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Whitney Wolfe Herd Looks Is Made Of Iron, She Casts Her Eyes To The Horizon

You have probably heard that Tinder’s parent organization, Match Group is taking Bumble to court over patent infringement claims. It is a lawsuit worth your attention and one that is likely to stir a storm but Bumble CEO doesn’t seem to be distracted from by the unfolding events. Ms. Whitney Wolfe was quoted by the Evening Standard saying that it is swiping left on the infringement claims.

Match Group is a fashion outfit that owns several dating sites such as PlentryOfFish and Tinder. The group accuses tinder of infringing on several patents including the controversial Tinder Swipe. Whitney Wolfe Herd, who is Bumble’s founder and CEO, claims that Match Group has been inching closer and making unwelcome attempts to buy Bumble. She says that match Groups Shenanigans include numerous attempts to copy everything that Bumble does. Whitney Wolfe further warns that Bumble will not take any further intimidation from the aggressive Match Group. The CEO disclosed Bumble’s position on the looming lawsuit in an open letter that was issued earlier today.In what seems an emotional reaction to the latest developments, Ms.Wolfe states that Bumble has had enough and will not take the overtures lying down.

Take over Bid by Match Group

Match Group has already filed a suit claiming that Bumble is imitating the general feel and look of Tinder’s functionality. Pundits, however, say that it seems that there are other motives that are driving the action by Match Group. Last year, Match Group proposed buying Bumble for $450 billion, a proposal that was turned down by Bumble. Analysts say that Bumble may be worth thrice as much as the offer by Match Group. Whitney Wolfe asserts that Bumble is an all-woman initiative and that it is prepared to protect its own at whatever cost. The Bumble CEO points out that her organization has a keen eye on maintaining high values.

Bumble is a matchmaking app that was started by Whitney W. Herd. The dating app has attracted over 20 million users so far. Bumble uses a feminist approach to online dating. Whitney, Bumble’s CEO recently got married in a wedding ceremony that brought Southern Italy to a standstill in early October 2017.

Bumble launched Bumble Bizz recently; an app designed for mentoring and professional networking. The app allows users to swipe and find links for networking with among the 20 million Bumble users. Bumble dating platform is designed in such a way that the woman makes the first move towards a relationship. Bumble BFF was introduced earlier to enable users to find new best friends.

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Lori Senecal Recommends Guerrilla Marketing Online

We all know how difficult online advertising can be. Sure, there are many opportunities with online advertising that do not exist with traditional advertising. However, online advertising is becoming very competitive. Therefore, it is imperative to take risks and to try out new approaches with your online advertising strategy. Companies that are not willing to try out new methods will fail. Lori says that one new method to try out, which will help your brand stand out from your competition, is guerilla marketing.

Now, guerilla marketing is usually thought of as marketing that is done at trade shows, such as giving out branded pens and keychains. However, there is also a kind of guerilla marketing online. You have to share an experience that is unique and that will make your viewers want to learn more. It can be a new kind of advertising, such as virtual reality. Whatever it is, you need to make sure that you reach the right audience and that you entice your viewers to take action.

At Lori Senecal’s firm, every marketing approach must have three aspects. It must be targeted towards the right audience. It must be creative, unique, one of a kind, and create an experience that mesmerizes the audience. Finally, it must actually entice viewers to take some sort of action, whatever that action may be.

Lori Senecal is the Global CEO at Crispin Porter + Bogusky. She is in charge of the global growth of the company and the coordination between the various offices they have all around the world. Because of her leadership, the firm received the Creativity Innovators of the Year award from Advertising Age. In addition, Lori Senecal herself was chosen as one of four Agency Executives to Watch for the year of 2016.

Lori Senecal studied at McGill University, where she received her Bachelor or Commerce in marketing and finance. She worked at McCann Erickson and McCann Worldgroup as a Global Chief Innovation Officer and as the head of the New York office of McCann Erickson. She was the president, chairman and CEO of Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners. Follow her on Twitter.

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Susan McGalla Breaks Through The Glass Ceiling

Susan McGalla is a very successful businesswoman. She has held leadership positions in a number of well-known companies and is highly-respected for her vision, unique skillset and expertise. Born in East Liverpool, Ohio, McGalla graduated from Mount Union College with a bachelor’s degree in marketing and business. She started her career in 1986 and held several different managerial and marketing positions at the Joseph Horne Company before leaving in 1994. A year later she was hired by American Eagle Outfitters as a women’s clothing divisional buyer.

During her time at the company, McGalla held a variety of managerial positions. The company moved her to their flagship brand, American Eagle, as Chief Merchandising Officer and president. They were so impressed with her work, they made CMO and president of the entire company. While serving as American Eagle’s president, Susan McGalla helped to start the 77kids and aerie brands. In 2009, she left the company and worked in the financial investment and retail industries as a private consultant. McGalla was also appointed to commercial real estate services company, HFF Inc., board of directors.

In 2011 McGalla became Wet Seal, Incorporated’s CEO. She remained with the company for 18 months. She then founded P3 Executive Consulting. Susan McGalla is now the Pittsburg Steelers’ business strategy and creative development vice president. A former University of Pittsburg trustee, McGalla is Allegheny Conference on Community Development director and is on the board of the Magee-Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation. McGalla is highly respected for her expertise in marketing, branding, product merchandizing, business strategy, team building, digital marketing, e-commerce, as well as talent and operational management.

The daughter of an Ohio football coach, Susan McGalla has two brothers. She’s married to wealth manager Stephen McGalla and serves on the board of advisors of her alma mater Mount Union College. Among the youngest women to be CEO of a Fortune 500 company, McGalla said it wasn’t easy breaking through the glass ceiling. It took a combination of tenacity, talent, patience and the right personality to succeed. While she was very young, she was taught the value of hard work and told being a woman shouldn’t stop her from attaining her goals.

McGalla’s experience as a successful corporate executive provides her with a unique perspective on women thriving in the workplace. She’s spoken on women in business to many groups including the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh.