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Iranian-American Entrepreneur, Shervin Pishevar, Paints a Clear Picture of the US Economy

Shervin Pishevar is known for his straight to the point phrases on Twitter. Following over a month of silence, he took to the platform to share his fears regarding the decline of the US economy. He engages his followers on topics such as technology, globalization, inflation, digital currency, and many others in his 50 tweets storm.

He talks about cryptocurrency as the main factor that promotes global investments by entrepreneurs. However, he says that Bitcoin is going to experience a fall in value for months before settling at $2,000-$5,000. Nonetheless, he predicts that its value is going to rise again.

He talks out about globalization and explains how it has led to issues such as the spread of inflation. Shervin Pishevar faults the US administration arguing that the policymakers invest more on making physical and cultural barriers, which have become a weakness for the statesmen. He takes interest in the tech innovations of countries like China that might surpass America someday. This is where he disputes claims that the Silicon Valley is still a physical place in California. He gives an example of China’s infrastructural prowess and reveals how the nation is leading in technological development. Pishevar maintains that unless the US changes its perception about growth and comes up with strategies that are more effective, it will struggle to remain as the leader of technology.

Shervin predicts that the stock market will decrease with 6,000 point, which is bound to affect the 2017 and 2018 gains significantly. Pishevar observes that investors are soon going to notice that assets are overpriced, which will affect the returns of businesses.

While expensive money has been introduced into the market, inflation keeps on being spread. In turn, Shervin Pishevar predicts that the stock market will keep on crashing while underemployment increases due to the systemic economic factors. His statements are not to be ignored considering the rise in the number of stocks being dumped globally.

While Shervin Pishevar kept his financial predictions rolling in the 50 tweets, he also took a dig at the big five monopolies that include Apple, Amazon, Alphabet, Microsoft, and Google. He argues that these monopolies will retain control for a while before beginning to fall one by one. They will in turn give way to unique startups that he calls moonshots like SpaceX.

Stansberry Research on the financial Melt up and its foreseen effects

In the year 1999, one Mr. Porter Stansberry launched the Stansberry and Associates Investment Research firm. Now the privately owned firm goes by the name Stansberry Research. Stansberry Research is a research publishing firm. The company employs a team of experienced analysts and researchers who take on specific areas of expertise, do their research and publish their findings for their clients. For the clients to access this information, they have to have a subscription to the publication.


Stansberry Research publishes weakly and daily newsletters. These newsletters address issues like the financial meltdown, investment, and economic strategies, gives informed insight on different market opportunities, and a wide array of controversial and diverse problems in the corporate sector. Each of these newsletters is published and edited by a specific person who has specialized in the bulletin’s subject matter. For example, the Retirement trader by David Eifrig and the Stansberry Digest edited by Justin Brill.


In a recent article on the Stansberry digest, Justin discusses the current Melt Up in the stock market that doesn’t show any sign of coming to an end soon. Justin explains that this bull market is heading towards an explosive phase that investors should be wary of. However, most investors have determined risk takers who try to be optimistic about the market situations with hopes that the melt up effects is just speculation with no truth.


In the article, Justin explains the recent plunge in the United States indexes by over ten percent. This is what he speculates will continue happening if the melt up goes on. The reason behind the declined indexes is the volatile nature of the bouts, so he explains. The other reason to be wary of the melt-up situation is the consequences that it will result in. Another Stansberry analyst previously pointed out the fact that the melt-up would result in a surge in the stock market. These effects may go on for close to ten years or at least seven.


For investors to come out of this situation at the top, they need to look into some drastic strategies into the market. Some may chicken out and decide to sell their stocks, but this is far from the best option. Stansberry researchers advice that financiers should remain put to enjoy the gains but at the same time prepare keenly for the future consequences.

Investment Expert Shervin Pishevar Is Back And He’s Tweeting Like A Pro

Forty-four-year-old Shervin Pishevar is a believer in startups. While he was getting his investment feet planted firmly in the industry at Menlo Ventures, he came across Hyperloop, a startup with a strange name. Hyperloop is the answer for people. The company was just getting started, and he liked the concept. Pishevar decided to take a shot on Hyperloop, and that shot gave him credibility in the investment industry. The $26 million he put into Hyperloop is worth about $5 billion today.

Shervin Pishevar left Menlo Ventures to start Investment company. Pishevar always wanted his own investment firm because the Iranian-American investor knew he was good at spotting new concepts. According to a Forbes article, Shervin Pishevar had more than $650 million in assets under management before he left Sherpa in December 2017. It took Shervin a little time to adjust his investment strategy after leaving the company that helped Dollar Shave Club, Didi, Warby Parker, and Slack get started. But Shervin is back, and he let the world know he’s still on top of the investment game by sending a string of tweets that caught people off guard. His tweets weren’t nasty, and he wasn’t complaining about his current status. Pishevar wanted his followers to know all is not well in the global economy.

Sending more than 50 tweets over a 21-hour period isn’t usually the way Shervin Pishevar likes to roll when he has something on his mind. But after disappearing for five months, tweeting was the only vehicle that could express his thoughts in a short, but clear way. And Shervin wasn’t afraid to tweet information that sent a chill down the spines of some investors. The tweet about the stock market dropping by 6,000 points sometime in 2018 didn’t surprise investors who are already pulling money out of the market. But the green investors who haven’t diversified felt the urge to diversify.

And when his bond market tweet surfaced, those green investors knew they had to find a way to protect their assets, And Pishevar gave them a hint when he sent a tweet about investing in the gold market. The big hedge fund investors have a lot of money in the gold market even though the price of gold will vacillate in 2018, according to Shervin. Shervin Pishevar wasn’t trying to scare investors while he was tweeting. He was warning them to get ready for a rocky ride in 2018 and beyond.