reach number one on the Billboard charts. The album also won a 2018 Juno Award for “Album of the Year” and was nominated for four other Juno Awards. Arcade Fire will continue their 2018 tour and play throughout various venues and festivals located in the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Canada and the United States before finishing it in Hasselt, Belgium. The band’s current members that kicked off the tour were lead singer Win Butler, his wife Régine Chassagne, Richard Reed Parry, Tim Kingsbury, Jeremy Gara and Win’s brother William Butler.

Band Is Doing Well in the San Diego Music Scene

Sights and Sages, a band in San Diego, is now an independent alternative rock band after being a ska group.

In 2017, they competed in a battle of the bands called the 91X contest. The judges were the band called Switchbox and they picked Sights and Sage as the winners. This event raised money for a non-profit.

Jay Sanchioli, a bassist for Sights and Sages, believed that his band was very excited about the win because we were able to do better than the other bands in the contest. He does not think that they are actually better than other bands. It was good that they were selected by Switchfoot. It was a really, really good feeling.

Soon after releasing a seven-song album called doubleplus, they were one of the nominations for Best New Artist and Best Indie/Alternative Album for the 2018 San Diego Music Awards. The awards ceremony was at the House of Blues on March 19th. They ended not winning, but they were just ecstatic to be nominated.

Sanchioli feels that it would have been cool to win, but we were not really worked up about it.

This band was originally a ska group, but as they added members, they eventually became a rock band that was deeply influenced by the 1980s.

Some of the musical influences of the band are Nine Inch Nails, Beck, Gorillaz, Radiohead, Depeche Mode, The Cure and Blur. The composers that they like are Danny Elfman and John Williams. Members of this band want to be like their influences and become inspirations for future generations of musicians.

Christian Clark, guitarist, and vocalist, believes that when he was a kid, he was very awed that some people could actually create something really beautiful. It meant a lot to people. He wants to have the same impact as his influences.

The latest addition to the group is Sebastian Rizo. He actually joined the group after being their audio engineer for the group’s first album. He enjoyed their sound so much that he decided to become part of the group.

Sights and Sages is an up-and-coming group that seems to be going in a good direction.

Lucy Dacus Embraces Status as Indie-Rock’s Next Big Thing

At just 22 years of age, Lucy Dacus has already endured many of the trials and tribulations most indie rockers experience over the course of a career. She’s released an album on her own, become a critical darling, earned a big record deal, weathered challenges that have dragged out the release of her much-anticipated new album, and she’s been featured in the New York Times.

Her new record, “Historian,” was recorded in Nashville last year for the independent label Matador, yet it still has not been heard by the world. Unlike how it was with Dacus’ first album, which she quickly recorded for a school project without any expectations, her new effort has been slowed down by many of the trappings of the music business.

The Virginia indie-rocker’s first album, “No Burden,” featured “I Don’t Wanna Be Funny Anymore,” which surprisingly made Rolling Stone’s “Best Songs of 2016” list. The reception of her debut has raised expectations for her follow-up, and Dacus is all too aware of this.

Without question, getting her new record expertly mixed and handled by real producers before, during, and after the recording of it has slowed down its release. But so too has Dacus’ own evolution as a professional artist.

She has been incredibly candid in multiple profiles, including one featured on The Ringer in which she displays awareness as well as confidence about her young career.

Dacus’ sense of humor and feistiness sometimes seem to belie the general mood of her songs. But a closer listen to her music reveals intelligence and confident wit that interestingly complements her emotional overtones.

The audio of her new album’s first track, called “Night Shift,” has already been released on YouTube, and has been listened to more than 85,000 times. The full album will finally be released on March 2nd.