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From a College Wait-list to Private Practice – Dr. Jennifer Walden

In the world of plastic surgery, Jennifer Lee Walden has built quite a reputation for herself. This successful doctor has focused her career on successful education, extensive research, and private business. Born and raised in Austin, Texas, she comes from a family that was deeply involved with medicine. Her father was a dentist while her mother worked as a surgical nurse, thus facilitating her interest in a medical career. Dr. Jennifer Walden graduated as a salutatorian, the second best, in her graduate class at the University of Texas Medical Branch after being waitlisted for admittance. She then accepted a fellowship and did a tenure in New York. After giving birth to twin sons, however, Dr. Walden came back to Texas to raise her children near her family. There, she started her own practice in Westlake Hills.

As a fellow at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital, Dr. Walden took part in significant research that enabled people to reintroduce silicone breast implants to the market. Many of her successful endeavors helped her get featured on some of the nation’s news outlets such as ABC, Fox News, and VH1. There, she was introduced as an “expert commentator” who spoke on plastic surgery topics.

Something that differentiates Dr. Walden’s private practice from many others is the use of modern technology. She utilizes 3-D Imaging with some additional state-of-art devices that help her patients get what they need. The extracurricular involvement that this doctor perseveres is just as impressive as her resume. She is a member of organizations such as American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Furthermore, she has also accepted a fellowship offer from the American College of Surgeons. Thus, when not helping her patients and running her practice, Dr. Walden maintains her active involvement with the medical community and other plastic surgeons.

Brazil-Based Copa Star Hospital Upgrades To High Tech Luxury

After three years of construction, and a $400 million investment, Brazil-based Copa Star Hospital is more like a high tech 5-star hotel. It’s not just the updated architectural design, but the concept of a new “smart network” combined with skilled care that has patients clamoring to Copa Star Hospital. Professionals at the hospital say before administrators updated the environment, patients requiring specialized care, including surgeries, had to travel to another facility. The current building has been adapted by all patient needs. Read more on Side Tech.

The latest medical technology, computer systems and supply engineering support the physicians, nurses and many other professional groups at Copa Star Hospital. Integrated operating rooms, the latest generation operating cameras that allow improved visibility and high-resolution monitors that provide an invaluable advantage, especially in minimally invasive surgery. Or take the intensive care unit: It has an innovative patient data management system that will allow, in combination with a new vital signs monitor, a complete documentation of the patient’s disability process, even during transport of patients. This is once again a significantly improvement for patient safety, and doctor monitoring. Because this modernized building is updated in all areas, as a building of optimized processes, it is better for patients, and also good for Copa Star Hospital employees.

The new center has nine operating rooms, recovery rooms for adults and children, 151 beds, and many of the rooms have been retrofitted into hybrid systems. The Copa Star exterior was also retrofitted with a laminate ventilated facade system, which offers better structural protection against weather. This updated building has become a system of change, and better able to improve inpatient and outpatient care.

Patients Look For Luxury

Art pieces, recessed warm lighting, a grand piano, automated curtains, and plasma televisions are just some of luxury upgrades at Copa Star Hospital rooms. At first glance, the expenditures for such luxuries may seem over the top, but not for patients. Many of the hospital’s patients prefer these “comfort benefits” during their stay. Additionally, doctors say environments can make a hospital stay calmer for the patient, which can directly impact recovery.

Most people ignore the fact that hospitals can be stressful on a patient, so to recover well, individuals must find a way to let go of the mental fatigue so they can get better quicker. Your surroundings help you accomplish that. Our body intuitively knows what we need to recover, and part of that it helping the psyche to relax, and part of that strategy when in a hospital is our environment. Copa Star Hospital accomplishes this goal with their newest modernized upgrades. Visit their profile page on