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Madison Street Capital aims higher after winning the M&A Deal of the Year Award

Madison Street Capital is refocusing its scopes after the firm won the M&A Deal of the Year Award. This award recognizes the firm that had the most breathtaking deal in the mergers and acquisitions sector throughout the year. The award is one of the most coveted ones among those given at the Annual Turnaround Awards organized by M&A Advisor. Madison is a prosperous global investment banking firm operating out of Chicago. The M&A Advisor’s Annual Turnaround Awards were held as the world ushered in the New Year. This particular edition of the awards was the 13th to be organized by M&A Advisor in a row.


Bettering the mergers and acquisitions sector globally


According to the organizers of the event, M&A Advisor, this event’s primary aim is to better the mergers and acquisitions sector globally. This statement carries a lot of weight given that M&A Advisor is the leading media outlet in the sector. This media outlet was started in 1998 and has over the years built itself to become the sector’s watchdog. Madison Street Capital win of the M&A Advisor’s Deal of the Year Award is just one of the categories in this ceremony. There were 275 contestants in this edition of the ceremony competing for the top awards in Transaction of the Year, Professional of the Year, Refinancing of the Year, Product/Service of the Year, Firm of the Year, and Restructuring of the Year.


Aiming higher


In receiving this award, the CEO and Founder of Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway said that with this prestigious award in hand, his firm will now be aiming higher. This will be in terms of the provision of better services to its clients. The head of the Chicago based investment banking firm said that they are not motivated by awards but by providing better services to their clients and from this the recognition will come by itself. He also thanked the organizers of the awards ceremony for seeing that the effort that their firm is putting in serving its clients is the best in the sector. The Madison Street Capital reputation is currently at an all-time high as a result of the M&A Deal of the Year Award.


About Madison Street Capital


This investment banking firm provides top-notch financial opinions, mergers and acquisitions expertise, valuations, and corporate advisory services. Madison Street Capital has made a name for itself by focusing on providing its clients with services that push them to market prosperity. Of late, this firm has been looking to introduce most of its clients to developing markets to better their fortunes.


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Fortress Investment Group, a leader in investment management

Fortress Investment Group is a privately owned equity firm, which was founded in 1998. The founders included Randal a Nardone, Rob Kauffman, and Wesley Edens. The founders have long time experience in financial management firms. Owing to their expertise in investment matters, the company grew into a robust corporate organization within a short time.

Fortress Investment Group rapidly expanded into real estate-related investments, hedge funds, and debt securities. In less than a decade, the company had netted over 39 % of equity fund. The company also went public in the New York Stock Exchange, making history as the first largest private equity firm to trade publicly in the United States.

Currently, Fortress is a diversified global investment management firm with more than 1,700 private and corporate investors in permanent capital vehicles, private equity, and hedge funds. The investments have a collective assets base in excess of $ 40 billion.

Additionally, Fortress Group also takes pride in its strong workforce of approximately 900 people. The team has unmatched expertise in capital markets, operations management, asset-based investing, sector-specific knowledge of companies and institutions, and corporate mergers and acquisitions.

Fortress Investment Group, in its over two decades of existence, has developed deep expertise in managing acquisitions and mergers. This has been achieved because of able personnel who understand and have relationships with a wide range of management professionals, corporate board members, and other corporate stakeholders.

With the application of a forceful tool for deriving value from the highly complex investments, Fortress Investment Group has developed functional operation management strategies for evaluating structural and operation facts when managing its portfolios. As a result, Fortress has become a specialist in capital markets and securing financing through equity markets and debt.

Fortress Group has made tremendous growth and several key acquisitions, namely the Canadian company Intrawest, largest ski resort operator in North America, Penn National Gaming, which operated casinos and horse racing venues and Rail America, Florida East Coast Industries. Fortress Investment Group also ventured into the internationally focused funds to its portfolio that include Asian-oriented funds with the main focus in Japan and the Italian NPL Opportunities Fund.

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Transformers New Movie to be launched, also known as Jingdong, is China’s biggest e-commerce Chinese organization. It’s headquarter is located in Beijing. By the revenue and their transaction history, is one of the huge B2C retailers, managing their business online in China. It’s also a major competitor in comparison with The firm has managed to build 301.8 million of active users as of the first quarter of 2018.

China’s largest retailer company, has been merged with Entertainment Company Hasbro, global play and Paramount Pictures for the celebration of the new Chinese release Transformers movie named as BUMBLEBEE.

In the year 1987, BUMBLEBEE in a small Californian beach city found a refugee in a junkyard. Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld), on the edge, when he was turning 18 and when he tried to find his place across the globe, discovered BUMBLEBEE. He was a broken and battle-scarred character. As soon as Charlie revived BUMBLEBEE, she quickly realized that it was not an ordinary VW yellow bug.

JD at first collaborated with Hasbro and opened a franchise of Transformers in 2017. They released a mini short film, Mission Red in which they introduced two special exclusive Transformer character’s named as Optimus Prime and Red Knight which fought to defend the energon fuel source. They also planned to celebrate their success this year by releasing a series of three more mini shorts. In these short films, they will be featuring Chinese Menswear brand HLA and Panasonic in which Red Knight will protect energon.

Hasbro and JD will also bring Red Knight back to life by making an action figure of this bot. This exclusive action figure was released on 29th Dec 2018 and is only available on JD.

To coincide with the premiere of the film on Jan 4 in China, JD has also launched a “Super BUMBLEBEE Day” sales campaign. During this promotion campaign, more than over 300 million customers of JD purchased BUMBLEBEE movie-themed merchandise from HLA, Panasonic, Hasbro and many more. JD has also invested in designing BUMBLEBEE-themed delivery boxes and multiple delivery vans across China.

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What Was Michael Burwell Up To Before The Move To Willis Towers Watson


Willis Towers Watson, a renowned global advisory company recently announced made public their intention of engaging Michael Burwell as their new CFO. The experienced finance executive was to take over the position of the outgoing Roger Millay who left the company on a voluntary retirement. Michael joins the insurance industry player from Pricewaterhouse coopers where he has worked for the past three decades.


Experience and past engagements

At Pricewaterhouse Coopers Michael Burwell served in different departments and therefore brings on board a wealth of experience. For instance, he spent a decade working on business advisory services in the global financial services provider’s assurance arena. He later moved to Detroit where he was in charge of PWC’s transaction business for the North American Region. His experience in business valuations and assurance, therefore, aligns well with Willis Towers Watson objectives that revolve around providing insurance services to businesses around the world.

He also has a proven track record of hard work and loyalty to a brand and this earned him the position of the auditor’s chief financial officer and also the Chief operations officer for the firm’s United States division in 2009. His contributions here earned him an even higher position when he was named vice chairman for the U.S and global business transformation.


Why Michel Burwell

Willis Towers Watson CEO, John Haley, believes that his company couldn’t have made a better decision in appointing Michael as its Chief Financial Officer. He would go on to shower him with praises mentioning that he has what it takes, to steer the insurer’s financial future. He further added that he is confident about Burwell’s expertise as well as express the company’s gratitude to the outgoing CFO for the years he has dedicated his life to the service of the company.


Burwell’s academic background

Apart from his rich work experience and remarkable leadership skills, Michael Burwell also has an impressive academic background. He not only holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from Michigan State University but is also a certified public accountant (CPA). Skills gained in these two fields and numerous can be attributed to the success he had a financial advisor.


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Why Michael Burwell Is The Perfect Man To Fill The Chief Financial Officer’s Post At Willis Towers Watson


Willis Towers Watson is undoubtedly a prominent global brokerage, advisory and solutions enterprise worldwide. The company recently grabbed the headlines by announcing prompt changes in its top echelons of leadership. Willis Towers pulled out all the stops to appoint Michael Burwell as its new Chief Financial Officer who is set to replace Roger Millay, the outgoing Chief Financial Officer upon attainment of retirement on October 2, 2017.


Michael Burwell is widely considered to be a business maverick and he brings on board over three decades’ worth of experience in finance from PricewaterhouseCoopers. During his illustrious career, he has served in esteemed leadership positions such as Chief Financial and Operating Officer in the U.S, the Head of Transaction Services and Global Transformation in the U.S. Alternatively, his 11 years of unrivaled audit experience and 12 years in the Transaction services come in handy as he takes over the leadership reins of a company accustomed to success.


While addressing a press conference, Willis Towers Watson CEO, John Haley, hailed Michael Burwell’s appointment as a major milestone in steering the company to unprecedented success. Not only is he adept at leading and managing a seasoned team of experts but also keen on building formidable partnerships with clients. His exceptional expertise and invaluable knowledge of transactions are primed to guide the company’s long-term growth and assist in integration efforts.


After obtaining such an influential position, Michael Burwell didn’t hesitate to express his gratitude to the Company’s Board of Management as he looks forward to getting down to business. A recent interview with the brilliant businessman helped shed some insight into his life.


Where Are Ideas Conceived?


Michael Burwell insists that most of the business ideas are essentially derived employees. Their daily interactions with assigned tasks help develop a critical perspective that allows them to intuit concepts that outsiders cannot do.


How Is Productivity Achieved?


Michael Burwell credits staying updated on the latest trends in technology as a key ingredient to staying productive. By taking advantage of all the tools around him, he has harnessed operations with an eye to making life easier.


Best Piece of Advice Frequently Given


According to Michael Burwell, the benefits of networking and nurturing relationships cannot be stressed enough. Not only is it critical in elevating your business but also in obtaining crucial feedback from clients. It is imperative to develop effective communication with colleagues, team members, and investors to attain success in any industry.


Michael Burwell in Brief


Apart from serving as the current Chief Financial Officer at Willis Towers Watson, Michael Burwell has also served as the Vice Chairman and CFO at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. He is a certified public accountant and an alumnus of Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration.


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Southridge Capital Offers Custom Financial Solutions

Based in Connecticut, Southridge Capital has been serving their clients since 1996. Throughout the years, they have helped thousands of different people with their business needs. They specialize in offering financial solutions for a variety of different industries and have many different connections to help them with this process.


Individuals know how much stress debt can add to their relationships. Not only do issues with debt happen between individuals, they happen in business as well. Southridge Capital works to help solve these problems by advising even large corporations about their financial situation. The team at Southridge Capital is diverse and ready to address a wide variety of issues in the world of business.


Since their inception, Southridge Capital has invested $1.8 billion into companies that were on the verge of growth. There have been more than 250 public companies that have received financing from them. The team at Southridge Capital knows that there are many different issues that business can face and they help them prepare a plan to address all of them. For more info you can visit


One of the ways that Southridge assists their clients is through balance sheet optimization. This allows them to find a proper balance between the equity and debt within a company depending on their situation. Their balance sheet is optimized in order to create the results that they are looking for.


Southridge Capital is also experienced when it comes to helping companies through mergers and acquisitions. This process can be complicated and confusing no matter what size the companies involved are, but with the help of Southridge Capital, the process can go as smooth as possible. One of the first things that need to be done to ensure a smooth process during this transaction is to provide an accurate valuation for the merger and acquisition.  You can checkout for more info.


The chief executive officer of Southridge Capital, Stephen Hicks, has upwards of 3 decades in the financial industry. This experience has helped him bring the goals that he has had in mind a reality. The many years of combined experience at Southridge Capital have also built a considerable network of people in many different industries.




Michael Burwell


Michael Burwell is an experienced finance advisor and expert who currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer of Willis Towers Watson. He has over 31 years of experience in professional services and finance industry. To this end, he has experience in such filed as general finance and hand-on lending, consulting, and auditing. Since he began his career, Burwell has gained valuable skills which have allowed him to be an asset in all the organizations he has served in.


Before joining Willis Towers Watson, Michael served in different senior capacities at PwC. He has previously worked as the Head of the Transaction Services Packages a position he held for about 11 years. In his role, he helped PwC audit the experience of its clients. As a result, Michael Burwell’s reputation improved because of his efficient in the role.


He would later be appointed as head of PwC’s activities in the central region. Later, Michael Burwell was appointed the CFO for Global and US Transformation at PwC. In this role, his main role was to address the toxic factors which were hindering the growth of the company. It was while working in this role that Mike demonstrated that he can work effectively in a global company and still win.


Michael graduated from Michigan University where he was awarded a degree in accounting in 1986. He is also a certified public accountant. Due to his career in the finance industry, Michigan State University awarded him the Alumnus of the Year Award in 2010. This was an honor that highlighted his success in his storied career. In the course of his career, he has also served on numerous boards including Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center. He is also known for his engagement in philanthropic work. At Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center, he helps the local community deal with the dangers of drug abuse.


Willis Towers Watson is a global company which offers business consulting and advisory services to both large and small business organizations across the world. The company operates in over 140 countries globally and to-date has served more than 40, 000 different clients. It has made a difference in the business and finance world since it was established more than a hundred years ago.


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Peter Briger Is A Leading Force At Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger is a principal at Fortress Investment Group, one of the United States’ most popular alternative investment firms – it’s so large, Fortress Investment Group (NYSE:FIG) is one of the few such companies to be traded actively on the New York Stock Exchange or the Nasdaq Stock Market.

Fortress Investment Group was founded by Rob Kauffman, Wesley Edens, and Randy Nardone in 1998. Although the three accomplished countless goals and milestones for Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger has done even greater things for the welfare of Fortress.

At the time Fortress Investment Group came out with its initial public offering, Mr. Briger was worth more than a billion dollars. Although its share price isn’t as high as it once was, Fortress Investment Group is a solid buy among most financial news media sources – Mr. Briger also is worth more than $350 million.

The early years of Peter Briger

Pete Briger was fortunate enough to be born to a relatively wealthy family. Having invested tons in his education, the younger Mr. Peter Briger found a spot at Princeton University, one of the finest Ivy League schools. After earning a bachelor’s degree from Princeton University, he then moved on to another Ivy League school to net a graduate-level certificate – a master’s of business administration.

Some two decades after he first started out in the world of finance, Pete Briger found a job with Goldman, Sachs & Co., better known as Goldman Sachs. The investment bank is one of the most valuable in the world.

Mr. Briger spent 15 years with the brilliant financial services minds of Goldman Sachs, where he was trained well for success at Fortress Investment Group.

What Pete Briger is up to today

Mr. Briger, like most of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs, likes to give back to communities all around the world. Peter Briger is an active member of the Princeton Entrepreneurship Council and is also involved in countless philanthropic endeavors. A member of Princeton University’s Class of 1986, Peter Briger, Jr., is one of the most popular alumni of the famous Ivy League standout.

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Michael Burwell Modifies The Investment World


Today, the investment industry has taken a different route. Investors are seeking professions who can assist them make the right investment decision. These experts are highly trained and have adequate experiences. Their projections are always right. Michael Burwell is an adept who can be attributed to several successful projects. Michael Burwell has been in a position to facilitate employees and mentor them where motivation is lacking. He has specialized in the branch of economics that studies the management of money and other assets.


Most of his clients are the upcoming investors who have little knowledge in the field as well as already existing capitalists. Based on his primary interest, Mr. Burwell has had a chance of working with Willis Towers Watson. This firm offers advisory services to commercial enterprises in terms of business ideas, valuation and projections. Having served in the position of a chief financial officer, the performance of this firms has been so high. Michael’s career started immediately after graduating from the University of Michigan. He has had a chance to work in some other business enterprises that dealt with various goods and commodities. Michael Burwell is a financial analyst by profession. Besides, he has also done a professional course in finance. Refer to This Article for more information.


Having been in the industry long enough, whatever Michael Burwell proposes has to be taken into consideration. He has also had a chance of working in an enterprise that specialized more in trade of products. This offered him an opportunity of giving his best since he also happened to be a stakeholder in that company. Michael’s unbeatable performance was a clear indication that he was not just like any other employee. He was one of diligence and commitment towards meeting his daily targets. This attracted the management that awarded him a seat to lead the US transaction division.


Michael Burwell is a democratic type of a leader who invites other individuals to give their views in certain areas. This has made him so successful and more so his projects. He has also embraced the new ways of doing things with the new technology. He appreciates that business practices are dynamic and are most affected by the level of technology.



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Michael Burwell Brings Decades Of Talent To Willis Towers Watson


Michael Burwell is honored to serve Willis Towers Watson in the position of Chief Executive Officer. He began his duties as CFO in August of 2017 and brought over 20 years of experience in auditing and transaction services. This history is sure to help Willis Towers Watson, a company that is one of the leaders in broking and solutions as well as advising, grow even more in the upcoming years.


Their Chief Executive Officer, John Haley, is excited to have Michael Burwell on the team and looks forward to what he will be able to bring to Willis Towers Watson. Michael Burwell is very pleased with the team that he is working with and very much so enjoys the current corporate culture that is in place. Through great leadership, a commitment to their clients, and a sense of inclusivity and teamwork makes Willis Towers Watson a company that Michael Burwell is looking forward to growing with.


Michael Burwell graduated in 1986 from Michigan State University and worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers for many years before making the move to Willis Towers Watson. He has a deep love for the city of Detroit and sees the troubled city as being on the verge of a considerable amount of growth and transformation for the better. He appreciates that the younger generation is looking to revitalize these communities that are going through hard times instead of simply abandoning them for other cities. This new generation will also be highly affected through the use of big data in business and Michael Burwell is making sure Willis Towers Watson is going to be ready to handle the needs of their clients. At Willis Towers Watson, there is almost always exciting news and changes being made to ensure the growth of the company for their clients. View More Information Here.


In his spare time, Michael Burwell enjoys relaxing with a good game of golf and has been playing since he was a child. He still enjoys playing with his family and enjoys watching the people around him having a good time. While he does sometimes compete, he prefers a casual game with friends over anything.



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