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From Military And Police Work To Running A Sales Department, Ronald Fowlkes Has Consistently Found Success Throughout His Life:

Ronald Fowlkes is a former United States Marine and a former police officer who serves in the role of Business Development Manager at renowned tactical gear company First Spear Tactical. Ronald has built up a highly successful career as the head of the sales department at First Spear and he credits his military and police background with providing him with the tools that have led to his success in business and in life in general.


Ronald Fowlkes has been candid about the fact that he has always had a sincere drive to be the best in any endeavour he engages himself in. This drive is what led him to join the United States Marine Corps in 1989. Ronald Fowlkes enjoyed quite a distinguished career in the Marines. Twice he received merit-based promotions and he had the honor of serving his country as a soldier in the Gulf War. While serving in the corps he was forced to become the best version of himself. He also learned invaluable skills in organization and time management. These skills, along with the knowledge he learned in the area of tactical equipment have helped to mould him into the perfect fit as the Business Development Manager for First Spear Tactical.


Another area of work that helped to develop Ronald Fowlkes into the man he is today was his thirteen-year involvement in the law enforcement field. Ronald’s exit from the Marines was primarily predicated on his desire to not have to continue to drag his family all around the world and to provide a more settled life for them but he still wanted to give back to society and so law enforcement was a natural transition. Ronald had a distinguished term of service with both the St. Louis County and St. Louis Metropolitan Police Departments. His experience in law enforcement also provided more valuable learning experiences that have helped him achieve success as an entrepreneur.


These days, Ronald Fowlkes serves in his position running the sales department for a major tactical gear company, a job that keeps him very busy. He not only keeps in contact with the company’s many high profile clients that include NATO members and major law enforcement organizations but he also holds the responsibility for maintaining the training of the company’s sales representatives. Making sure that they have a deep understanding of the company’s tactical gear products is essential to success.


Ronald Fowlkes also applies the lessons he has learned over his life to pursuits outside of his job. He takes great pride in serving as a mentor to young people. Ronald is the equipment manager for his son’s minor league hockey team as well as the team’s physical fitness trainer. This gives him the chance to have fun being involved in his favorite sport while at the same time supporting his son and helping young people to become the best version of themselves.