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Muse Releases Advance Hit Single From Unnamed Album

Alternative rock band Muse has been busy recording a follow-up album to the acclaimed “Dig Down,” but the name and concept of the new project remain unknown; nonetheless, this has not stopped the band from releasing a new single that gives fans an idea of what they should expect.

“Thought Contagion” is a highly political song that is supported by a colorful and strange music video. The new single is clearly influenced by the bizarre state of global politics over the last few years. Releasing advance material is something that Muse is not known for; this is a band that prefers to hold back on teasing their fans. With “Thought Contagion,” however, it is clear to understand why Muse has decided to do things differently this time around.

The popularity of Muse in the alternative rock world has developed over more than two decades; this a mature band that has come to realize that their fans have matured right along with their music. By releasing “Though Contagion,” Muse is offering a glimpse of the themes they will be exploring in their new album. Muse is ready to deliver an album that addresses gender dynamics, the 24-hour news cycle, the current strangeness that permeates the political stage, and the freedom to evoke sensibilities from the past.

The anthem-like rhythm and lyrics of “Thought Contagion” were envisioned by main songwriter Matt Bellamy and bassist Chris Wolstenholme; the foundation of the song was created with melodies crafted on the theremin and a five-string bass. The vocal delivery in this song is powerful, and the lyrics make allusions to political coverage by American news media outlets over the last few years. The band wants to call attention to the unusual attention that is being given to ideas that may have been dismissed as ridiculous in the past.

Muse lead singer Matt Bellamy admits that “Thought Contagion” is a pessimistic song, but in a recent interview with Rolling Stone he explained that fans will be able to find positive and hopeful material when the album comes out.

Lucy Dacus: A Rising Indie Music Star

Lucy Dacus is a rising Indie songwriter and pop star. However, she has suffered a lot of setbacks. Health struggles, political turmoil and personal responsibilities are some of the things that have made it difficult for Lucy to achieve her dream.

Lucy still managed to record her second album last year. The second album is entitled “Historian”. It will come out on March 2. She believes that this is the album that will take her career to the next level.

Lucy has been trying to make a plunge on the music scene for quite some time. She always wanted to be a singer, but many people discouraged her from pursuing her dream. She was told that music was not an attainable career. Lucy attended film school, but she later dropped out. She also worked as a photo editor.

Lucy spent the last 11 months in the studio and is happy with the finished product. She recorded her first album, which is entitled “No Burden” back in 2015. The album was actually recorded for a school project. She was required to do a musical project over winter break. She recorded the album with Jacob Blizard, who lived with her at the time.

Lucy had been writing songs since she was in the second grade. She writes about faith, gender and creativity. The first song that she released from the album was “I Don’t Wanna Be Funny Anymore.” Tyler Williams is a Richmond musician. He was amazed when he heard Lucy’s album. He stated that it could not possibly be made by a 20-year-old.

Many of Lucy’s songs are about things that she has gone through. She has a song about the death of her grandmother. She also has a song about a breakup. Lucy stated that it is important to write songs that make her feel good.

Franz Ferdinand: A New Sound

Back in 2004, the indie rock band Franz Ferdinand released “Take Me Out.” Because of its original disco-punk sound, the song was immensely popular. It appeared on their self-titled LP.

Since then, the band has evolved in new ways. Soon enough, Franz Ferdinand will be releasing another album for fans and new listeners everywhere, titled Always Ascending. This album will be the first one without their original guitarist Nick McCarthy. Instead, you’ll be able to enjoy Franz Ferdinand’s new sound with their latest member, Julian Corrie.

Julian has been noted for adding electronics into the music of the album. According to the frontman of Franz Ferdinand, Alex Kapranos, it’s still their sound, “but it’s maybe trying to do some new things.”

It’s definitely exciting to think that this unique Scottish band has even more material for listeners to hold out for. If you’re a diehard fan of Franz Ferdinand, then you’ll be excited to hear them discuss their new album as well as changes made in their band online.

One of the most important parts of creating their upcoming album was to avoid over-focusing on any song in particular. Their producer, Phillipe Zdar, had made this rule perfectly clear to them. According to Kapranos, Zdar told the band that “All the other songs become jealous if you say what the single is.” This allowed for more freedom and creativity in composing their other tracks without having to compare any one song to another.

A funny fact about Franz Ferdinand is that, even fourteen years after their first hit, they haven’t grown to dislike it. Bands are frequently known to dislike their most popular hits because it’s something that they resent for whatever reason. One common example is Radiohead – they never play “Creep” live anymore since it was their first hit. However, Franz Ferdinand is still in favor of “Take Me Out,” which is the tune most people know them by.

A Look Back at an Iconic Indie Music Record

It’s been ten years since indie rock band Vampire Weekend released their successful and influential self-titled debut album, and Rolling Stone Magazine has an interesting article about the recording and its context within the indie music scene of the time. Although the record is now seen as a classic, at the time it made a lot of critics angry because the band, all of whom graduated from an Ivy League college, tended to dress in preppy clothes, which was seen as uncool and elitist. The record’s musical merits, however, were many and even those who thought that the band members were spoiled rich kids agreed.

Interestingly, the band wrote a manifesto to guide them on the project. Some of the rules they set for themselves were not to use distortion and not to include any trip-hop music. This didn’t impress classic rocker Alice Cooper, however, who said the band was too intellectual and wimpy for his taste. The article also mentions the fact that, while the band was accused of being made up of wealthy sell-outs, they actually recorded the record by themselves using pro-tools on a Macintosh computer

According to Rolling Stone, the creepy photo of an antique chandelier dangling over the heads of a crowd on the cover of the album was actually taken at the band’s first gig. They played at a hall on the Columbia University campus that is notorious as the meeting site of secret societies and the location of numerous wild parties. When the record was released, the photo helped give the act a slightly sinister and mysterious vibe. .

In conclusion, this article is an excellent look at an album is important and often misunderstood. It’s a must-read for fans of the band.