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Lincolnshire Management’s Holley Performance Products Company Sold to Sentinel

Lincolnshire Management’s Holley Performance Products, (a company that deals with designing, manufacturing and supplying brand products in the automotive aftermarket), has been sold to Sentinel Capital Partners. Sentinel is a company based in New York, and it plans to combine Holley Performance Products with its affiliate company, Driven Performance Brands.

Holley Performance Products was started back in 1903. It has over one hundred years of service, performance experience, and knowledge of the product. The company is a keystone brand that is similar to American performance car culture. Again, Holley Performance Products has built industry leading, complementary and stable brands over the years. The brands include Hays, ACCEL, Racepak, Hooker, Edge, Mallory, Weiand, MSD, NOS, Quick Fuel Technologies, Superchips and DiabloSport. The company’s mission is to ensure that they increase the value and excitement to its passionate consumers’ vehicles to improve their enthusiasm.

Maloney (Chairman and CEO of Lincolnshire Management) said that the leading product portfolio, brand strength and best-in-class management group brought out a very compelling opportunity for investment for Lincolnshire Management. He also said that they have been working closely with Holley’s President and CEO Tom Tomlinson and his staff to implement an assertive acquisition strategy and drive tremendous organic growth through better investment in new product development.

Lincolnshire Management’s principal said that Holley Performance Products has the ability to bring out innovation through focusing product development and building great connections with their passionate customers across the industry. He also said that Mr. Tomlinson and the team at Holley had outdone themselves by directing the changes in consumer preference and technology and hence they have been able to increase their revenues and earnings during Lincolnshire’s investment period.

Lincolnshire Management Background Information

Lincolnshire Management is a private equity firm that specializes in growing and investing in middle market companies. It is headquartered in New York and has other offices in regions such as Atlanta, Chicago and Los Angeles. Lincolnshire Management mostly invests in corporate divestitures, private companies’ acquisitions, management buyouts, recapitalizations and growth equity for private and public companies. The company was founded in 1986.

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How Hyland’s Teething Tablets Work for Fussy Babies

High-quality homeopathic Hyland’s Teething Tablets have been used by parents for years with fantastic success. The reason so many people have chosen this product is because the tablets dissolve almost immediately on a baby’s tongue, providing safe and gentle relief of their teething symptoms. By using a range of trusted and tested homeopathic ingredients, you can feel good about choosing this natural active product for your family. Hyland’s Teething Tablets are also incredibly affordable when compared to other products and it can be found online, in local stores as well as the internet for your own convenience.

With so many people choosing Hyland’s Teething Tablets, it is no wonder that the Hyland’s brand has grown to what you see today. The company has been around for over a century and is currently the largest homeopathic company in the world. They work to develop and provide amazing products for the entire family. From formulas specific to colds and flu to leg cramp relief and baby teething gel, the company offers a range of options that your whole family will benefit from. Plus, you can feel confident knowing that you are buying from a company that prides itself on offering only the highest-quality homeopathic care in the world.

There are a lot of people right now who are choosing to make use of Hyland’s Teething Tablets and are finding the product to be quite good for their baby’s needs. If you would like to learn more about Hyland’s Teething Tablets and what the product can do for you, be sure to consider the benefits of looking at online reviews to see what other people are saying. You are going to want to take a look at this brand and know that it is something that is going to help in many different ways. You can avoid the harsh chemicals of most pain relieving medications and choose a more natural approach to your baby’s teething discomfort. Be sure to discuss all supplements, including Hyland’s Teething Tablets, with your baby’s pediatrician to ensure that it is a safe and effective option for their healthcare needs.

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Nitin Khanna, a CEO and an Entrepreneur and How He Rose To Great Success

Nitin Khanna is a native of India although currently living in the United States of America. Khanna was born in a family of business people who introduced him to the business at an early age. That kind of background created in him the desire to run businesses. Currently, he is the CEO of Merger Tech Company which is an International mergers and acquisitions advisory firm. His desire to succeed saw him take his Bachelor’s Degree in the Lawrence School Sanawar. Nitin Khanna later obtained a Masters Degree in Industrial Engineering from the Purdue University, Portland.

Currently, Nitin Khanna is the CEO of Merger Tech since its inception in 2009 and a successful entrepreneur. He founded this firm after gaining experience at the Saber Corp where he was the co-founder, and which grew in a short time to be one of the leading companies that worked closely with the US government. They were providing tech solutions to the government. Nitin Khanna as the co-founder saw the company grew from 1998 to 2007 when he sold it to EDS. He then took over the leadership of the same and became the leader of EDS government business operations.

Previously Mr. Nitin Khanna had worked with several other organizations, holding various leadership positions including Oracle Corporation. He is also said to have ventured in different investments, one of them being the Cloud ability, where he put in $ 1.1M. Although Nitin Khanna had started his career in the paper Industry; his mind was geared towards technology. He, therefore, began working for Oracle Corporation in the 90s, a multinational computer corporation. Nitin Khanna also convinced his brother after migrating to America to take the entrepreneurship route as it was likely to be brighter in the future. That is how their first corporation The Saber Corporation was created.

During the time of inception of the Saber Corporation, the US government was making necessary changes on their internet and online structure. At that time the Saber Corporation seized the opportunity and became the largest independent provider of the state government Tech solution in the United States. The corporation was later to become the provider of the necessary services including driver’s license, unemployment registration, and the voter registration among others. After becoming successful, Nitin Khanna created his next company the Merger Tech which is currently serving as a merger and acquisitions advisory firm in the US.

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Chris Burch And His Business Sense

Chris Burch has a very good business sense, and he has applied that business sense to many things in his life. He has been at the head of his own fashion company for sometime, and he also wants to blaze trails int he world of hotels. Look at what he has said in a recent interview bout business and creativity.

  1. Chris Burch And Fashion

Chris Burch has long been a big part of the fashion world because he wanted to be sure that he could get his ideas onto the page. He was constantly giving good ideas that made him a sought-after designer, and he soon moved into management so that he could help make the company grow. He has worked with a number of people in fashion, and he has used his connections to make changes to the way that people see themselves and the world of fashion.

  1. The Hotel World

The hotel world is always looking for new blood, and Chris wanted to start a resort in Indonesia that would be both luxurious and eco-friendly. He was able to do this at Nihi Sumba, and he has made that little island in the archipelago something that people want to try. He knew that people would come out just for the gorgeous space, but he also wants to be friendly to the environment.

  1. Concclusion

Chris Burch is a powerful force in fashion, and he also has advice for people who want to get into the hotel business.

Michael Nierenberg’s Outstanding Managerial Skills

Mastery in managing companies is often a hard task but an exception for a few chosen people such as Michael Nierenberg, who has well-managed companies most of his career. He is currently serving as the President, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of New Residential Investment Corp (NRZ). NRZ is a real estate investment trust operating in the US. It is involved in investing and managing assets related to residential mortgages. Michael Nierenberg’s managing career began at Lehman Brothers where he worked for seven years. His prowess became his strength when he became an influential factor in building Lehman’s adjustable mortgage rates.

Michael later joined Bear Stearns where he spent fourteen years working at different senior positions. He served as a member of Bear Stearns Board of Directors which he worked from 2006 to 2008. He also co-headed the structured products division as well as the mortgage-backed securities trading at Bear Stearns. Michael headed foreign exchange trading and interest rate operations. From Bear Stearns, Michael Nierenberg proceeded to JP Morgan where he quit in 2008. At JP Morgan, Michael was head of the Global Securitized Products and a member of the management committee. From JP Morgan, Nierenberg proceeded to work for the Bank of America Merrill Lynch in November of 2008.

In this multi-national investment bank division of the Bank of America, he was head of the Global Mortgages and Securitized Products division tasked with the responsibility for all sales and trading activities. He also served as the managing director for this firm. As of 2018, Michael Nierenberg was estimated to have had a net worth of about US$44 million. Nierenberg traded over 1.5 million units of NRZ stock worth over US$24 million which he bought early last year. He has traded over three trades since 2016. His total stock over the last three years at NRZ is worth over US$43.5 million. According to these statistics, Nierenberg has traded an average of 412,885 units for every 111 days from 2016. Michael Nierenberg also serves as a Managing Director at Fortress. Currently, at 55, Michael still hopes to add to his already mastered art of leadership.

Paul Mampilly says 2019 will see big changes happen in the business world

Paul Mampilly is one of the most decorated and respected investment managers in Wall Street and his reputation goes beyond the walls of Wall Street. Mampilly has worked as an executive for many top institutions including Deutsche Bank, ING and Bankers Trust. His two decades experience as an investment banker has put him in a catbird seat, and his investment strategies and advice have been widely sought after. Therefore, Paul Mampilly speaks from a position of deep knowledge and first-hand experience from the financial markets when he writes to his thousands of subscribers on Profits Unlimited Newsletter.

Paul Mampilly offers the following insights on the factors he predicts will influence business in 2019.

For starters, Paul Mampilly says that data will become more accessible to smaller companies. Over the last couple of decades, data has become the most essential product for all companies, big or small. As Mampilly says, the success of most companies in recent years has been largely determined by their ability to access the big consumer data.

However, accessing the data has been overly expensive, putting it out of reach for small companies without huge financial muscles. Mampilly says the year 2019 will see a big shift in data access, as technology advancement has made the process more affordable. Therefore, smaller businesses will have the means to access this big data and utilize it to improve their businesses.

Paul Mampilly also notes that 2019 will see a big shift in the way businesses conduct their marketing strategies. In light of the modern techniques used in advertising, Mampilly notes that small companies have made marketing more personalized and specific and big companies will have to rethink their marketing strategies.

With the cutthroat competition and the rising awareness of consumers, marketing has become more sophisticated, inspiring a shift from the traditional one-size-fits-all techniques to more individualized marketing policies. This, according to Mampilly will push small and large companies, to adopt more involving marketing techniques that build more on their relationship with their consumers.

Mampilly adds that 2019 will see companies produce more diverse products and services to cater for the budding and changing needs of the customers who, thanks to technology, can now choose from an array of choices. Paul Mampilly’s 10 Predictions for Business in 2019

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How Richard Liu Became One of the Better CEOs in China


There are not many CEOs of multi-billion dollar corporations that would use one day to be a delivery person for the company they lead. Richard Liu is the CEO of and he will fill the role of a delivery person. Liu has guided to becoming a very successful company in e-commerce. His leadership has made the country of China take notice and a business magazine such as Fortune provide him recognition. Liu is also the founder of the company, but before an online presence, the company had storefronts in Beijing and Shanghai. has been able to serve millions of customers. Liu will continue to help the company grow because he ensures that products in the company’s inventory are authentic. The authenticity of products offered by helped Liu build trust. Liu is a leader who has been able to help become a Fortune 500 company. He also influenced the success of China’s e-commerce.

All the Details an Investor Needs to Know About Freedom Checks

Investment experts and new investors alike have come across the phrase “freedom checks” and have also heard of their benefits. In the investment world, there are people who are willing to take shortcuts and even use deceptive means to achieve their financial goals. It is the reason that investors are usually hesitant about engaging in new opportunities because of the fear of losing their fortune to scams. It is important to shed more light on this form of investment to help people make more informed decisions. The good news is that freedom checks are real and they also offer huge returns. Matt Badiali is the person responsible for starting the freedom checks sensation. He is an individual who has had a long career as a geologist and has traveled in various countries around the globe inspecting sources of fuel such as oil fields and others. He had had opportunities of engaging leaders of the largest energy companies and consulted with renowned investment strategists.

In a nutshell, freedom checks are earnings from investing in master limited partnerships (MLPs). The owners of these kinds of companies enjoy the tax benefits that the Internal Revenue Code title 26 offers. The investors of such as a company also enjoy the tax advantages. The MLPs have only been known to investment experts and it has been a secret they have kept from the public for a long time. To earn a freedom check, one has to make the wise decision of investing in a publically traded MLP. One should expect to earn impressive returns because the demand for fuel is expected to keep rising in the future because of the growing world’s population.

The increased demand shall push up the stock values of energy companies. The reason that MLPs are promising huge returns to investors in form of a freedom check, is because the companies’ 90% profit goes to the investors. Further, the amount earned by the investor is not subject to taxation, therefore, their gains remain high. The other benefit is that there is no special way of collecting the returns because the company can mail the freedom checks to the investors home or the broker can deposit the funds directly to the investor’s account.

What Was Michael Burwell Up To Before The Move To Willis Towers Watson


Willis Towers Watson, a renowned global advisory company recently announced made public their intention of engaging Michael Burwell as their new CFO. The experienced finance executive was to take over the position of the outgoing Roger Millay who left the company on a voluntary retirement. Michael joins the insurance industry player from Pricewaterhouse coopers where he has worked for the past three decades.


Experience and past engagements

At Pricewaterhouse Coopers Michael Burwell served in different departments and therefore brings on board a wealth of experience. For instance, he spent a decade working on business advisory services in the global financial services provider’s assurance arena. He later moved to Detroit where he was in charge of PWC’s transaction business for the North American Region. His experience in business valuations and assurance, therefore, aligns well with Willis Towers Watson objectives that revolve around providing insurance services to businesses around the world.

He also has a proven track record of hard work and loyalty to a brand and this earned him the position of the auditor’s chief financial officer and also the Chief operations officer for the firm’s United States division in 2009. His contributions here earned him an even higher position when he was named vice chairman for the U.S and global business transformation.


Why Michel Burwell

Willis Towers Watson CEO, John Haley, believes that his company couldn’t have made a better decision in appointing Michael as its Chief Financial Officer. He would go on to shower him with praises mentioning that he has what it takes, to steer the insurer’s financial future. He further added that he is confident about Burwell’s expertise as well as express the company’s gratitude to the outgoing CFO for the years he has dedicated his life to the service of the company.


Burwell’s academic background

Apart from his rich work experience and remarkable leadership skills, Michael Burwell also has an impressive academic background. He not only holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from Michigan State University but is also a certified public accountant (CPA). Skills gained in these two fields and numerous can be attributed to the success he had a financial advisor.


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Jojo Hedaya Winning Against Junk Mails


Sometimes, you receive a lot of, and some are automatically filtered to spam, or to junk folders. The filtered emails at times may not necessarily be junk. Some of them might be of much urgency and importance, but due to a large number of emails you receive every minute, some important emails tend to be filtered as junks. To avoid this kind of frustrations, Jojo Hedaya and his friend, Josh Rosenwald, resorted to finding a way in which this problem could stop. The due figured out how you could get all the important emails in your inbox and not as junks. For this reason, the partners came up with


Unroll Me was found because of personal frustration as Jojo would email Josh, his colleague and Josh never answered his emails as they went directly to the junk folder. They came up with an idea on how to sort out different types of emails from newsletters to subscriptions to updates for them to be able to get their messages with ease. Unroll Me scans through your mailbox and within a few seconds. It sums up all your mail subscriptions into a single mail called “The Rollup” from where you can access the email that you want with much ease.


Jojo Hedaya is the co-founder of alongside Josh with whom they share a lot in common. Jojo has had a passion for simplicity since he was a young boy and this passion has been the one that helps him to drive Unroll Me’s mission. Their mission has been to assist in streamlining the email unsubscribing process and to support the users to gain control over their inboxes. Find More Information Here.


Under the leadership of Jojo Hedaya, Unroll Me have seen an increase in the number of its users in the past five years. JoJo’s effort in the management has resulted in the success of the company. Besides, he has endeavored to get new improvement on Unroll Me to give their users the best experience and easy access to their essential emails.


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