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Indie Rock’s Crutchfield twins make a strong impact on the indie scene individually

Indie sisters Allison and Kate Crutchfield’s music has definitely been a force in the indie music scene. In Birmingham, Alabama Allison and Katie Crutchfield worked on “Handstands in Antartica together. At age 28 these twins the practiced in their parent’s basement. The walls lined with some of their favorite musicians and influencers such as the Beatles and the Velvet Underground. Katie is the lead vocalist while Allison is the percussionist. They spent many afternoons in the basement, perfecting their sound.

According to Rolling Stone, Allison describes Kates performing earlier songs as super visceral. The depth and emotion won over a loyal crowd of fans. Sisterhood has served them well. Their musical force is parallelled by each other’s raw talents. People have questioned the sisters about the naturalism and perfect synchronicity of their performances.They stated when questioned about the phenomena, “there is a level of synchronicity that’s more emotional.

Katie recorded her debut in 2010. Waxahatchee, American Weekend is an 8 track LP
The sisters eventually both relocated to Brooklyn. During this time, Alison was busy with her own musical ventures. She took a break from the drums and started a band called Swearin. Their raw music was inspired heavily by the velvet underground. Even though the Ackleys are not together they separately created two of the 2012’s best indie albums and inspired a cult following. In 2012 American weekend by Wazahatchee and the self-titled debut of Allison’s band, Swearing both have made a heavy impact on the indie music scene.

But she didn’t forget about her beloved sister’s musical ventures. The two paired together perfectly compliment each other’s abilities and styles. She continued collaborations with her sister’s band by playing keys. They haven’t stopped since their first album over a decade ago. In a recent interview, they told Rolling Stone, “I don’t necessarily think we’re different people, but we have lived now-quite a bit
Its been 12 years now since their first album and they do not have any intention to stop now.