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Michael Burwell’s New Leadership Position At Willis Towers Watson

Michael Burwell is the newly named chief financial officer to take the place of Roger Millay who retired in October 2017 at Willis Towers Watson. Michael has 31 years of experience in professional and financial services. Michael Burwell has held various senior leadership positions. These include being the head of Global Transformation, head of Transaction Services, and being a chief operating officer in the United States. In these years of working, for eleven years he worked as an auditor and for twelve years in the transaction services. This entails working on valuation and pre-merger due diligence.


Through the comments of Willis Towers Watson’s chief executive officer, John Haley, they are very excited to have Michael Burwell in the leadership team. Michael Burwell believes that this is an important point in the company to undergo evolution. He reveals that Michael is greatly experienced in leading, managing, and producing results in an integrated way. Michael drives companies to have a strong focus on the clients. John is firmly sure that Michael will offer his expertise in transactions, finance, and transformation in guiding the company into long-term growth and more integrations. He is sure that Michael will enable them to reach their full potential in the company to be the best.


John did not forget to thank Roger for his notable contributions and leadership at Willis Towers Watson. He says that Roger has left the company higher than he found regarding services and the alignment to future success. To respond to John’s remarks, Michael Burwell was grateful enough for the opportunity to join the leadership team at Willis Towers Watson. Michael pointed this as one of the most exciting interactions to a company that has a strong commitment, leadership, and partnership culture. They show great concern to their customers, and it is something that sets it apart from others. This does not go unrecognized by Michael. He comments that he looks forward to a wonderful contribution from his side towards the success of the company bigger and better than he has found it. View Additional Info Here.


Willis Towers Watson is a leading firm in advisory, solutions, and broking services. They major in helping companies to achieve growth by countering the possible risks on the way. The company was established in 1828 where much of its roots are traced. So far they have grown with 40,000 employees that operate in more than 140 countries. Their commitment to designing and delivering solutions in response to risk management, cultivating talent, optimization of benefits, and expansion of power capital is something that can never be underrated.




Michael Burwell: The Current CFO Of William Towers Watson

When you talk about people who are excellent at what they do, you cannot fail to mention Michael Burwell. Michael Burwell has had over 30 years in the professional and finance field and has held many managerial positions in top institutions. Some of the leadership roles he has held over the years include chief operating officer head of global transformation, Head of transaction services, and Chief financial officer in the USA. His most recent appointment was as the Chief Financial Officer of William Towers Watson. Michael Burwell was to replace the retiring chief financial officer Roger Millay.


His 11-years’ experience in auditing and 12-years’ experience in transaction services made him a qualified candidate for the position. Michael Burwell’s diligence and professionalism are among the traits he brings along with him in any of his workplaces. The Chief Executive Officer of William Towers Watson, John Haley said after the announcement that Michael Burwell joining the leadership team of the company was an essential step in the company’s evolution.


The way he understands management, leadership and his output for results make every organization he has ever worked in the top at what they do. His expertise and experience in transactions, transformation, and finance will suit the long-term growth and integration efforts of William Towers Watson. Refer to This Article for additional information.


The rise of Michael Burwell began in 31 years ago. Some of the positions he held and companies he worked for include PricewaterhouseCoopers Global Automotive, where he served as the company’s head. PricewaterhouseCoopers Global Automotive is a company that is recognized for as global vehicle manufacturers and parts supplier. Michael Burwell also served as the head of Transaction Services Group of PricewaterhouseCoopers. He held this position for roughly two years. His experience managing international companies gave him further experience that will help him take William Towers Watson to the next level.


Just like the many companies Michael Burwell has led, Willis Towers Watson is an international company. It is a global leader in broking, advisory, and solutions business. It offers its clients advise around the world concerning the risks they should take for them to grow financially. The roots of the company date back to 1828. Over the years, the company has grown to 40000 employees. The company serves 140 countries. William Towers Watson helps design and offer solutions to their clients that will help them optimize benefits, manage risks, and strengthen their institutions.




Adam Milstein is a famous Israeli activist who has dedicated his time to create awareness of the Jewish community both in Israel and abroad. He took part in the Yom Kippur war when he serving in the Israeli’s defense force. He attended school first in Israel before proceeding to the United States where attained his MBA degree.

In his recent blog article posted on the times of Israel, Adam Milstein talks of the new challenges Israel is currently facing and what it takes to overcome them. Being a strong pro-Israel activist, Adam believes that the problem Israel is currently facing can be tackled by greater and sober leadership.

He pays tribute to early and founding leaders of the state of Israel for how they stood up and laid the foundations that led to the establishment of the modern day Jewish state of Israel. Ben Gurion Israel’s first prime minister, Gold Meir, the first female prime minister of Israel and Hadassah the founder of Henrietta Szold are the leaders who set the pace for an independent Jewish state.


Adam Milstein believes that the young crops of emerging Israeli leaders are the right group to lead Israel into the next level. He stays these challenges demand immediate action and support, mostly from the Jewish communities living in the Diaspora. His interactions with them even during his time at the Israel-American council made him be sure that they are the people to lead Israel. Their innovativeness, passion and hard work are all good elements of great leadership.

He now strongly urges the Jewish community both at home and abroad to recognize these leaders, invest in them and give them the support they need to succeed. He further challenges the Jewish people to stand up and be counted so that their motherland Israel is secured from any kind of threat.

Besides his activism, Adam Milstein is also a philanthropist who has contributed a lot to support the Jewish American society within the United States. He together with his wife Gila founded the Sifriyat Pijama B’America, a local organization that focuses on teaching the Jews in America on the Jewish values and principles.

Fortress Investment Group is a Leading Financial Services Firm

Fortress Investment Group LLC is a financial services firm based in New York City. It has a number of other office locations throughout the world. The firm was founded in 1998 and has served as a reputable firm that helps institutional investors manage their capital. As of December of 2017, the firm manages over $43 billion worth of assets. As well as managing a very large sum of assets, Fortress Investment Group also serves 1750 clients that include institutions and private investors throughout the world. The main asset the firm specializes in managing are real estate, credit, private equity and helping investors devise effective capital investment strategies. As part of its mission, Fortress Investment Group strives to maximize investment performance for its clients by generating profitable risk adjusted returns on a consistent basis. The firm also has over 900 employees to help serve clients all over the world.

One of the things that make Fortress Investment Group a highly reputable firm is its core competencies. The first competency that this firm is known for is specializing in asset based securities such as private equity funds and credit funds. It also has a lot of specific industry knowledge where the firm can find investment options in specific industries and advise clients what to invest their capital in. Fortress is also known for operations management where it uses tools to assess operational and strategic issues and manage investments that are complex. Clients can also count on Fortress Investment Group to help with corporate mergers and acquisitions along with capital markets. The leadership of Fortress Investment Group consists of a management committee. This includes three distinct individuals who are also known as the firm’s principles. Peter Briger is the Principal and Co Chief Executive Officer who is based in the firm’s San Francisco office. He has been a member of the board of directors since November of 2006 and a member of the management committee since 2002.

As the principal and co chief executive officer, Briger is responsible for overseeing the credit business of the firm.Wesley Edens is the co founder and co chief executive officer of the firm. Like Peter Briger, he has been part of the board of directors since November of 2006. Edens has served as part of the management committee since the year 1998. At the firm, Wesley is in charge of managing the private equity and publicly traded alternative investment department. He is a graduate of Oregon State University.Randal Nardone is the co founder and principal of the firm and is based in its headquarters in New York City. Along with being the principal and co founder of the firm, he also serves on the board of directors. Nardone has held this position since the late fall of 2006 and has been part of the firm’s management committee since 1998 when the firm was first founded. From 2011 to 2013, he was the interim chief executive officer and attained this position full time in August of 2013.

Michael Burwell, The New Chief Financial Officer At Willis Towers Watson

Having just landed a job as the Chief Financial Officer at Willis Towers Watson, a leading advisory and investment firm, Michael Burwell is excited to put his skills to work. With over 30 years of accumulated experience in the finance industry, Burwell really was a shoe-in for the job. Not only does he have all of this experience, but his track record of success goes well beyond that of the average day-to-day investor.


Michael Burwell was Head of Global Transformation at PwC, his previous employer. He was responsible for ensuring the smoothness and effectiveness of corporate mergers on an international level. He was also the Chief Financial officer there for over ten years. All of this combined experience in leadership is one of the primary reasons why Willis Towers Watson chose him for the job. Go Here to learn more.


Teamwork, leadership, and effective communication practices are at the forefront of Burwell’s management approach. His enthusiasm for the firm’s down to earth way of catering to clients’ needs goes well beyond just making them feel comfortable. Together with Willis Towers Watson, Burwell has the ability to help grow the company while staying true to the clients’ needs and helping them.


This leadership ability allows Michael Burwell to train and administer a group of highly talented individuals on his team who will effectively respond to situations that call for good planning and logistics on a daily basis. On all levels, Burwell’s experience managing and communicating with others to get the job done right has definitely played and important role in his selection for this top-level position.


Willis Towers Watson is registered with the NASDAQ markets, and has been in business for well over 150 years. Since it’s inception, Willis Towers Watson has continued to cater to those seeking a reliable and trusted brokerage firm to help grow their businesses and assets. Having Michael Burwell as the leader of finance in this worldwide operation will, without a doubt, lead only to the continued success and growth of this firm. In turn, as in the past, clients will also find a better way to enhance their companies and finances while reducing their overall risk.



Larkin & Lacey

In 2013, a U.S. District Judge found that Sherrif Joe Arpaio was guilty of racial profiling, and on a grand scale. Those involved in the class action suit in the case of Melendres v. Arpaio case were awarded $70 million.

Arpaio was subsequently found in contempt of court after not following the judge’s instructions resulting in a 6-month jail sentence.

However, this outcome came as little surprise to the citizens of Maricopa County. Arpaio had served as sheriff for 24 long years and he had managed to accumulate a long laundry list of allegations, from illegally diverting millions of dollars in funds to being the main source of the wrongful deaths of his prisoners. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

But some may say that this victory was short-lived. Due to his pardoning by President Donald Trump, Arpaio never served any of his time. And many believe that this is because each party had something to gain from the other.

While it’s possible that Arpaio backed the president during his election because he wanted to be pardoned, it is also possible that Donald Trump pardoned Arpaio because he wanted to appeal to voters who were similar to the former sheriff.

This is certainly the theory of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, the founders of the Phoenix New Times. They got their start on an Arizona State University campus paper but later dropped out.

However, the paper continued to grow and eventually matured into a coast-to-coast chain–one composed of 17 publications. Lacey was the executive editor of Village Voice Media and Larkin was the CEO.

Larkin and Lacey have a very close history with Arpaoi. In fact, they have always been quick to point out his smear campaigns and abuse of power. They were well-informed about the less than edible food that he fed prisoners and the pregnant women whom he allowed to give birth while in handcuffs.

Despite Arpaoi’s network of allies and deputized, citizen posse, they pressed for answers and made him the center of many of their publication. However, there was one publication in general that would strike a chord with the sheriff and lead to their arrest.

This publication talked about Arpaio’s illegal commercial property with over $700,000. What caused Arpaio to press felony charges against their publication’s investigative reporter was the fact that his home addressed was mentioned.

Larkin and Lacy received a subpoena which they deemed unconstitutional and while waiting for the trial, they published a piece which discussed the sheriff’s abuse of power. However, it also discussed the details of the subpoena which Arpaio categorized as a criminal offense.

The two were both arrested and then charged with misdemeanors. The story eventually made national headlines and caught the attention of major news networks, which led to a severe public outcry. Maricopa’s county attorney closed the case and Larkin and Lacey were awarded $3.75 million by the county. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Larkin and Lacey used this money to start their own fund–the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund, mean to organizations that are advocates for migrant-rights throughout Arizona.

They no longer own Voice Media Group; they sold it. However, they are returning to journalism through their newest publication, Front Page Confidential. Their goal is to advocate for free speech and the First Amendment.

Equities First Holdings News: Building Partnerships That Last

With the news that has been going on these days, like news about Trump and everything else going on, it probably will be nice to hear some good news for once. The recent news on Equities First Holdings is something that everyone should be learning about. Not only has the EFH company decided to partner up with the ETC company, but they have also decided that they will be funding the company. Why have they made such a big decision like this one? They have decided on this because it will help the ETC company with funding the big India projects.

About EFH

While this article might provide you with the news that you want on Equities First Holdings, you might also be wanting to know what type of company it it. The EFH company has a couple of rules that they are living by, and those include making sure that their customers get what they need, providing services to clients, and trying to build the business up.

The OSI Group Is Changing The Way We Eat Fast Food

The OSI Group is the leading protein supplier in the country. They provide pizza, sandwiches, beef patties and sausage links to the top retail and food service brands. Headquartered in Aurora, Ill., the OSI Group operates over 50 plants in 17 different countries. They have operated in China for over 20 years, and is focused on expanding their presence in Asia. China has seen massive economic growth and OSI intends on growing with it. They operate 8 factories and have two new facilities being built making them the largest protein producer in the world. OSI built a mega-plant to help increase production in Henan province. In China alone, OSI serves top clients such as Starbucks, Papa John’s, McDonald’s, Yum, Burger King, Subway and Saizeriya.

With their huge success in China, OSI Group announced plans to open 7 additional plants and processing facilities around the world. Just last year, they built a beef-processing plant in Poland that is replacing their existing operation. The new OSI plant will increase the facilities staff by over 30 percent. In Madanapalle, India, they opened a frozen food processing plant with the focus on vegetable products for fast-food restaurants. In Geneva, Ill., OSI has a new plant that is producing private-label frozen entrees. David Mcdonald is the President of OSI Group, and has the passion and energy it takes to grow a successful business. He understands the importance of product development and the significance in offering healthier food options for its customers.

They collaborate with their clients consistently to help each other grow their businesses’. The OSI Group is beginning to process natural and organic healthy and tasty meals.The OSI Group uses innovative technology to ensure the quality and safety of their food. This includes machines that have built-in X-ray equipment that can detect foreign matter. The OSI Group continues to use their expertise, understanding of local cultures, and efficiency to satisfy their clients on a global scale. David Mcdonald has stated that the vision of the OSI Group hasn’t changed however, their relentless need to improve quality products to their customers is what drives their growth.

Jim Dondero’s Million Dollar Challenge Grant!

Highland Capital Management founder and CEO James Dondero threw out a challenge to his fellow philanthropists at the Dallas Hilton. Jim Dondero is known throughout the world for his philanthropy and he is very active with charities throughout his hometown of Dallas, Texas. Mr. Dondero announced a $1 million dollar Challenge Grant from the Dallas based financial firm of Highland Capital Management. Highland will match any donation up to one million dollars towards the completion of the Family Place’s 16.5 million dollar Legacy Campaign. Visit Nexbank to know more about James.

The Legacy Campaign is for the relief of victims of family violence and the campaign’s goal is 16.5 million dollars. At the time of Jim’s challenge, only 2.8 million dollars remained for the campaign’s completion. When the Mayor and police chief in Dallas called for help in solving family violence in the community, James Dondero answered with his Challenge Grant at the Family Place’s annual Trailblazer luncheon. Mr. Dondero stressed the importance of the campaign and expressed his pride in the response by the Dallas community and the support by the community that took the campaign so close to its goal in less than a year. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

The Highland Dallas Foundation part of Highland Capital Management will manage the grant to the Family Place. With the funding from the campaign, the Family Place will construct a new center for family violence victims. The new shelter will feature a hot-line, clinics, job training facilities, counseling rooms and temporary living quarters. Its plan and design are donated by Corgan. The newly constructed shelter is expected to lessen the impact on its already overcrowded existing center and the new shelter will also offer a child development center and a shelter for pets.

Highland Capital Management is located in Dallas, Texas and it’s respected as one of the most experienced and largest credit managers in the world. The firm specializes in alternative investment and it’s credit strategies include hedge funds, distressed situations, collateralized loan obligations and more. Highland Capital Management is dedicated to helping clients achieve their goals. Highland is international has offices New York, Brazil, Singapore, and South Korea.


David McDonald Supervises Key Acquisitions For OSI Group

David McDonald has supervised the growth of OSI group as its Chief Operations Officer. The company acquired Baho Foods in order to strengthen its operating position in Europe. Baho Foods is a European food distributor that has carved out its own section of the market in the area. It has been in business for over 60 years and is expected to give OSI Group the boost it needs to expand throughout the continent.

OSI Group has continued to push for growth under David McDonald’s leadership. The company acquired Tyson Foods, which is a local operator in the Chicago area. Tyson Foods was in danger of closing its doors and subtracting nearly 500 jobs from the marketplace. David McDonald and his team were able to prevent the closure and save these jobs, keeping all employees at work.

Flagship Food Group was yet another acquisition approved by David McDonald. Flagship Food Group is also a European food manufacturer that specializes in mayonnaise and other sauces. McDonald is excited about the acquisition and believes that Flagship Food Group will add a tremendous surge of energy to the OSI team.

David McDonald has made several decisions that impacted the daily of business of OSI Group’s national operations. He reevaluated the management structure in the China district and decided that new policy needed to be implemented. Leaders in the area would now be held accountable by a rotating team of experts that knows what the international standards of OSI Group organization are. The goal is to maintain an acceptable level product readiness on a worldwide basis.

David McDonald is a native of Iowa and attended Iowa State University. He earned a bachelor’s degree there in animal science before joining OSI Group immediately after college. He has remained with the company ever since in order to rise to its top executive position.

OSI Group is an international organization that began as a family-owned meat market over 100 years ago. The company was founded by a German immigrant who began supplying meat to individual customers and local food businesses in the Chicago area. Otto Kolschowsky struck a deal with the McDonald’s Corporation in the 1950s to become its primary meat supplier. The company later became OSI Industries and now has a business operation that includes Pizza Hut, Subway, Starbucks and Papa John’s Pizza. It has been ranked by Forbes as the 58th largest privately owned company in the United States.