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New York City Cardiologist Edward Honig-Practice Makes Perfect

What exactly does a cardiologist do? Why is it necessary for people to know about the services they provide? A cardiologist; also known as a heart doctor by the layman, does many things pertaining to keeping your heart healthy. They are medical doctors who specialize in the heart including diagnosing heart conditions and performing a variety of related surgeries. Such surgeries include bypasses, the installation of pacemakers, and even heart transplants. With more and more people being diagnosed with heart conditions and with our increasing consumption of fatty foods and skyrocketing levels of obesity, people are more likely to need a cardiologist at some point in their lives.

Since we are all born with only one heart, which is 100% necessary for our survival, choosing the right cardiologist is imperative. How do you go about making such an important decision? This isn’t something you want to go into blindly so start by seeing whom your primary care physician recommends. You don’t have to stick with their recommendations and a second opinion is often warranted. Word of mouth from family and friends is usually helpful, as is reviewing potential doctor’s credentials through healthcare websites. is one example of such a site.

Choosing the right cardiologist can be hard to do however, if you live in the New York City area here’s a recommendation for you: Dr. Edward Honig. Dr. Honig has decades of experience working in the field of cardiology. His vast experience includes working at New York City’s Glen Cove Hospital know for its high quality physicians. Finally, if practice makes perfect then Dr. Edward Honig is the most qualified cardiologist for the job.

Dr. Edward Honig is someone with whom you can trust your heart as well as your life. With over sixty years experience, there aren’t many cases which will be able to stump this seasoned professional. Consider this cardiologist who has more experience than most doctors around to care for your heart or the heart of your loved one.  Read more about him by following Dr. Honig on Twitter, or check out his pieces for WingsJournal.