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Culture Trap Release First Single on Streaming Services

Culture Trap, an experimental acoustic folk band, from South Central, Kentucky, made their rounds last year on the Kentucky indie circuit, winning fans, industry insiders, and lovers of artistically poised storytelling music. Culture Trap resonate with a dark driving energy that leave their songs imprinted on the psyche, the heart, and the mind of the listener and the band bear enough weight lyrically to drive home tales of heartbreak, strained faith, and desperation. The duo consists mainly of vocalist Benjamin Foster, and guitarist John Copas, but the two are joined frequently by varying percussionists, and other musicians. Culture Trap recently released their first single on Spotify, Pandora, and various other music streaming providers.

‘City Don’t Sleep’ is a hauntingly beautiful lullaby about insomnia, loss of self, and being lost in a city that swallows you up. The lilting guitar on the track pulls the listener in and provides the swaying waltz melody of the guitar-and-vocal-only, stripped down, track. Lyrically, the song is a cascading, flowing, piece of poetry, weaving inner rhymes, and simple melodies, into an intricate, yet humble, piece of songwriting and craft. Though the song only features Foster and Copas, City Don’t Sleep is a study into the heart of this indie two-piece, with its two constant members offering up a heartfelt ballad sure to win further fans for the Kentucky based neo-folk project.

With the release of City Don’t Sleep, Culture Trap have established themselves in the national indie scene, and will further enhance their relationship with fans as they hit the road in 2018. With an upcoming video and second single release, the indie acoustic duo shows no signs of slowing down in the new year. With new supporting musicians, new songs, and new releases forthcoming, Culture Trap are supplying an ever changing and evolving sound for indie, acoustic, and folk fans. For information on upcoming Culture Trap shows, and to hear new releases as they drop visit the band’s Spotify at: