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Quick Access to New Music Through Cloud Streaming

Indie music is very hot right now. There are a ton of people that are looking for a way to create a playlist that sounds different from what everyone else is doing. Indie music is such a  hot concept that some mainstream artists are even pulling themselves away from the big label recording contract and doing independent music. The fascination for this has continued to grow, but the main reason that artists are going independent has a lot to do with the way that they are able to market their products now.


There truly is not a need for a major label anymore because it’s the physical product that music was originally packaged in that does not exist in a way that makes it feasible for any artist to adopt this form of promotion. People can still buy albums in vinyl and they can buy a compact disc, but very few people may have a desire to do this. Best Buy announced this year that it would no longer carry any CDs any longer. The reason for this is obvious. There has been a sharp decline in the sale of the compact disc. Cloud streaming is the direction that people are going in these days. What this means is that there is more money on the table when an artist is willing to forsake the mainstream concept of record labels and simply promote their own music through social media.


Fortunately, Spotify has been able to help these Indie artists build a bigger fan base. That makes it much more feasible for these artists to branch out on their own and bypass the traditional means of promoting music. This is less expensive and much more profitable. The Indie music artists that connects to these types of platforms have a better chance of growing.


Cloud streaming has essentially become the game changer that no one can overlook. It is the concept that makes it easier to access new music quicker.

The Unavoidable Cloud Streaming Platforms for Major and Indie Music

Indie music is all the rave these days. People are finding out that Independent artists have a lot that they can do to promote their own music. No one really has to worry anymore about how they are going to be able to reach potential fans if they’re independent. The reality is that the internet, with all the streaming platforms that are available, are catering to the possibility of streaming in a way that many people may never have realized before.


It has become so much easier for people that are fans of the Indie artist to find these people online. It is one of the best things about having access to a world of cloud entertainment. You get the chance to engage and so many different genres of music that have independent artists that are trying to find their way.


Spotify is one of those apps that allows people to get access to Indie music. In China there are companies that are also getting into the business of starting record labels because there is a desire to get in on the music streaming action.


A record company in the new millennium looks much different from the traditional record company. These companies really have to put heavy emphasis on music streaming because this is where all of these artists will find revenue.


In previous years there have been artists like Taylor Swift and Adele that did not want their music to be streamed through sites like Spotify when the album was initially released. This delayed streaming allowed these artists to have albums that went platinum. The reality, however, is that this is not something that they would be able to pull off very well now. In fact, it would be harder for these artists to make these type of demands.


There are so many people that are trying to get into the music business. The number of new artists has increased because the method for entering the market is different.

The Indie Music Scene in the Cloud

Indie music is something that is now getting a front seat and the entertainment world. For so many years people have overlooked the way that Indie music was bubbling on the internet. It did give more artist a chance to express themselves and get their music out, but mainstream artists were still the most dominant players because they had more marketing. The advertising world of television and print ads gave major label musicians at greater platform to get the word out about new albums.


There has been quite a shift in the music industry now that streaming services play such an intricate part in the way that people hear music today. The reality is that millions of people that wants built music collections with physical music that resided on a disk or an album are turning to the cloud and creating virtual playlists.


For the Indie music artists that would have never had the ability to pay to get records produced and distributed through a chain of music stores the cloud is easily the next best thing. It puts the musician in a place where the music can be distributed without actually being put into a cycle where the artist is losing money.


When an album was produced through a traditional method this would be such an extensive process. The record label would have to fund the production of the album. Once a physical product was made there would have to be a distribution of the album to music stores. Even before the album was put into stores there would be a marketing campaign with posters and print ads. All of this would be just to promote the album. There were times where albums would flop and the artist would be in debt to the record label. With cloud streaming the artist has a chance to get more of the money for themselves and they do not break the bank with advertising for their albums.


Indie Music Is Not on Its Deathbed

With the numerous shifts that are taking place in the society today, it could be assumed that many people no longer listen to Indie Music. Clearly, many people especially the youth want R&B and hip-hop as compared to old music styles such as the classical Indies. Additionally, producers and singers have concentrated on producing new music genres which explains why the largest population wants modern music. However, this does not indicate the death of the Indies music scene but continues to gain popularity.

Despite the Indies being considered as traditional music, there are still people who enjoy listening to it. Look at the people who grew up listening to this music genre. Undoubtedly, if they loved it then, they would not stop listening to it. In fact, for them, the Indies are a great reminder of the fun moments they had in the past. The main reason why many people probably tend to see as if nobody concentrates on Indies music anymore is because a wide variety of music has been produced. Today, several musicians are coming up with different production styles. They are discussing the current social and political events. For such reasons, some people might not choose Indies over hip-hop or R&B.

However, a lot of efforts need to be made to create popularity of the Indies Music. Many rock bands in this music genre are reactant to market their music. If producers concentrated on bringing this music back to the popularity many people would listen to it more. Also, considering that Indie Music allows for the do-it-yourself approach, it is easy to produce since music can explore several ways of doing it. This means that it will continue to exist.

The Growth of Indie Music on Cloud Streaming Platforms

The Indie music scene is debatable as one of the most influential parts of the music industry. A lot of these artists that start off as indie musicians and become mega stars, but it is always difficult to know which stars are going to have a true rise to fame.

As well known as Prince became in the world of music he was once something of an underground act himself in the very beginning. If this was a present-day time and Prince was just starting his career he would have been labeled as an indie artist because he did not conform to the rules.
He made music that was different from what everyone else was doing because he started his music after the death of disco.

Prince was someone that was selling music out of the trunk of his car. He created his own sound which has now been dubbed the Minneapolis sound with a group called The Time. In this day and age of musicianship it is much easier for people that are getting into the music industry to get their voices heard. Cloud services are making it possible for people to reach a wider audience quickly.

Before Prince died he was not so convinced that music streaming was something that he wanted to do. He did, however, get a little help in seeing the future of a better payout for the artist when he worked with Jay-Z and Beyonce. They were remastering his music and uploading it to Tidal.

Now that Prince is dead his music is available through a plethora of different web and app streaming services. He did not really have much in place as far as protection that would be needed to stop multiple streaming sites from doing this. Some people believe the apps are streaming services that are killing the music industry, but for Indie artists it is actually an important part of the culture. Spotify highlights these Indie acts.

The Growth of Spotify and Independent Music

Spotify is a company that has managed to really turn up the heat when it comes to becoming the top music streaming service. Indie music artists that are spending all of their time and money in a recording studio do not have money to market. They are trying to get word out about their music the best way that they can. This is why Spotify serves as one of the best platforms for these artists.

The economy has completely changed. No one is going to make a ton of money trying to sell physical disc or albums of their work if they are musicians. Streaming is the way of the world now, and people that get a chance to get their music on Spotify have a better chance of making money.

People that have used Spotify are aware that this is a company that is changing the way that platinum singles and albums are being recognized. It is all about the streaming counts when it comes to music videos today. Spotify as the ability to provide users with premium accounts for streaming. This is how artists are able to make money when the premium users pay money into this cloud service.

Indie music artists that are trying to break into the scene or going to have a much better platform for covering the cost of their tour or getting more money to make new music when they have their music on Spotify. Even though Spotify has a percentage of the sales for the streaming the artist is still going to be able to get more than they would ever get from the free radio spins or the piracy downloads that happened whenever music shows up online. It is going to be in their best interest to get with Spotify and actually get a platform in place where they can get paid for the listeners that are streaming their music. This is the best way to market yourself.

Spotify Gives Indie Artists More Exposure

The Indie music scene has managed to evolve because it is connected to a wider platform. There are people that have become part of the Spotify environment even though they may not be getting any play on the radio. These types of artists have the ability to build a greater fan base because millions of people are using Spotify right now. It is easily one of the most successful streaming platforms for music, and the independent artist that really wants to earn money for their music will benefit greatly from this.

This tends to work well because it creates an opportunity for so many people to hear new music. At this point in time an independent artist that decided to build their own website would fail easily. They would have a hard time with the website where they were strictly depending on their own website to generate interest in your music.

Most music lovers are not going to work this hard to find new music. They’re not going to go and search for random websites in search of something to listen to. New music, for most people, comes by way of their Spotify account. If they do not discover anything through their web streaming app they are probably not going to hear anything from you.

The great thing about the Indie music scene and Spotify is that it becomes incredibly easy to recommend new material to friends. You can simply tell your friend to search for a certain
artist through their Spotify account. This makes it so much easier than trying to go out and search the internet for something new.

Most people have no idea what they really want to listen to on when they are looking for new music. Most people look at the concept of web streaming as an opportunity to find something that they may have never considered before. This is the main reason why Spotify as become perfect for spotting new artists.

Indie Music Artists Get More Exposure Through the Web

The people that sign up for shows like “American Idol” and “The Voice” become contestants that sing. They may have a great voice, but they have not taken time to pay their dues and build themselves up for an audience that may actually buy their music. This is the reason that many of these contestants win the shows and never take off. The success that they have is too instant. It is too premature and there’s no fan base to support what they are doing. This is often the trouble that keeps people that go on shows from evolving. They become labeled as the winner of a show as opposed to serious music artists. This has plagued many winners that have never really amounted to the success that the judges said that they would have in the music business.


The music business is filled with a lot of different people that have many different personalities. It is easy to see how someone that wins a contest like the ones for reality shows can find themselves struggling to make it song. In the world of music it is all about the backstory there person has. Most of these singers that become part of the reality television get success without the struggle, and that makes them less desirable.


There are artists like this that make a quick splash, but they may not last as long as others. There are other artists that may be linked to a mainstream professional, but they may not have a desire to do music that is mainstream. This is definitely the case with Del the Funky Homosapien. He doing what is considered alternative rap on the West Coast with a small group, but he is actually the cousin of movie mogul and hip hop rapper Ice Cube.

Supporting Indie Music Scene

There are people on the Indie music scene like Emily King that was once on a major label, but now she is an independent artist that is somewhat low-key. These are the type of people that are simply passionate about the music. They do not have a desire to go into a mainstream circuit where their music will be filtered down. This is what many of the artists that may not win on shows like “American Idol” may consider. They do not look for the mainstream appeal if they have the ability to find people that like their music. The thing that they really are interested in more than simply doing quality music that gets to a loyal fan base that supports their musicianship.


It goes without saying that people that are serious about their music are not going to give up. They are willing to make the sacrifice if it allows them to actually build an audience that will support what they’re doing. Groups that have had major success like One Direction have actually failed on reality shows where they were in singing competition. This just goes to show that persistence is something that allows people to get beyond where they are.


It does not matter if they have struggled in the past. If they really want to achieve something they must have the ability to set goals and make an effort to achieve these things.


The Internet has really made it easier for these artists to do this because there are so many social media possibilities that exist. What they ultimately need to do beyond the time that they have gained their 15 minutes of fame on reality TV is continue to work on their craft and look for a smaller audience that can support what they do.

How Arcade Fire Maintains Indie Culture in the Midst of Fame

A recent story about indie band Arcade Fire highlights some important points. Fame can be a rather odd thing for indie musicians. On one hand, the ultimate goal of any artist is to find an audience. But at the same time fame has a way of pushing people to a more consumer friendly style. For some musicians this isn’t really anything to worry about. The art and the profit are tied with each other in importance. But this is very different for indie musicians.


The term itself really showcases the reasons. Indie musicians are just that, independent. They chose their path so that they’d be able to hold tight to true artistic freedom. But this can make for a difficult balancing act when wider popularity enters into the picture. The desires of fans and the desire for freedom can be difficult to hold on to.


But there’s a strong lesson to be learned from Arcade Fire’s example. They’ve long been able to stay in touch with their reason for being by paying attention to their roots. Even if members change, the underlying history and purpose maintain. And as the article points out, this is exemplified by their recent trip to Dublin. Of course it’s not so much the trip as the reason for it. They came to pay their respects to the late Dolores O’Riordan. As part of the Cranberries, she was in many ways part of Arcade Fire’s foundation.


Arcade Fire’s style of music showcases a level of experimentation with music that did for the naughts what the Cranberries did for the 90s. And it’s little wonder that they did an amazing job covering one of the bands most beloved songs. The fact that they traveled such a long distance to pay their respects in such a big way says a lot about the band. And it showcases how indie musicians stay true to the craft.