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Garbage To Tour America

This fall, indie rockers Garbage will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the release of Version 2.0 with an American tour of nearly 20 cities. During the tour, the band intends to play all the songs from Version 2.0, as well as B-sides from singles that were produced from around the same time the 1998 album was released.

Shirley Manson, who is the lead singer of the band, said in a statement that she thought that Version 2.0 is an album that truly represents what the band is about. She further said that she and her band mates were thankful for the millions of fans who supported the album when it came out, and those who still love it 20 years after the fact.

The tour starts off in Seattle on September 29, and it then makes its way toward the east coast. It will conclude in Brooklyn on October 27 at the Kings Theatre. Tickets for the tour will begin going on sale starting April 27.

Butch Vig, who is the drummer of Garbage, said that Version 2.0 was an important record for the band, as it represented the fact that they had both grown up and had evolved. It also showed that they had gained a certain degree of confidence. He further said that, while they were recording the record, they made an effort not to reinvent who they were. Instead, they wanted to take their sound and “filter it” through what was then new digital technology. He thinks that it just may be the band’s best record, and he says that it has moments of both clarity and beauty.

Also in honor of the 20th anniversary of Version 2.0, the band on June 22 will re-release the record, which will include the 10 B-sides from singles released around the album’s original release.

Apart from Seattle and Brooklyn, the tour will make stops in, among other places, Chicago, Washington, Boston and Philadelphia.