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Is Lime Crime’s New Hair Dye The Real Deal?

Hair dyes are some of the most commonly used hair care products on the market today, and they have been for quite some time. These products allow the user to totally transform his/her look in just a matter of minutes. Just about every major hair care brand offers a hair dye and Lime Crime is no exception. This company was founded by Doe Deere in 2008, and it has grown into an international powerhouse in this exclusive industry. Yes, it’s well-known for its brilliant makeup products, but Deere has taken it a step further by introducing hair care products. The Unicorn Hair Collection has created a buzz for the fall season, and its trending purple hair complexions personifies this notion best.

Lime Crime, and its diversity is also helping to set itself apart from the competition. These new hair dyes give the user a much darker tone thanks to their deeply pigmented components. It would be extremely hard trying to purchase another brand with intensely dark pigments. The unicorn hair products have previously come in bold, bright colors. The new hair care products are going to show you its dark side.

This would include the hues of Sea Witch (mermaid’s green tail), Charcoal (dusty gray), Chestnut (deep maroon) and the ever-popular Squid (spooky purple). The industry has been set on fire by the release of these products and the sells have been consistent. Dare to be different? LimeCrime is putting the keys in your hands, but it’s up to you to do the driving. These products are much easier on the hair and the scalp, especially when being compered to other hair dye brands. Team unicorn lacks all of the harsh chemical additives, but it retains the hair’s strength in the process.

The future is in great hands as long as LimeCrime is on the scene. This eclectic brand will continue to push the boundaries while reshaping the cosmetic landscape and that’s a fact.