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The Growth of Spotify and Independent Music

Spotify is a company that has managed to really turn up the heat when it comes to becoming the top music streaming service. Indie music artists that are spending all of their time and money in a recording studio do not have money to market. They are trying to get word out about their music the best way that they can. This is why Spotify serves as one of the best platforms for these artists.

The economy has completely changed. No one is going to make a ton of money trying to sell physical disc or albums of their work if they are musicians. Streaming is the way of the world now, and people that get a chance to get their music on Spotify have a better chance of making money.

People that have used Spotify are aware that this is a company that is changing the way that platinum singles and albums are being recognized. It is all about the streaming counts when it comes to music videos today. Spotify as the ability to provide users with premium accounts for streaming. This is how artists are able to make money when the premium users pay money into this cloud service.

Indie music artists that are trying to break into the scene or going to have a much better platform for covering the cost of their tour or getting more money to make new music when they have their music on Spotify. Even though Spotify has a percentage of the sales for the streaming the artist is still going to be able to get more than they would ever get from the free radio spins or the piracy downloads that happened whenever music shows up online. It is going to be in their best interest to get with Spotify and actually get a platform in place where they can get paid for the listeners that are streaming their music. This is the best way to market yourself.

Spotify Gives Indie Artists More Exposure

The Indie music scene has managed to evolve because it is connected to a wider platform. There are people that have become part of the Spotify environment even though they may not be getting any play on the radio. These types of artists have the ability to build a greater fan base because millions of people are using Spotify right now. It is easily one of the most successful streaming platforms for music, and the independent artist that really wants to earn money for their music will benefit greatly from this.

This tends to work well because it creates an opportunity for so many people to hear new music. At this point in time an independent artist that decided to build their own website would fail easily. They would have a hard time with the website where they were strictly depending on their own website to generate interest in your music.

Most music lovers are not going to work this hard to find new music. They’re not going to go and search for random websites in search of something to listen to. New music, for most people, comes by way of their Spotify account. If they do not discover anything through their web streaming app they are probably not going to hear anything from you.

The great thing about the Indie music scene and Spotify is that it becomes incredibly easy to recommend new material to friends. You can simply tell your friend to search for a certain
artist through their Spotify account. This makes it so much easier than trying to go out and search the internet for something new.

Most people have no idea what they really want to listen to on when they are looking for new music. Most people look at the concept of web streaming as an opportunity to find something that they may have never considered before. This is the main reason why Spotify as become perfect for spotting new artists.

Indie Music Scene on the Rise

There is a whole scene of Indie music that is sweeping the nation as people break away from mainstream music. More people are interested in building a playlist that reflects what they actually want to hear. They do not have to settle for everything that is found on the radio. In fact, Indie music has become something that has evolved as more people look to acquire music from various websites.


It is true that YouTube has singers that do remakes and eventually create their own albums. This, however,is more of a needle in a haystack type of approach to finding people that are in the Indie music scene. A much more organized way to find people what are doing in music is through a website called BandCamp. This is where more people have the ability to find Indie music artists based on a certain genre. This definitely makes it easier to find those artists that may be doing Neo-Soul or jazz music.


The great thing about websites like Bandcamp is that you can listen to certain tracks, and you can purchase directly from this site. This is a great benefit for Indie music artists that may not be on iTunes or Google play when it comes to the music that they have created thus far.


The Indie music scene certainly opens up a wide stream of selections for people to consider. It brings about a whole new change in the way that people look at the development of those artists that are creating their own buzz.


Typically an artist that is trying to create their own buzz will do so with social media. Twitter and Instagram are great platforms for these Indie music artists that are not relying on record labels to promote their songs to the mainstream consumer base.

Big Thief’s “Capacity”

If you’ve listened to any of the tracks from Big Thief’s new album entitled Capacity, then you will recognize the trademark poetic imagery set against a canvas of haunting melody. It will surely come as no surprise that this indie band from Brooklyn is playing to sold out crowds in the United States and Europe throughout their 2018 tour.

It may also go without saying that Big Thief is enjoying positive reviews. Will Hermes described Adrianne Lenker as “a romantic folk-rock poet of the first order” in his review for Rolling Stone. Her words are at once captivating, unnerving, and soothing. The lyrics’ subtle twists combined with Lenker’s delicate vocals are driven by dissonant chords that connect each image. The juxtaposition of the elements in the title track do, in fact, remain bound to one another much like the consonance that introduces the first stanza.

It’s a tricky combination of pieces that flow together but are difficult to pin down. “Capacity” is, according to Lenker, based on a dream she had the night before writing this piece. There’s a stream of consciousness effect that leads the listener from one moment to the next in a series of vignettes. It’s the capacity of imagination that binds them.

Perhaps that’s why it is difficult to find an exact label for Big Thief’s style of music. Asked in an interview for Newsweek if she identified the band’s music as folk-rock, Lenker responded, “I don’t identify with genre.” Their music, like genre, is challenging to pin down. You get in the neighborhood of identifying what it might be, but finding the exact street, let alone the house number, is a matter of interpretation. As Lenker states in the same interview, “Any time you bring something out of an intangible space . . . into the realm of words . . . You lose something when you try to communicate belief to someone.” Riding through Big Thief’s landscape is an intriguing journey.

Jeff Rosenstock’s Surprise Release of “POST-” Doesn’t Disappoint

Jeff Rosenstock rang in the new year by dropping his surprise new album titled simply, POST-. The album, which followed his eagerly received Worry. (debuted back in 2016), was made available to fans through a pay-what-you-want digital download system. The album will be released on CD and vinyl March 23rd through Polyvinyl Records.

POST- climbs from a political landscape that appears dull and bleak, and prevails into something encouraging, hopeful, and most of all: catchy. Consider for example, one of the album’s most popular tracks, straightforwardly entitled, “USA”. In a seven minute track that ricochets from fast to slow, humdrum and melancholy to rowdy and boisterous, Rosenstock comments on everything from racial tensions, struggling socioeconomic classes, and the subtle patriarchal family hierarchies overlooked in all American suburbia. The song closes with a chorus chant of “Et tu, USA!” before fading out into a raucous (but impressively precise) guitar rift. The entire ballad is an ode to the cognitive dissonance of the idealized American dream and its harsher realities.

More underrated tracks like “Powerlessness” turn this struggle inward, reflecting on the anxieties that stem from society’s pressure to be in a relationship and not miss out on anything. Rosenstock illustrates verse by verse the exertion required to form these sorts of bonds. Perhaps one of the closest-hitting of these lyrical examples is the one wherein he has invited someone to meet him at a bar, and informs this unnamed someone that they may identify him because he’ll be “the one looking at my phone/ Shaking like a nervous kid/ Absolutely terrified of being alone”.

Much like Worry., Rosenstock’s lyrics are able to weave an atmosphere that is both melancholy and underlined with that innately punk rebellion of keeping your head up and “sticking it to the man”, despite how dismal times may seem.

Muse Releases Advance Hit Single From Unnamed Album

Alternative rock band Muse has been busy recording a follow-up album to the acclaimed “Dig Down,” but the name and concept of the new project remain unknown; nonetheless, this has not stopped the band from releasing a new single that gives fans an idea of what they should expect.

“Thought Contagion” is a highly political song that is supported by a colorful and strange music video. The new single is clearly influenced by the bizarre state of global politics over the last few years. Releasing advance material is something that Muse is not known for; this is a band that prefers to hold back on teasing their fans. With “Thought Contagion,” however, it is clear to understand why Muse has decided to do things differently this time around.

The popularity of Muse in the alternative rock world has developed over more than two decades; this a mature band that has come to realize that their fans have matured right along with their music. By releasing “Though Contagion,” Muse is offering a glimpse of the themes they will be exploring in their new album. Muse is ready to deliver an album that addresses gender dynamics, the 24-hour news cycle, the current strangeness that permeates the political stage, and the freedom to evoke sensibilities from the past.

The anthem-like rhythm and lyrics of “Thought Contagion” were envisioned by main songwriter Matt Bellamy and bassist Chris Wolstenholme; the foundation of the song was created with melodies crafted on the theremin and a five-string bass. The vocal delivery in this song is powerful, and the lyrics make allusions to political coverage by American news media outlets over the last few years. The band wants to call attention to the unusual attention that is being given to ideas that may have been dismissed as ridiculous in the past.

Muse lead singer Matt Bellamy admits that “Thought Contagion” is a pessimistic song, but in a recent interview with Rolling Stone he explained that fans will be able to find positive and hopeful material when the album comes out.

Indie Icon Offers New Music

It’s hard to think of a more inspirational and important figure in indie music than David Byrne. The leader of legendary alternative band Talking Heads in the 1970s and 1980s, Byrne has continued to release groundbreaking recordings in recent years. His latest effort is a song called “This is That,” and you can check it out on the Rolling Stone Magazine Website.

When the song begins, it sounds like nothing like most of his previous work, but of course you have to expect the unexpected when it comes to David Byrne. The song is dominated by synthesizers and electronic beats and has a bit of techno feel. Initially, Byrne’s voice is much, much lower than it is on classic Talking Heads tracks such as “Psycho Killer,” but about a minute into the song it goes into the higher register that fans are familiar with.

Rolling Stone asked Byrne why he made such a mainstream-sounding record, and the singer replied that he’s cool with a pop sound in a song as long as the lyrics are meaningful and not typical “boy meets girl” bubblegum fare. In the case of “This is That,” I’d say the lyrics are a bit ambiguous but in general appear to be about an ordinary person looking for guidance and hope from a powerful one. Perhaps the narrator of the song is looking for spiritual inspiration and is making financial contributions to a preacher.

No matter what the words mean, I think this is a solid piece of work by Byrne, and I’m happy to see him releasing new material instead of resting on his laurels. Personally, I think the strongest measures of the song are when all of the instrumentation cuts out except for a piano and Byrne’s famous voice.

Indie Rock Band Polica Partners With Neoclassical Group Stargaze

Throughout the history of music, there have always been artists from different musical genres that partner together in order to create something completely new. For many, singer Channy Leaneagh is synonymous with singing in indie rock band Polica. However, it appears that the current Polica line up has slightly changed. Fans of Polica should know that his band has no plans on splitting up. To the contrary, Polica now has plans to partner with neoclassical group Stargaze for both an upcoming album and tour.

The new collaborative album is called “Music for the Long Emergency.” Many are noting that the blend of both neoclassical and indie rock have made for a worthwhile collaboration. Interestingly, the idea for the collaboration between these two bands came from the suggestion of the founder of St. Paul Chamber Orchestra’s Liquid Music. Considering that, The new album maintains the rhythmic qualities of Polica while the addition of strings and other forms of musical experimentation gives way to an entirely new sound for the band.

The tour starring Polica and Stargaze will be taking place throughout the next few months at locations all throughout the United States. The Star Tribune reported that Channy was quoted to say that it is what happens “when musicians of different backgrounds get together.” Both bands have noted that all band members continue to create music and get along very well with each other.

To summarize, legendary indie rock group Polica recently announced that they will release a new album and go on tour with neoclassical band Stargaze. The new album titled “Music for the Long Emergency” has been gaining positive reviews and many fans and critics alike are excited about the upcoming tour. This tour will take place throughout the United States.

Lucy Dacus: A Rising Indie Music Star

Lucy Dacus is a rising Indie songwriter and pop star. However, she has suffered a lot of setbacks. Health struggles, political turmoil and personal responsibilities are some of the things that have made it difficult for Lucy to achieve her dream.

Lucy still managed to record her second album last year. The second album is entitled “Historian”. It will come out on March 2. She believes that this is the album that will take her career to the next level.

Lucy has been trying to make a plunge on the music scene for quite some time. She always wanted to be a singer, but many people discouraged her from pursuing her dream. She was told that music was not an attainable career. Lucy attended film school, but she later dropped out. She also worked as a photo editor.

Lucy spent the last 11 months in the studio and is happy with the finished product. She recorded her first album, which is entitled “No Burden” back in 2015. The album was actually recorded for a school project. She was required to do a musical project over winter break. She recorded the album with Jacob Blizard, who lived with her at the time.

Lucy had been writing songs since she was in the second grade. She writes about faith, gender and creativity. The first song that she released from the album was “I Don’t Wanna Be Funny Anymore.” Tyler Williams is a Richmond musician. He was amazed when he heard Lucy’s album. He stated that it could not possibly be made by a 20-year-old.

Many of Lucy’s songs are about things that she has gone through. She has a song about the death of her grandmother. She also has a song about a breakup. Lucy stated that it is important to write songs that make her feel good.

When SZA Stormed The Grammy Stage

When indie R&B artist SZA took the Grammy stage on January 28, she made quite a splash. SZA proved her critics wrong when she performed “Broken Clocks,” which is one of most well-loved tracks from SZA’s debut album. Wearing a pair of modest platform shows, SZA put in a performance that impressed virtually all of the major commentators. The performance was greatly enhanced by a world-class light show. Although SZA received more Grammy nominations than any other female performer, this dynamic artist went home without any awards.

Even though she didn’t win any Grammies, SZA must be satisfied with the overwhelmingly positive reaction to her televised performance. I think it is certainly possible that SZA will become a major force to be reckoned with. Although SZA is already quite successful in the world of indie R&B, she has yet to achieve mainstream success. Over the course of the next five years, it is highly likely that SZA will establish a large and healthy fan base.

SZA has a unique melodic sensibility. When you hear a SZA song, you hear melodies and harmonies that may stay with you for quite some time. Arguably, SZA’s music is more unique and memorable than the music of major artists like Beyonce and Rihanna. Although popular artists can be quite creative, there’s no question that independent artists tend to be far more quirky and individualistic. If SZA is going to continue to grow her fan base, she will need to become more sophisticated without losing her outsider sensibility. Most of all, I belive SZA must continue to express herself authentically. The public seems to have a pretenatural gift for sniffing out fakes and phones.