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Mighty Fortress Church Bring Message Of Hope To Brooklyn, Minnesota Community

In Brooklyn, Minnesota, there is one place where people can come to feel a sense of community and a oneness with Jesus. A place where worship is as much as a time of celebration as it is a time of reflection. This place, Mighty Fortress Church, is home to some of the most passionate and hard-working messengers of the Holy Bible.

Ministered by Senior Pastor Dr. Tom R. Williams, Mighty Fortress International Ministries brings weekly services to the Brooklyn, Minnesota community through sermon and music. Spreading the Word of God, Dr. Williams uses his life experience and his insight into the Holy Scripture to bring enlightenment to a packed house of members of the community. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at Crunchbase.

One of the unique aspects of Mighty Fortress Church is that the ministry creates an intimate sense of community while still remaining open to anyone who wishes to hear the teachings of the Holy Scripture. So what is a weekly service like at Mighty Fortress Church? It is a joyous and life-affirming experience where lessons are taught by Dr. Williams followed by glorious music and song from the Mighty Fortress Church choir. Every week, a new lesson is learned as well as an opportunity for members of the church to connect with each other. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on

As overseer of Mighty Fortress Church, Senior Pastor Dr. Tom R. Williams works hard to spread the word of Christ during service as well as reach out to the poverty-stricken and needy throughout the community. With over 30 years experience spreading the word of God, Senior Pastor Williams has literally touched thousands in the Brooklyn, Minnesota community with his outreach and sermons.

Located at 6400 85th Avenue North, Mighty Fortress Church welcomes any and all peoples to attend their weekly services. It is this message of inclusiveness that helped the community strive through the message of the Holy Scripture.


New Talk Fusion Product Live Meetings Introduced

The marketing company Talk Fusion has recently introduced a new product that will likely help a number of individuals and businesses communicate. A new product known as Live Meetings will allow people to hold meetings via internet video. As a result, they will be able to interact with each other more frequently and in a more convenient manner. They can talk to one another at any time no mater where they are in the world. This will prove to be ideal for businesses that will prefer to hold meetings online from the privacy of an office or a home. This new product is the latest one that was developed and released by the founder of Talk Fusion Bob Reina. He believes that this new product will help enhance the process of online communication in the near future.


Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion in the mid 2000’s decade in an effort to improve internet communication and marketing. He launched this company after working in the network marketing field for a number of years. At the beginning of his career, Bob worked as a police officer. While he was serving as a police officer, he would sell products to individuals in order to make a supplemental income. Reina was very proficient at selling products and decided to pursue this full time. Therefore, he quit his job a police officer and then focused on network marketing for a few years. He would eventually come up with the idea of offering videos in order to run marketing campaigns. Within a short time period, his company took off and he was able to build Talk Fusion into one of the most successful marketing companies around.


Over the years Bob has developed a number of products that have helped many people communicate and market themselves. His company specializes in selling internet marketing video campaigns that allow individuals to use live video messages to promote things rather than written statements. This has helped create a new innovation in the marketing industry. This new innovation has been yet another thing that can be used to convey messages on the internet. Due to success of his company, Bob has looked to donate to charitable organizations. He has recently donated funds to an orphanage in Indonesia as well as the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Reina urges his distributors to donate to their favorite cause by offering them a free video. Learn  more:

Bob Reina, Developer of the first video marketing solution

Bob Reina is the founder and chief executive officer of Talk Fusion. He pinpointed the emerging video trends for 2017 and discussed how the techniques of the 2016 videos affected the marketing techniques used for the 2017 videos. His video discussing these trends was released to Martech advisors who shared it with their global network of viewers that is comprised of over 1.1 million subscribers.


When Bob opened Talk Fusion in 20017 he wanted his company to change lives and communities. Talk Fusion was born from the idea of being able to send video’s in Emails. In 2004 while Bob was touring a house he potentially wanted to buy he took a short ten second video clip. He opened his AOL and tried to send the video and was disappointed to discover it could not be done. He reached out to a lifelong friend of his, Dr. Jonathan Chen, and they developed video email. Later this evolved into what would be known as the world’s first all in one video marketing solution. Prior to his startup of Talk Fusion, Bob graduated first in his class at the police academy at the university of south Florida. With the idea of giving back, helping people and building dreams, Talk Fusion began down a path of positive community involvement. Talk Fusion and independent Associates in over 140 countries help give back to promote great change. Bob donated a million dollars to the Tampa Bay humane society and he offered monetary support to orphanages in Indonesia.


To help keep his employees at Talk Fusion active in giving he has promoted a program where each employee can give one free account to the charity of their choice. These accounts provide free video chat, conference, newsletters, sign up forms and emails. His company has also been actively involved in helping with donations and clean-up efforts from the Nepal earthquake victims, Japanese tsunami victims and lifesaving involvement in the lives of countless animals affected by natural disasters. Learn more: