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Bjork’s Ascent Into VR, “Notget” Part II

Bjork’s style is nothing if not unique. The second part of her music video “Notget” depicts her style beautifully. As well as incorporating new visual elements, Bjork’s unique voice (both aural and of the deeper variety) shine through in her newest work. Her style has an iconic, repetitive theme of cocoon and insect-type stylistics. She seems to truly connect with her outfits and become one with them, rather than it appearing obvious she is wearing a costume. Somehow the strangest of costumes seem to belong on her.

Her music video starts with a greyscale unfolding of color as it slowly bleeds open into the frame. She evolves and transforms into an unusual creature, still adorning the iconic childlike smile that has always been a part of her work. With neon colors and bright, glittering lights, nothing about Bjork’s style is subtle.

Virtual reality has become Bjork’s weapon of choice when expressing herself. She has taken the limits of the technology and combined what appears to be an organic and digital synthesis of her unique approach, and created something new: a human-like, music-making machine. Unlike many other musicians, she is completely and wholly embracing the technological advance into the unknown. Instead of running away from virtual reality in fear of misunderstanding or misusing it, she has taken it by the horns and used it to extend her creative limits. She is an old soul with a young heart, and her embrace of technology interwoven with her music has given us a peek into what it means to create. Her way of expressing herself has changed along with technology.

Bjork’s use of virtual reality suggests she is open-minded, playful, creative and ready to embrace that which is unknown. Despite the ever-changing critique of her unusual and surprising creative antics, it is clear she is following her own path of authenticity and she will keep pushing forward. She seems to understand that virtual reality doesn’t offer artists limits, it reveals ways of self-expression and creativity. The only limit, if there is one, resides inside the human imagination.