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An Australian Band Released Five Records in a Single Year

Australian psychedelic rock outfit King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard has released five LPs in 2017. This will pair well with the other eight albums that they’ve put out over the last six years.

Many people may think about rock musicians as brooding, introspective types that spend months, if not years, laboring over the details of each and every song. In the case of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, that stereotype could not be further from the truth. With such album names as Flying Microtonal Banana and Polygondwanaland, this band from Melbourne, Australia has a freewheeling approach to creating music, and often will impose strange limitations on themselves in order to produce what they consider to be interesting art.

For example, the previously mentioned album Flying Microtonal Banana was created using only instruments that only used microtones, or notes that aren’t found in the traditional A to G scale. Another album is based on a winding fantasy narrative along the lines of Lord of the Rings and involves spoken word pieces.

The band members say they do this not to sell more albums or make more money, but rather because they simply feel the need to create as much as possible. Their spacious rented studio with moveable walls and no furniture allows them the freedom to set up gear and tear down things as they please. With all distractions removed, they note that the sparsity is key to being able to focus on producing as many songs as possible.

This aggressive approach to making music has created some recognition for the band, even outside of their home country. With more than thirteen records now under their belt, it seems inevitable that you’re likely to hear something from them soon.