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Indie distribution company Merlin partners with rights clearance company Dubset

Indie distribution company Merlin recently partnered with the startup rights clearance company Dubset. Dubset’s MixScan technology identifies songs used in DJ Mixes and enables artists to earn royalties when a remix of their song is played. Merlin is a global music rights agency that represents some of the worlds top independent artists.
Not only will Merlin’s rights holders earn royalties, this merger will help expand the music library for dubstep. According to The Verge Sony became the first music label to agree to this deal.

Dubset is a company whose company motto is, “making mix and remix distribution simple and legal”. They offer a unique innovative marketplace for musicians, labels, publishers, and distribution companies. Dubstet aims to make it easier for artists to clear samples while helping ensure that artists retain their rights and receive proper royalties.

The arrangement is simple and precise. Producers and DJs upload their tracks to the MixBANK platform, then Dubset releases the tracks. Once uploaded to the platform, the track can then be played on streaming services. The monitoring services ensure that artists will receive royalties when their songs or remixes of their songs are played.

Under the new agreement, Merlin member’s catalogs will be identified for use and they will immediately be able to manage, monitor and modify their individual recordings usage. Dubset’s MixBank is already is used by many an increasingly large amount of major music services. Currently, thousands of artists and labels are using Dubsets’s MixBANK to monitor and monetize the usage of their remixes. As according to the Merlin website, the deal will expand MixBank Catalog to over 30 million tracks.

Chief Strategy Officer Bob Barbiere is also the SVP Licensing of Dubset. According to Merlin Network’s website, he recently stated, “A large percentage of the content MixBANK is scanning each day comes from Merlin member labels. This partnership will have a pronounced impact on the amount of content Dubset will now clear and distribute to music services for consumers.”

The Switch in Indie Music Distribution

The indie music scene is changing in a lot of ways, and fans of this type of music are going to be rather impressed with the lineup of artists that are showing up. One thing that people have to realize is that indie music is changing because people that were previously signed to major labels are changing their tune when it comes to
Indie music distribution.

What this essentially does is change the entire aspect of Indie music as a whole. What people will realize is that Indie music is not going to look the same because the artists that are getting in the distribution are not the same artists that would normally do this. There are major labels that are actually losing artists because these artists want a level of independence.

Canadian-born Tamia, for example, has been a long time R&B Sensation that has gained many accolades from fans and critics for her music. When she made a decision to release her sixth album she would find herself in a place where she wanted to engage in a process to an independent album. She did not want to stay in the same place where she was going to simply stick with a major label but not really reap the benefits of creative freedom. That is why she made a decision to switch to Indie distribution.

What most people will find is that it is just easier for an artist to go with the independent distribution route because it gives them a chance to make the album at their own pace. They’re not hard pressed by the label to produce songs and complete an album that may not really be ready for release. Artists that have signed up for this type of independent distribution believe that they have greater independence.