Bradesco’s New Chairman Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Is Preparing For Another Profitable Year

Brazil’s Central Bank is giving Brazilians a brighter economic outlook thanks to the one percent GDP growth in 2017, and the 2.7 percent projected GDP growth in 2018. If those figures materialize, Brazil’s emerging market growth will equal the economic growth in the United States.

Predicting economic growth in Brazil was out of the question two years ago, thanks to a recession that gave Brazil a black eye in the investment sector, according to Banco Bradesco’s new chairman, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi. Cappi is not a newcomer to the Bradesco family. He’s been a permanent fixture in Bradesco’s Sao Paulo headquarters for the last 39 years. Cappi is the third chairman in the bank’s history, thanks to his stellar performance as the bank’s CEO for the last eight years. The interesting part of the Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi story is he’s not a typical banker. He didn’t study accounting or finance at the University of Sao Paulo. He was a philosophy major, and he later got a graduate’s degree in psychology.

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But Trabuco Cappi saw an opportunity when he sat in front of founder Amador Aguiar, and CEO Lázaro de Mello Brandão in 1969. Both men were turning the small Marilia bank into Brazilian banking powerhouse, and they saw potential in Cappi. The rest of the Cappi story is well-publicized. He went from director to vice-president then president of the insurance division, Seguros in 2003, and at the end of 2009, Lázaro de Mello Brandão gave him the keys to the bank’s president and CEO office. And Cappi didn’t disappoint Brandão. Lázaro is one of Brazil’s top bankers, and he is the oldest bank chairman on record. In fact, Lázaro holds the oldest bank chairman in the world title. But Mr. Brandão is ready to get out of the banking spotlight. The six-member Board of Directors gave Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Brandão’s job a couple of months ago. Cappi is now the CEO and the Chairman of the second biggest lending and investment institution in Brazil.

To say Bradesco is on a positive roll in the banking sector is an understatement. Brandão is leaving the bank at a monumental time. Investors are jumping on the bank’s stock because it could be the best investment opportunity in 2018, according to some financial analysts. Wall Street investors are anxiously awaiting the Bradesco’s new CEO announcement next month. The new CEO will take over from Cappi after the March shareholders meeting. Bradesco’s Board of Directors is not looking at candidates from other banks. The new CEO will come from the list of seven candidates that currently hold executive positions in the Bradesco organization.

The seven candidates have years of experience working with Cappi, so the internal momentum will not miss a beat once the new CEO is in place according to All the men know the bank’s mission and all of them are a part of the bank’s current success. No one in the Bradesco organization is publically picking a winner, but bank employees think there are one or two candidates that have the inside track. Those candidates could fill the position without missing a beat in terms of profit projections and the expansion of assets under management, according to some investors. Those two candidates are Alexandre Glüher, the bank’s risk manager and deal maker, and IT wiz, Mauricio Machado de Minas. Mauricio is responsible for setting up the bank’s digital spin-off.

But no one is ruling out the five other candidates. And for good reason. Octavio de Lazari heads up the bank’s insurance arm. Josué Augusto Pancini is the man who oversees more than 5,300 bank branches. Andre Cano, the human resource manager, is a long-time Bradesco employee, and lending specialist Domingos Figueiredo Abreu is an astute and knowledgeable employee. Marcelo Noronha may be the dark horse candidate, but his investment expertise may be the thing that puts him in the CEO’s seat in March.

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How Dr. Mark McKenna Has Pursued Entrepreneurship

During the course of his professional career, Dr. Mark McKenna has owned business in both the real estate industry and medical industry. He is a graduate of the Tulane University School of Medicine which is where he earned his MD. The first business he owned, though, was McKenna Venture Investments. He owned many properties around New Orleans. Like many other people, though, Hurricane Katrina destroyed most of his properties.

Seeking to rebuild his real estate investment firm, Dr. Mark McKenna started to buy inexpensive homes in New Orleans, make improvements on them, and then sell them within a year, a process known as “house flipping”. He was successful at this but for a variety of reasons he decided to move to Atlanta, Georgia. Once settled in he opened his new new venture, ShapeMed. ShapeMed was an aesthetic and wellness company. His company offered a variety of procedures such as laser hair removal, body sculpting, and weight loss management. Eventually, the success of this company led to another firm buying it, Life Time Fitness Inc. They began to incorporate Shapemed offices into the gyms that they owned and retained Dr. Mark McKenna after the sale as one of their top executives.

Eventually Life Time Fitness was bought out by another firm. Dr. Mark McKenna decided at this time to depart the firm. He is now working on a new concept for a company, OVME, which expects to release its app next year. This business will be national in scope which is a first for a business in this industry. How it will work is people use the app to someone a medical professional to their home who’s specialty is aesthetics. They will do the requested procedure(s) in this person’s home. This will work basically similarly to other popular apps such as Uber where you summon someone to your home to provide a service.

Dr. Mark McKennas is married and his wife’s name is Gianine. They have one daughter as well as a Pomeranian dog at home. Professionally he has joined the Entrepreneurs Society as a member and has served on the board of a few nonprofits.


Madison Street Capital Growing Businesses and Communities

Global firm, Madison Street Capital offers valuation services, mergers, and acquisitions expertise, and financial advisory services for public and privately held companies. The Chicago based firm has established its name for enabling enterprises to access credit.

One of the beneficiaries of Madison Street Capital advisory services is Illinois-Based, Vital Care Industries. In 2014, Madison Street Capital facilitated the financing of the company by linking it to a lender.

Madison Street Capital also structured the merger between DCG Software Value, a software analysis and support provider and the Spitfire Group in early 2017. As the sole advisor for ARES Security, Madison Street Capital initiated a transaction involving subordinated debt and minority recapitalization.

A sale-leaseback deal worth over $ 13 million arranged by Madison Street Capital in March 2017, enabled WLR Automotive Group to generate capital for operations and growth. The transaction also featured Texas company, SCF Realty Capital.

Madison Street Capital also assisted Maintenance System Management access financing in 2017.

Maintenance System Management through their president lauded the investment banking company for its ability to provide advisory services that meet the immediate need.

The Madison Street Capital employees are experts in assisting mid-market firms across diverse sectors and niche markets to achieve optimal outcomes. The team analyzes the unique client needs and customizes solutions geared towards maximizing the customer’s potential, finding the best match between buyers and sellers, creating capitalization structures and arranging financing.

Madison Street Capital has an extensive network ranging from contacts in financial and strategic sectors to connections with the principal decision makers and comprehensive resources. The client base is made up of companies with revenues between $10-$500 million, EBITDA of $1 to$ 50 million and growth potential of about 10% of the yearly sales.

In 2015, Anthony Marsala, Madison Street Capital co-founder and COO received the 40 under 40 Award by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts.

The award honors accomplished young business leaders in valuations, mergers, and other financial transactions. Subsequently in 2016, Madison Street Capital was a finalist in the M&A Advisor Awards. The award presented by finance professionals recognizes companies that have structured admirable acquisitions, financing or restructuring deals. Learn more about Madison Street Capital:

Madison Street Capital earned a nomination from experts as the 2016 top boutique investment banking firm and was a finalist in the best industrial merger category valued at less than 100 million dollars. The firm is the recipient of the 2017 Turnaround Award that acknowledges Madison Street Capital’s role in restructuring transactions valued at less $25 million. The Better Business Bureau accords Madison Street Capital an A+ rating.

In line with the corporate vision, Madison Street Capital supports several community initiatives. The company made donations toward the kitty for persons affected by severe weather in Eastern and Midwestern US in 2011. Madison Street Capital also partners with nonprofits such as American Red Cross and the United Way. The investment banking firm is committed to building great businesses among communities in the US.

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Boraie Development: The Sky is The Limit

Summers is here, with it are good tidings. Boraie development in conjunction with The Provident Bank Foundation is bringing back the Free Summer Movie Series. The movies will be shown at the world-class State Theater in New Jersey. The movies tickets will be free, and all and sundry are welcome. This will give the generations of all demographic a chance to enjoy movie experience in world-class theater. This is part of the larger target to attain high audience of Boraie development. Movies to be featured include Frozen, The Extra-Terrestrial, Monster University, Aladdin, and the famous Despicable Me 2.

Boraie is on the road to establishing affordable entertainment to the family as a whole. In this quest, they are leaving nothing to chance. Their prime target for the summer is about 7,500 families. To aid in this experience, Provident bank foundation which is one of the sponsors has gone out of its way. It has equipped the theater with modern HD digital cinema projections. As much as the screen goes, nothing beats the 46’ Stewart film screen. The viewer’s experience has also been beefed up by the 1,850 seats available. This means you can enjoy the great experience that comes along with it. The digital surround system has also been updated for an experience like no other, as stated by New Jersey State. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Boraie development is a real estate company. The company majorly deals with property management, marketing, and real estate. The company has one of the best teams in the entire New Jersey. It is one of the most exquisite real estate firms out there. The development acquires its capital from private banks to accomplish their mission. They are re-known for setting up groundbreaking projects that have seen investors from all over the country stumble to get a piece. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms for more.

The latest project New Brunswick, Aspire, is on its verge of final touches. Boraie development has promised that it will be best for all their projects. It is set to attract quite many well-known investors as well as act as a residential apartment. Sam Boraie who is the president of the company went against the odds in this project. Contrary to the custom, New Brunswick project was built in a New York-Style condo. Mr. Boraie has been known as the ultimate entrepreneur who has ensured skyscrapers rise to the clouds for a better New Jersey.

A Foundation Change for the Immigrants

The campaign of now President Donald Trump has shown that racism still exists in America on a grand scale. Running on the platform that he would export all illegal immigrants back to Mexico and then build a wall to keep them out, he touched a fire in the hearts of many people who would than back him and vote for him.

One such person was Sheriff Joe Arpaio whose racist policies as Sheriff infuriated people like Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, the founders of the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, being Arizona natives, hear about and see immigration every day. Their hearts go out to their fellow human beings, who only want a better life here in America. They have dedicated their lives and their foundation to restoring immigrant rights. Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund financially supports groups who openly advocate for rights to be given to immigrants.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin understand that this is not a fight they can win by themselves. The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was created to empower other non-profits and train them how to advocate for the immigrant cause.

Actually, the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was born out of a time when Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were standing up for the immigrant’s cause.

Before the Lacey and Larkin Fontera Fund was founded, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin ran two media outlets; The Phoenix New Times and the Village Voice Media. They used these outlets to uncover the conspiracy that Sheriff Joe Arpaio was targeting Latinos because of their race.

Of course, Joe Arpaio did not like that very much. In retaliation, on October 18, 2007, he got together his “Selective Enforcement Unit” and illegally entered the homes of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. It was then that Sheriff Joe Arpaio arrested them. Sheriff Joe Arpaio was hoping this illegal arrest would quiet Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. He was wrong.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin would take the Maricopa County to court. The case was seen, and Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin would win $3.75 million.

It was then that Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin’s passion was truly revealed. They could have put that money right in their bank accounts and lived their lives in comfort. Instead of doing that though, they used the money to create the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

About Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

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The Frontera Fund: What It Is And How It Began

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are two journalists who have been taking a stand against abuses of power in law enforcement, and exposing racial profiling, illegal activity, and other injustices. Lacey and Larkin founded The Frontera Fund after being unfairly arrested by a determined Arizona sheriff who did not like that they unraveled and brought his questionable actions to light.

Arizona Deputee Joe Arpaio played a significant role in the arrest and detention of the writers by signing off on their capture . If you are wondering whether or not their First Amendment rights were violated, the answer is “Yes.” Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were arrested without probable cause which sparked the foundation of The Frontera Fund.

Lacey and Larkin’s Frontera Fund began after their unconstitutional arrest and aims to support Mexican immigrants who are often the target of discrimination in Arizona. Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the two journalists stand on completely opposite sides of the fence when it comes to immigration laws and specifically the assimilation and employment of Latino’s in this country. On the one hand Lacey and Larkin seek to defend those who are racially demonized, and on the other, Joe Arpaio is focused on promoting fear, distrust, and paranoia among the different nationalities.

Due to having their First Amendment rights restricted, Lacey and Larkin founded the news website FrontPageConfidential, which seeks to provide up to date news on First Amendment related cases and act as a platform for free speech.


Larkin and Lacey Use Foundation for Positive Purpose

Recently, women who were playing tennis were discriminated against. This was a human rights issue and something that many human rights groups had problems with. This was because they were treated unfairly and were not paid the same as men. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

It was also something that should not be happening in the year of 2017 because of all of the advances and the long way that the country has supposedly come, but it was still something that happened. Now, human rights advocates are fighting against the group in combination with the women who were discriminated against. This was something that was hard for people to be able to deal with and something that was hard for others to catch onto.

People like Larkin and Lacey wanted to see what was going on with human rights when they first started and that is how they became activists. They realized that there were so many issues with human rights and that most people didn’t have the rights that they deserved.

It was a huge problem for those who wanted to be able to experience more and for those who wanted to have a truly successful life no matter their gender or their skin color. Others also wanted the chance to be able to have their voice heard and Larkin and Lacey did what they could to make that happen, too. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Michael Larcey | Crunchbase

Through their foundation, The Frontera Fund, Larkin and Lacey are doing what they can to help other people out. They feel that everyone deserves a chance at a better life and they don’t think that skin color or gender should have an impact on that.

They also think that most people need to be able to have the chance to be successful so that they can make their own lives better without issues that often come from the government and from others who did not know what to do to make things better for them.

As Larkin and Lacey have learned in their long journey with human rights, things are always going to get better. They know that the people who they represent should have a chance at a better life and that they should be able to experience more so that they will be even more successful in different areas. All of this has made a huge difference and has shown Larkin and Lacey what they can do to help others out with the issues that they are experiencing.

The Frontera Fund is a foundation that is dedicated to all of the people who are able to do different things. It is something that has gotten better over time and something that has made things easier on other people so that they will be able to experience a better life.

As far as things have gone for Larkin and Lacey, the Frontera Fund will continue to make things easier for people and will give them all of the opportunities that they need to be able to survive in the United States with Human Rights.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Take Free Speech Support to New Level

Front Page Confidential is now here! It is the newest site to be launched by famous journalists Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are the founders of the Frontera Fund. They founded it to help protect the rights of immigrants. They were targeted themselves for their support of immigrants. They were also targeted for their free speech.

It is a long story, but the short version of it is shocking in and of itself. They were the editors for the Phoenix New Times, a newspaper that was critical of the infamous Sheriff Joe Arpaio. He did not like their coverage of him, so he ordered a grand jury investigation into the newspaper. When Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey reported on what he was doing to them and to free speech, he had them arrested in the middle of the night and brought to jail in unmarked cars.

However, there was a huge outcry, and he was forced to release them. They won a lawsuit against him, and they were awarded three million and seven hundred thousand dollars as part of the settlement.

They used that money to start the Frontera Fund. This is a fund that helps protect the right to free speech of immigrants. It also helps protect immigrants from discrimination of the likes that they suffered under Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

With their new site, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are taking their support of the First Amendment to a new level. Front Page Confidential will cover all things related to the First Amendment and free speech. Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey want to do all that they can to help protect both immigrants and the free speech of all people in the United States.


George Soros: Unselfish Leader in Philanthropy and Politics

87-year old George Soros is not your typical billionaire. He is a leader in political donations, charitable work, and social causes. He has used his great wealth to help people all over the world. Born in Budapest, Hungary, Soros learned the value of working hard at an early age. He fled the country to study in London, England and attend the London School of economics. He didn’t have anything handed to him, he had to work a series of part-time jobs to support himself while he was educated. Eventually, he was able to get a job at a merchant bank. That was his first job in finance. However, it certainly wouldn’t be his last. He moved to New York soon after and worked on Wall Street. Before too long, he was starting the Quantum Fund with $12 million, a large sum in 1969. This, along with his success in shorting the British pound in 1992, cemented his name among the elite investors.

Soros has never been shy about using his wealth to help causes that he cares about. For example, he is an accomplished philanthropist. He believes in helping the globe with climate change, voting rights, immigration reform, and better access to healthcare. His international foundations offer him tax advantages and the surplus is used to support various organizations around the globe to the tune of over $13 billion. His family office has over $30 billion in assets and his CIO is a woman. This groundbreaking vision is helping break the glass ceiling, on top of the fact that she is his 7th chief investment officer in under two decades. By properly managing funds, he has managed to have excess capital to put to work for the Clinton campaign, Kerry, and even Obama.

Soros has indeed donated money to a number of left-wing political causes. However, even though he initially supported Obama over Clinton, he is now a supporter of hers. He gave over $25 million to her campaign to help her try to edge out a win against now President Trump. Other such causes he has given to include Immigrant Voters Win, American Bridge 21st Century, Priorities USA Action, and various Super PACs. While some people may call a witch hunt and see Soros as someone who is a “puppet master,” it is clear that his aims are philanthropic and unselfish. He is using his billions for causes that affect people everywhere.

Market America Miami Conference at the Heart of American Ecommerce

Early this year Miami city saw one of the largest gathering of entrepreneurs come to town to celebrate a very historic event in the ecommerce world. Market America Inc. a global internet marketing and brokerage company better known for its direct marketing strategy was the company responsible for this gathering. Through its products and services, Market America has its objectives cut out to help business market their commodities online while at the same time providing their customers with an excellent platform to shop.


The 2017 Market America Miami conference was significant for the company in the sense that it climaxed the company’s journey into the world of internet marketing through the highlight product “the shopping annuity program.” This program is one that seeks to reward shoppers who changed their daily shopping partners to the company’s website. In addition to the competitive prices for the commodities, consumers also get to enjoy up to half price discount for their qualifying purchases.


In addition to the shopping annuity program, there are a number of exciting products and services that were highlighted at the Market America Miami event. Some of the notable things includes, new products both for the company and its clients, new opportunities were unveiled and seized and importantly new strategies were formed. All these things were aligned to the company’s overall objective of improving rewarding the shoppers through their purchases and making the process effective and efficient.


The Market America Miami event brought together both entrepreneurs and the top company’s executive. Among those who attended the event included founder, CEO and Chairman of Market America, JR Ridinger. According to Mr. Ridinger he was optimistic about his company in leveraging the people’s buying power in the economy. At the event, JR noted that his company had facilitated an extraordinary growth within the American economy and that every business that was using his platform to sell its products was bound to succeed. Mr. JR noted that their direct marketing strategy, referral feature and the universal shopping cart coupled with the consumer’s purchasing power as the most important component to their growth.


The other attendees included Senior Executive Vice President, Loren Ridinger who doubles up as the founder of the Motives cosmetic brand by Loren Ridinger. Marc Ashley Market America’s President and COO was also present at the event and introduced with the help of the founder some of the advancement the company was creating to help their customers save money. Market America Miami was not short of entertainment. Grammy-nominee who also adds up as the company’s President in charge of Urban and Latino development, Fat Joe, helped thrill the guests with some of his hits. Generally, Market America Miami was a great success and gave hope to the internet-marketing sector.


About Market America


Market America is an online marketing company founded in 1992 by R Ridinger. The company has its headquarters in Greensboro, NC with global operations in countries such as Singapore, Mexico, Canada, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Taiwan and Australia. Currently the company employees over 750 employees and has made up to $6.2 billion in sales.

The Amazing Reputation And Considerable Achievements Of Robert Santiago

Respect is never given away, it must be earned. Due to his personality, hard work, and ingenuity Robert Santiago has earned the respect of the Brazilian community as an exceptional businessman. His reputation categorizes him as friendly, likeable, and exceptional in his business pursuits. His most highly recognized achievement is a magnificent mall in Paraiba called the Manaira Mall. The plans for the construction of this mall were contemporary and cutting edge. The renovations since the mall first opened their doors in 1989 have been consistent as the space continued to develop and transform until it was the size of a small city. The residents of Brazil have a high respect for Robert Santiago’s mall due to the experiences offered, the amazing array of services available, and the opportunities all found beneath one roof.


Robert Santiago did not miss anything when he envisioned the entertainment he wanted his mall to encompass. From young children to adults there are activities that everyone can enjoy. The elaborate cinema complex is an absolute dream and fully electronic. Shoppers can view a wide selection of available movies while enjoying high tech electronic gear 3D movies, and unique experiences with friends and family in the plush VIP rooms. The seating arrangement was designed in a style reminiscient of a stadium and is comfortable and provides a visual experience difficult to find anywhere else. Robert Santiago even though about snack and drinks and the selection offered has something that will please everyone.


One of the most amazing sections in the mall is an amusement park often referred to as the Game Station. Customers can entertain themselves for endless periods of time with more than 200 consoles. All of the gaming equipment is of the highest quality with incredible effects. Robert Santiago was not content with just an amusement park, he also constructed an electronic and ultramodern bowling alley. Then to literally top it all off the Domus Hall was built in 2009 at the top of the mall. There is no concert hall anywhere in Brazil with a larger interior area ad it was designed for the comfort of 10,000 people. Everything is spectacular including the insulation installed for superb acoustics, audio systems with phenomenal sound, and the state of the art air conditioning. The musicians and entertainers who perform here are internationally and nationally known for their excellence in the industry.


It can be difficult to grasp the fact Robert Santiago has accomplished so much by the age of just 58 although his excellent education was a factor in his success. He was additionally responsible for the Mangeira Shopping Mall which also boasts an excellent reputation. Robert Santiago will always be remembers and respected in Brazil due to his kindness and contributions.


Whitney Wolfe And Bumble

Dating can sometimes be a drag. It is about who have time. It is also about how to beat the odds. The introduction of online dating applications has relieved women from the pressure of getting the right partner.

Whitney Wolfe saved the situation by founding a modern woman-powered dating application known as Bumble. When Whitney noted that the users of Bumble were using the app as a way of meeting romantic partners as well as friends, she decided to make it cooler and introduced Bumble BFF. It is just one of the modules within the Bumble dating application.

The module is used in conjunction with Facebook. The user only needs to download the Bumble application and sign up through Facebook. It is from Facebook that the application will pull out your basic information and photo albums as well. It is a stealth application. This implies that a person within your Facebook profile cannot see whom you interacted with while using Bumble. After you have logged in, it is recommended that you create a basic Bumble profile. It is through the profile that users on both the Bumble BFF and dating modules will see whom they are interacting with while browsing for a perfect match.

About Whitney Wolfe
Whitney Wolfe is a businessperson who founded Bumble. She is also one of the co-founders of a dating application known as Tinder. Since 2016, Bumble and Tinder have become top-rated applications in the world. Currently, Bumble has over 11 million users, and it has launched new verticals like Bumble BFF and Bumble BIZZ. According to TIME, Bumble is rated at $500 million.

Whitney Wolfe was brought up in Utah and attended SMU (Southern Methodist University), from where she graduated with a Bachelor Degree in International Studies. Wolfe venture into entrepreneurship while in college. She started by retailing bamboo tote bags. These bags were used to benefit the people who were affected by spillage of BP oil.