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The Film Producer Lawrence Bender

Born on 17th October 1957, Lawrence Bender is an American film producer who became famous after producing Reservoir Dogs in 1992. Ever since, he has been producing Quentin Tarantino movies except for Django Unchained, Death Proof, and The Hateful Eight. Lawrence also produces documentaries. In his many years as a film director, he has been nominated thrice for the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Lawrence Bender is a Jew who was born in Bronx, New York but grew up in New Jersey. His father was a college professor and his mother a kindergarten teacher. While in high school, he decided to become a civil engineer just like his grandfather who he admired. That is the reason he went to the University of Maine from where he graduated in Civil Engineering in 1979. While at the university, he fell in love with dancing and actually worked as a dancer for a couple of years later until an injury stopped him.

Personal Life

Lawrence Bender is a passionate political and social activist. He works on the dean’s advisory board to the Harvard’s JFK School of Government. Bender is also a Foreign Relations’ member of the council. He spends most of his time organizing political and social fundraisers in Los Angeles when not working on his films. The National Wildlife Federation also honored Lawrence Bender as a wildlife hero.


Lawrence has directed tons of movies, including Good Will Hunting, Inglorious Basterds, Pulp Fiction, and Intruder, among others. However, my favorite film is the Pulp fiction. It is not because the film won an Oscar for the best script but the fact that it is an incredible movie. The conversations are just amazing, and I love the way they have used soundtracks. Although it goes on for more than two hours, I can never get bored watching it. The actors have given an impeccable performance too. John Travolta, the lead actor who casts as a hitman together with his partner, Jules Winnfield, have outdone themselves. I cannot forget to mention the last 15 minutes that leaves me on the edge of my seat. The film is a masterpiece that I would recommend to any movie enthusiast.