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Academy of Art University: Future of Art

Academy of Art University held its 21st runway fashion showcase for New York Fashion Week on September 9th 2017. Ten aspiring BFA and MFA graduates released five womenswear pieces, as well as to menswear pieces and two collaborations to the fashion debut. Fashion show limelight shined on Skylight Clarkson Square, the official residence for all things Style and fashion. The designers themselves came from a nice spread of diversity. There were designers from China to a few other far off places that introduced a unique range of ideas in silhouettes, patterns, materials and craftsmanship techniques that impressed those attending the show. Among the attendees included America’s Next Top Model, Ms. J Alexander and Sara Kozlowski, Professional Development at CFDA and Director of Education. Every last workshop, class, internship and “last minute” hours of painstaking labor and preparation boiled down to the fifteen minutes of runway excitement. In the presence of peers, classmates, potential career mentors, professionals and the whole world from livestream, watched what these designers had to share.


Since 1929, Academy of Art University was established in San Francisco, California by Richard S. Stephens. With 283 full-time teachers and 1154 part-time teaching staff, and about 18,000 students. It is said to be the largest privately owned art institution in the nation.


Sunset Magazine’s own creative director and founder, Richard S. Stephens aspires to transform students into professionals of industry. He thought that anyone pursuing artistry interests could learn the crafts they need if given appropriate training, diligence and “elbow grease”. Richard S Stephens also felt students ought to be admitted into an art institution regardless of experience. Most importantly, education need be delivered by true experts.


By the devotion of present President Dr. Elisa Stephens as well as Chairman Emeritus Richard A. Stephens, the goal of Academy of Art University is to succeed with a professional faculty, top-notch facilities and curriculum in many study avenues. Majors include: Acting, Architecture, Art Education, Fashion, Fine Art, Graphic Design, Motion Pictures, Multimedia, Music, Photography, Landscaping and more! Graduates have launched careers with many impressive companies such as Nike, Apple, and many others.


Squaw Valley Resort Assures of Quality Water and Safety

Squaw Valley; a leading Ski Resort in North America issued, an extended statement in December 2016 responding to Sierra Sun’s news that coliform and E. coli bacteria were found in the drinking water at its upper mountain. Since then, there has been improvement after the water was treated consistently. Wesley Nicks; an Environmental Health director of Placer County, confirmed that three out of the four wells serving upper parts of the mountain showed negligible levels coliform and no E. coli. However, upper mountain restaurants remained closed as the skiers were not allowed to drink water until the problem was completely solved and top-to-bottom skiing authorized to safely continue at the well-known ski resort.

Liesl Kenny, Squaw Valley’s Public Relations Director, issued a statement providing facts about the quality of water at the upper mountain of Squaw Valley. The Director reported that a strangely heavy rain storm affected many Placer County’s water systems. At Squaw Valley, the strange weather occurrence led to flooding of an improved water system that was upgraded at Gold Coast and High Camp.  Fortunately, the issue was limited to that system and none of Squaw Valley’s other water systems were affected. Moreover, no contaminated water was issued to the public.

They also consulted with other important water safety professionals and with their help took steps to tackle the issue. Additionally, they promised to continue working on it until the water in the system had normalized. They did not use the water at Gold Coast and High Camp until they got assurance from the health officials and other professionals concerning the safety of the water. The safety of Squaw Valley’s clients is paramount and they took the issue seriously as they do with all other safety issues at the resort.

Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows is an international mountain resort in North Lake Tahoe, U.S. It covers more than 6,000 skiable acres. It also features slope-side lodging at Squaw Valley Village; an all-time busy location with continuous events and almost 60 bars, boutiques, and restaurants. The resort is known as the spring skiing capital as it offers one of the longest snowboard and ski seasons in Lake Tahoe.